Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Rebel With A Cause

As a rule I do what I am told.

Despite knowing that the last IVF hadn't worked on the Friday I continued the arse-numbing* injections until the official test day on Monday. Even when I started my period on the Saturday I subjected myself to  the injections from hell.

Because that is what I do. I follow medical advice.

Which is why this departure is so dramatic. I am not taking the Pill.

Long time readers will know that one possible cause of my inability to conceive is due to my womb lining growing in an erratic diseased manner.  In betwixt IVFs I have been contraceptioned up to my eye-balls in order to stop any of the nasties growing back, it also has the unfortunate side effect of preventing any possible pregnancies.

As soon as I finished IVF numbers one and two I was back on the pill faster than a flower girl at Woodstock.

I haven't had my follow up appointment after this IVF yet, I was pretty lax about booking it because really who wants to sit in a room with a Doctor to be told that "you responded very well and it just seems to be bad luck that it didn't work this time, but hand over another seven grand and we'll try it again."

As a result no one has actually told me to restart the pill.  But I know they would, I just haven't asked.

Which means for the first time in about two years I have the opportunity to ovulate by myself and, however slim the chance might be of actually conceiving this month it is still an hell of a lot higher than a month when I am on the pill.

So what have I done?  Whipped out the ovulation tests, become an avid tester and, as I approach what should be the middle of my cycle, started casting amorous glances at the husband.

I think we all know it isn't going to work, but it is nice to have a hobby.

*The weren't really arse-numbing, quite the opposite. Arse-hurting would be more appropriate.


  1. Come on, prove us all wrong- prove to us that it really does happen. Then we'll all curse at you- in a loving way of course!

  2. wouldn't that be some fabulous stuff!!!! do it up girl!

  3. ouch ouch ouch. god i wish you get a xmas miracle. if you do, i will run naked through our street. seriously. come on big man upstairs take that one on!!!

  4. I know how you feel on this. Even though our chances of getting pregnant naturally seem less than a snowball's chance in hell, I am also looking forward to trying this month. If only to have something to distract me from the IVF results. Wouldn't it be cool if it worked though?!?

  5. You too can become one of those infertility myths- you know the ones that people tell you when they hear you are having problems- "I know this woman who tried IVF and it didn't work, but then they stopped trying and had a baby". Good luck and I hope you get to be one of the lucky ones.
    Me, I am trying a take Clomid while not under medical supervision attempt. We will be out of the country for my fertile days, so no point wasting money on the monitoring process when they aren't shooting me full of sperm. I accidentally acquired an additional script for clomid. if losing and then finding the first script is accidental.

  6. There is a chance. Your eggs and the husband's sperm make embryos, so why not outside of a Petrie dish? I know the chances aren't what any of us would call a sure bet... But I raise my glass to chance.

    The irregular lining, how fast does it tend to grow? Could you give yourself more than a month or is that ill-advised? The answer to that probably depends on whom you ask?

  7. Owwwie! I hated them shots and my husband sucked at giving them. Here's to a Christmas miracle, why not?

  8. A chance is a chance is a chance. Enjoy your month off everything!

  9. That's a good idea for a hobby. You should make that your hobby all the time. Hope it's productive...

  10. Such a rebel! Bring on the Chrissy present of all time!

  11. I like this rebellious streak! May it be fruitful!

  12. Have fun with the natural cycle! Hope you do get a Christmas miracle and it would be very fun to hear that Chon ran through the streets naked LOL!

  13. Just adopt!! You're sure to get pregnant then!! {bangs head against the wall} Here's hoping for your miracle!!

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  15. I will be so happy if it works, you'll hear me whoop all the way from Ireland.

    Profound piece of advice that spam bot gave you!
    I'll hobby him.

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