Wednesday, 15 February 2012

It is all about the money

I'm funny with money.

If I have to buy a sandwich at lunchtime I’ll find myself dithering between the smoked salmon fancy one (£3.69) and the bog standard ham and cheese (£2.99). Eventually I’ll sacrifice my taste buds and go for the sandwich which is a whole seventy pence cheaper. I don’t know why, I can totally afford that seventy pence.

Then, on the same day, I’ll be knackered but to save the £2.30 bus fare will walk home rather than jump on a bus.

Total savings so far: three whole pounds.

I’ll then go to the pub and end up spending £18 on a round buying alcohol for everyone whilst I piously sip a ginger beer.

Net saving minus £15.


It makes no sense whatsoever but I seem to be preoccupied with the relatively small savings and barely blink at the large.

Yesterday I was faced with another contradictory bit of economising. I am continuing to inject myself twice nightly, once with Clexane and once with Cetrotide, I’m also taking the hideous Norporlac daily. And I am fed up. Fed up of the heartburn that seems to be a side effect, the bee-sting post-injection pain, and the general inconvenience.

My bloating has gone from “is she/ isn’t she pregnant” levels to “that is just flab, don’t go trying to hide behind OHSS for that podge”. I am pretty sure I have dodged any potential OHSS bullet and as I am not going to have the frozen embryos put back in until April the drugs are doing nothing to maximise my chances of a successful pregnancy.

And that is when it struck me. Why the hell am I taking these drugs? I should just stop.

However being a good girl I rang the clinic to check whether it was OK to stop. The Doctor's response was that, before I stop he wanted to see me.

This was on Tuesday.

I am due to start my period at the weekend and that is when I am officially allowed to stop the injections - four or five days.

Or I could get an appointment to see the Doctor on Wednesday or Thursday to stop a couple of days early. And pay £150 for the privilege of the appointment.

Do you know what?  The drugs are paid for, I think I'll save myself the cash and keep going for a few more days.  I mean what is a couple more stomach bruises compared to cold hard cash?


  1. Yeah, I wouldn't waste the money on the appointment either...

  2. Walking is good for you and you can save even more money by bringing your own sandwiches. Those are easy decisions. (Not) buying things/drinks for other people involves some kind of social capital in the equation which makes it hard to compare it to sandwiches.
    Drugs/doctors/health/hope: quicksand. Best only go walk on that when it is frozen solid. (yep, more freezing over here, your wishes for me were very accurate. Thanks ;)

  3. Just thinking about the clexane injections makes me want to cry. You are a brave girl. Now all we want is a lovely fluffy lining please, not much really!

  4. The economics of IVF is all topsy-turvy... I've had to stop cringing at the cost and crazy amount of medication we have to take, otherwise it would do my head in. Hope your appt goes OK and that you're on track for April xoxo

  5. Look at the injections as practice for when all this works and you have to keep doing them for 12 weeks or so!

  6. Ugh...I hear you about being sick of the medications. It's insane. Bravo for hanging in there, and your period is just a little while away...


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