Sunday, 26 February 2012

Comments Round Up: A (very) Occasional Thing

The Sniff Test

The Sheila and Adele both asked when I start the Intralipids.

Intralipids is basically a drip of egg protein that may, or may not, help if my body is rejecting the embryos because of immunity issues. It could possibly improve implantation rates. It is all a bit untested, firstly because I haven't have the (incredibly expensive) tests to see whether I actually have the immune issues that (the relatively cheap) Intralipid treatment might help, and secondly because there hasn't been enough clinic trials to prove more than anecdotally that Intralipids really is an effective treatment.

Despite all this Intralipids have become something of a holy grail for me. I am pinning my hopes on this treatment like a 6 year old playing Pin The Tail On The Donkey (hopefully but fairly ineffectually).  I was supposed to have Intralipids last IVF but because there was some doubt at the crucial stage about whether it would go ahead so I missed my window.

This time I am raising it every single time I have an appointment. On Friday I got as far as getting the nurse to write it in big letters on the top of my notes and a reassurance that it would be discussed when I go in for my womb scrape.

That was the long answer.

The short answer is: hopefully some time between the womb scrape and embryo defrost/ transfer.

Taking Advantage of a Hiatus

Not so much a question but Wig helpfully pointed out that:

To improve your chances [of seeing a haggis], remember they can only go one way round the munro, depending on which two legs are the longest and which two are the shortest. Find out which way that is and you are part way there...

Which is really helpful advice (she use to keep domestic Haggi when she was younger - she had the smooth haired variety whereas in the wild they are more like this) so I'm feeling pretty confident about my chances of seeing a wild one.

Are You Kidding Me says:

And here I thought the haggis was something to avoid at all costs...

No, no, no.  The are delicious. Seriously.  Just don't think too hard about what you are eating.

The Sheila (again) asked:

P.S. Have you ever told us the story about how you guys met in Edinburgh?

Have I ever?! This is one my my top three anecdotes (the other two are: Banana-gate and TOM!!!).

Here it is.


  1. Ah! Smoking as social opportunity! I like it.
    Well played, W4I!

    I can't wait to hear Banana-gate and TOM.

  2. Hope those intrallipids do the trick!

  3. I recommend having a tea party on intralipid day, if you have them administered at home. They take ages to drip through (about three hours) during which time you are sort of tethered, so I found that buying in posh cakes and eating them with friends and the administering nurse rather passed the time. Then for round two of the intralipids (when you get a positive test - at about 6 weeks) I just went to the pub afterwards, sort of sloshing with the stuff.... and you should see what it does to your wee.....

  4. What's wrong with your friends? Why didn't they facilitate a conversation for you? Shoving a cigarette in your hand and pointing you in the right direction...well, that's just not very helpful.

    And aside from all the really disgusting organ meats in haggis, what I really object to is the oatmeal. I can only eat that if it's baked into a cookie or combined with butter and sugar on top of some sort of fruit in the form of a crumble. I have tried to eat it otherwise, and it makes me feel ill every time.


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