Saturday, 17 December 2011

Wine Me!

I get asked to do sponsored posts a lot and rarely agree because the product is of no interest to me, or relevance to you.

I’ve even been asked to review baby products.


But this one piqued my interest. So please note the following disclaimer and we’ll get on with it.

This is a sponsored post for Stowell’s.

- - -

I give up alcohol on a regular basis. The AA’s 12 step programme has nothing on me, mine is a two step initiative -
1) Gear up for fertility treatment
2) Stop boozing

But that doesn’t mean I don’t miss it. I may have lost the desire to get plastered and vomity of a Friday night but I miss the ritual of coming in from work and just having a glass of wine whilst I wind down, or sipping a glass, Floyd-style, whilst cooking. And fine dining just doesn’t feel quite right whilst virtuously sipping water.

So I was quite excited to hear Stowell’s had bought out a low alcohol wine - 5.5% alcohol as opposed to normal levels of 12-14ish percent. This could well be the drink I am looking for – at that level I think the odd glass during the IVF process, let alone in between treatments, is eminently allowable.

What is more it is low calorie - at 60 calories a glass it contains about 30% fewer calories than a typical glass. So even for those of us struggling with fertility treatment weight gain (and not the good kind that is concentrated mainly in the uterus) it is an allowable treat.

They do a white and a rosé. I got to try some so went for the rosé. It was very fruity, I sort of expected the flavours to be diminished (basically I expected it to taste like watered down wine) but not at all. I think it’d work really well super-chilled as a summer aperitif.

It certainly beats my ginless tonic (ingredients: tonic water, ice, lime, imagination).

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  1. Sounds interesting...

    Yeah, imagination doesn't taste that great in a ginless tonic, does it?

  2. This is very informative, Liz. Thank you.

  3. There's something ironic about the fact that we spend so much of our lives ordering the strong drinks so that we can get soused as quickly as possible. Well, our early twenties, at least. And then? We actively search out the stuff that is less alcoholic.

    Er. There's a parallel to birth control that comes to mind...

  4. I have to admit it, it'd be alcohol that would get me to write a sponsor post, too. They just opened a Spec's near our house. It's a giant alcohol warehouse. The first time I went through the doors, a bright light shone from above, and angels sang ... well, it was just the florescent lighting and Christmas music on the speakers, but I'm telling you, it was a religous experienc. My new favoritest place to worshi.., I mean, shop.

  5. Completely unrelated, but I couldn't find just your email address.

    Apparently, you've been featured as the best health blog for fertility facts on

    I was sent an email about it as I'm featured for "bumps and babies". Not sure what that's all about...

    Just giving you a heads up!


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