Sunday, 4 December 2011

We'll Always Have Paris

Can you guess where we went away to?

I'll rephrase that. If you hadn't read the title, d'ya think you would have guessed?

As a mini-break it was near perfect. Our hotel defined shabby Parisien chic.

The lift was chinzed to the max. I loved it.

In three days I think we packed in about 6 weeks worth of eating.  Concentrating on the banned food:



Runny cheeses

And booze, booze, booze.

We did galleries, so much walking that the husband complained he hadn't realised he'd signed up for a trekking holiday, le shopping (mainly window shopping, or licking, lèche-vitrine), afternoon naps and ... ahem ... some totally spurious, and as we all know ineffective, bit of the other.

We even managed the obligatory trip to the Parisian flea market buying something that manages to be awesome, macabre, and a miracle we got through customs.

Now we're back to reality.

I start work again tomorrow after six weeks off, and I am shitting it!


  1. I'm so glad you had such a lovely time, and so, so sorry that you didn't get pregnant with that IVF. It is a tough, tough experience, and one that leaves most of us truly in the gutter.

    I hope that whatever happens next is considerably better than the cycle, and just as good as the mini break.

  2. How lovely. Just what was needed and more than deserved.

  3. Sounds like a great trip - I love Paris. I just went there a couple of months ago and ate & walked my way through the city. The only thing I didn't get to do was go to the flea markets - I love what you bought!

  4. That sounds like you had an awesome time! Mmmmm all that food looks amazing! Beautiful butterflies!

  5. Well, if you're going to have all the forbidden consumables, I think Paris is a good choice of places to go. Much luck on the return to work...

  6. Ah, parfait! Great choice. Makes me feel like lepping on the train right now.

    Many sympathies on the return to work. URG. Will be thinking of you.

  7. Sandy in Florida5 December 2011 at 11:54

    Glad you have a great weekend!

  8. The trip sounds wonderful. Absolutely love that hotel. It just seems so very Parisian!

    Good luck getting back to work!

  9. Mmm oysters... really good luck with going back to work. I had an awful transition following one of the miscarriages where I asked for an extra week but had my arm twisted into going back straight into a 9am 4 hour meeting after not being able to sleep much, and with a huge panel of not very friendly faces staring at me (well, staring at everyone, but when you are feeling low they all stare at you, it seems).

  10. I can't think of a more wonderful post-IVF trip than Paris - J'adore Paris! Any time of year!

  11. The Paris trip looks like it was amazing. Loving the butterfly art too! Hope your first day back at work wasn't too hideous. It's hard to put a failed cycle behind you when you've put absolutely everything into it like you have but the only thing you can do is look forward otherwise you'll go nuts! I think your city break is a great start xx

  12. Hi, I've given you a blog award on
    Mrs Bubba T xx

  13. Looks amazing! I've also nominated you for a blog award on my blog=)

  14. Ah Paris! How perfect. And you know, a "bit of the other" is only "ineffective" if it didn't make you feel good! Sometimes, a "bit of the other" without any purpose other than fun - and in Paris shabby chic too - is the best.


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