Monday, 30 January 2012

IVF Admin

Got to love IVF admin.

Tonight I've signed all the consent forms, again:

  • Yes, I consent to IVF
  • Yes, you can use any left over bits for training purposes (no opportunity to caveat with 'as long as any learnings can be immediately used on me')
  • Yes, I know that I've been prescribed steroids as a half-arsed attempt to do something different but appreciate that "The use of this medication in the field of subfertility is still experimental, as the role of immune mediators in the process of embryo implantation has not been confirmed yet."
  • Yes, I understand the risks of a multiple-pregnancy 
  • Yes, you can cryopreserve my embryos.
  • No, I don't have a criminal record.

Tomorrow I go in for a bit more admin. The HIV and Hepatitis tests need to be updated. Even though I know I've done nothing to put myself in harms way on that account.

I'll also have my first official 'Are the eggs growing scan?'.  Now I don't want to count my eggs before they are ovulated but if my full-feeling gut is anything to go by either tonight's carbonara was laced with concrete powder or there is a fair bit of ovarian activity going on.

It is an odd feeling knowing that egg collection is likely to be about a week away but I won't know if this IVF has worked for at least two months. It sort of makes everything feel that little bit less real. Oh well at least I can go back on the booze as soon as the eggs are removed knowing they'll be safely tucked up in a freezer.


  1. Don't you just love all the paperwork and the repeats of the tests ;) First injections are the best, the choice of position, the lack of bruising - definitely the easiest injections to do :) Wishing you all the very best of luck with this one!

  2. Why does it matter if you have a criminal record?

    Much luck with this round! Hoping it's your last.

  3. Fingers crossed and sending you lots of sticky babydust!

  4. I had carbonara tonight too! But I'm pretty sure my full feeling is gluttonous. Is that still a sin?


  5. One positive aspect of waiting a month after retrieval is that you can RELAX! Enjoy the time in-between -- there's always time to worry later ;-)

  6. I do have two penalty points on my license, would that count me out?.. Just shows it's worth keeping straight.
    Good luck for later! Reckon concrete gut is a good sign.

  7. I'm awake at 4a.m. Because my sweet son gave me and the husband a stomach virus. One of the less glamorous things you have to look forward to when this IVF work!

  8. Criminal record? What's that got to do with anything? :-/

  9. The administrative end is enough to drive anyone batty.

    It must be very strange, this elongated IVF, part now, part later. And awhile until you know. But let it be booze when the collection is done. And champagne later.

  10. Ugh paperwork. You wouldn't believe the paperwork we had to get done for just IUI. Notarized stuff too! The criminal record and questions make me laugh. Hoping and praying you have some beautiful eggies growing in there!

  11. Oh Lordy! Yes the admin and the endless cycle of blood tests... How to make treatment even more ardous than it is already. I am really hoping that this is 'the one' and will be following avidly with fingers crossed (because as we all know fingers crossed makes a big difference...possibly on a par with unproven steroids?!)....


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