Friday, 27 January 2012

A Long Drawn Out Process

We are on like Donkey Kong.

If Donkey Kong was a a self-injecting, egg producing woman rather than a barrel-throwing monkey.

Yesterday I took delivery of my drugs and had a scan to check there wasn't anything untoward happening womb-wise.

Today I started at full throttle with no less than three injections (no more either, to be fair, in fact it was exactly three). I quite like injections at the start of IVF. I have acres of fresh skin ready to be injected, so it isn't painful - unlike towards the end of a cycle when the injections into a rotund egg-filled, multi-stab wounded belly sting to fuck.

It also feels good to be doing something that might possibly result in a pregnancy. Although not for a long time...

This is how the next few months are panning out:

  • Growing eggs until around second week of Feb
  • Egg collection, make some embryos. So far so normal
  • Wait a couple of weeks
  • Get a period
  • Wait ANOTHER couple of weeks
  • Take some pills for two MORE weeks
  • Have ANOTHER period
  • Have a womb scrape
  • Wait two more weeks
  • Return whatever defrosted issue they have into my womb
  • By which time it'll be Easter.
I know good things are supposed to come to those who wait.  But that's a bit bloody ridiculous. Innit?


  1. does kill me how long this stuff takes. My last cycle was long too, because of CCS testing. I cycled in November, and we're finally going to transfer in Feb. Ugh. Hoping you have a great cycle this time and this is the last time you have to go through this!

  2. That is a loooong process. But Easter is not that far off. Hoping for the best for you guys...

  3. It is drawn out. I've never done an FET after an IVF in which nothing was transferred in order to wait to fight another month, and I imagine that it is like watching paint dry. At the same time the more I read, the more I hear doctors touting the benefits of doing it that way. I'm hoping so in your case.

    And, yes, the tummy towards the end of a cycle is like a heroin-addict's track-marked arm. Only, given the fact that you're not injecting happy juice, it hurts a hell of a lot more. I swear that I still have scars. (But I have something else, as well, and I'm hoping hard that you will, too).

  4. It's a ridiculously long, drawn-out process. I hope the time flies by and Easter is here before you know it! Enjoy the unscathed belly skin while you can. :)

  5. It's crazy how long it takes - and even longer when you have to do the womb scrape first. You are one patient woman! It always helps me to have a plan, though. Once there's a plan, I can start checking things off the list, and that makes my anal-retentive OCD side SOOOO happy.

  6. Wow, that really is a crazy long process. But, hopefully it's "the plan" that will make it all work.

  7. Hah - well I already think you have the patience of a saint, so what's a few more weeks, I mean months?

    But seriously, hopefully this will be the cycle that works, and as you say - good things do come to those who wait. Looking forward to hearing how everything turns out.

  8. Wow that is a long plan! Hoping and praying this will all be worth it in the end!

  9. Hope the injections are going well so far. Good luck with your long, drawn out process. Even if it's long, it's something new. right? I always feel better when we're trying something new. Hope the time flies for you!


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