Monday, 16 January 2012

A Heart-Stopping Moment

Before Christmas the husband and I each gave a vial of blood for chromosomal testing.

Whilst the husband and I have the full compliment of 46 chromosomes the issue may be that our, um, issue does not. This could, potentially be why I have experienced ‘recurrent implantation failure' (can you tell I’m loving having a different term to the ubiquitous ‘unexplained infertility’?).

I’ve been checking in with the nurses for my results at regular intervals always to be told they aren’t in yet.

Today, when I called the nurse checked my notes, and cheerfully announced they were in.

“We’ve got them both back” she confirmed “let me just check the results. Yours were normal.”

And then she paused, I’m not sure how long for. She was clearly scanning the notes for the husband's results but whilst waiting I had enough time to mentally rifle through my cohort of male friends and sort the potential sperm donors from the rest.

“And your husband’s were normal too.”

Which is a relief because I hadn't managed to find a suitable alternative.


  1. I'm glad they were both normal even though this means you still don't have any more answers.

  2. Oh phew...I had the same tests run and it was a little worrisome getting the results back. Thankfully we were both normal as well. Glad you didn't find any issues, and hope this next cycle will end the "recurrent implantation failure" issue!

  3. That last sentence almost had me snorting wine over my iPad!

  4. Oh, BLOODY medical staff and their UNFORTUNATE BUT MEANINGLESS pauses. One heart-attack after another, phoning these people. Endless pointless anxst.

  5. Just to be clear...your chromosomal tests were normal. She wasn't trying to imply that either of you were normal, was she? ;)

    Figured out my commenting issue...some Blogger update hates internet explorer.

  6. I'm so glad the results were normal! You always manage to infuse even the most heart wrenching moments with humor! :) I really hope there are answers and positive resolutions soon...

  7. Yay for normal results!
    Boo for recurrent implantation failure...

  8. Your husband is normal? Well I'd never have expected that.

  9. I think that all nurses, doctors and administrative staff should receive special training. On The Delivery Of Information, Good or Bad. Honestly. You'd think they'd know. But they really don't.

    However, I'm so very glad to hear the results were normal. This is really big news. And - I am imagining - a load off your mind.

  10. Next to finding out I was pregnant, the day we found out we were both "normal" was the best day of my IF life. Ruling out issues is always nice for the "unexplained" infertiles!


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