Tuesday, 13 December 2011

IVF debrief

Tomorrow I am finally going in for my IVF debrief at my clinic.

The one where I see the doctor and say:


And the doctor replies:

"?" accompanied by a Gallic shrug.

I like to be prepared with my one page summary sheet detailing my conception woes. I usually compile a list of questions. I dredge the internet for the latest miracle cure and wonder, out-loud to the Doctor, why we can't try that.

After IVF number two I went through both of my IVFs comparing and contrasting (the joys of having a blog noting down everything). I offered my own interpretation as to why it didn't work.

But this time it just doesn't seem worth it.  I am out of ideas.

Last time they agreed to let me try intralipids.  It didn't happen because of all the kerfuffle over my too thin womb lining, and by the time they decided to go ahead with the transfer I'd missed my intralipid window.

I half think I should be pissed off about this.  But honestly, I doubt intralipids would have helped. It was a long shot anyway. So if the Doctor cites this as the miracle cure I'll be deeply skeptical.

In fact I really don't think there is much they can say that will keep my custom. I am a postage stamp away from sending my application (with fifty quid registration fee) to another clinic that comes highly recommended.

But I still want to go to this appointment, I believe it is known as "getting closure". Talking of overused expressions, over on iVillage I slip into hackneyed clich├ęs as I try to process the result and the way forward.


  1. I just completed 2 FET cycles in a row, using intralipid both times (plus Lovenox, and steroids this cycle). And this one we even tried a 'bonus' intralipid infusion when we got a positive pregnancy test. But still, the result we got was a chemical pregnancy and now either another chemical pregnancy or an ectopic.

    So I dunno about intralipids. IVIG, on the other hand -- maybe there is something there. It seemed to help us once. But it costs a fortune.

    This sucks. I am so sorry. I hate those re-group meetings. Thinking of you.

  2. I agree it's good to get "closure." And I also agree it's good to evaluate other clinics - sometimes a fresh start is good...

  3. At the very least, you should go in and get your money's worth in cursing the doctor out...

  4. Oh yeah, you could take the comment section of that blog post, in case you run out of things to say.

  5. Lerrus know how you get on. Might even see you IRL on Friday. If I can find someone to come along and pretend to be my husband, y'know, to keep the pretence up.



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