Tuesday, 24 January 2012

Drugs Bust

I use to be a naive innocent. Trusting and unquestioning of authority.

That was before I realised I was infertile and understood that even trained medical professionals can get things wrong.

I have just ordered my drugs for IVF round four. I say ordered, I got a call from the drugs company who told me what the clinic had prescribed and asked for my credit card details.

I have an awful lot of drugs kicking around from the last three rounds and the cash they were asking for was almost twice what I paid last time so I double checked what they were planning on sending me against my current stash.

They'd me ordered 2,550 mg of Gonal F. Last round I was given a measly 300mg – which means this time they were suggesting eight and a half times more. The additional dose was going to cost a cool £725 ($1,130USD) - probably because it comes in a fancy pen.

So I checked with my nurse who agreed it did seem rather a lot and reduced my prescription to 600mg – I am getting older maybe she thought my ovaries could still do with a bit more of a kick start.

As I was congratulating myself on my parsimony I also mentioned that I didn’t seem to have any growth hormone prescribed when I had been told I would need some. Yes, she replied, I’d certainly need some Zomacton (that was the name I couldn’t remember). Which comes at a price. I ended up paying £20 more than was originally quoted.

This round of drugs came to £1,361.50.


Money well spent.

... If it works


  1. Always double check them - everyone makes mistakes.

    Money well spent. *crossing fingers, knocking wood, etc.*

  2. Definitely good to double check. My nurse accidentally ordered me a drug I was specifically allergic to -- that she had written down in front of her that I was allergic to. Always good to pay attention!

    Hoping very, very much that this works.

  3. Oh mah Gawd *faints*

    Thank effers you checked.

    *faints again*

  4. Yes, I have also found that double and triple checking everything is the best policy - have found many mistakes that way. I hope this is money well spent!

  5. Well, if you hadn't figured out that you didn't need that much of the first drug it would have been a lot more than just $20! It will all be worth it!

  6. Oh, if I had a dollar for every time my clinic got meds wrong or forgot something! (Well, I'd have about $10, but you get the point! -No pun.)

  7. Hoping and praying it is all well worth it!

  8. Oh my word....I remember those days! We spent about $2500 for the drugs for each of our IUIs and IVF's! So glad we only had to do that twice. After 5 cycles...we could have bought a small car just for the price of the meds!!!! Add that to the cost of the IUI's and the IVF's and the first couple years of our son's college fund pretty much got used up! BUT....it is all worth it in the end...so just keep going and I will be rooting for you through this next cycle!!!!
    Oh...how is the wombmate? Is she also pursuing additional treatment?

  9. Harumph. I've always thought that doctors and nurses are a bit trigger happy with their prescription pads and here is proof. Easy to write the Rx. Not so easy to pay for it. But, oh, the irony of the growth hormone.

    Is there any tax reduction for treatments and meds in the UK? There's a very slight one in the US. Still painful to shell out the dough. And as the person who compiled every receipt and invoice, very nearly not worth tracking those expenses.

    (But I'm awash in optimism and like to view this as the first of many, many expenditures yet to come on young master/miss WFI).

  10. Oh my god - just as well someone is onto it!

    Given the amount of money you're spending on this, plus more importantly, the time and emotional investment, you'd hope the drug dispensers would be a little less lackadaisical!

    But really glad you questioned your drug regime and have it sorted - now all you have to do is get on with using them!


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