Wednesday, 21 December 2011

The best laid plans ... are generally screwed up by, well, screwing

The plan was simple.  I had a scan last week, there was no follicular activity so today another quick scan just to get an idea of how my womb lining develops during a non-medicated cycle then I start the primolut, get a period start IVF number four in the New Year.

No bother.


"Ummmmm" I said, looking at my feet rather than the Doctor, "I continued testing ovulation last week. And I, er ... sort of, got a positive ovulation test on Sunday, and we kind of had unprotected sex."

(Did you like the inclusion of the words 'kind of' implying that it was just something that happened organically rather than me standing over the husband, rousing the troops, as it were).

The Doctor's look transported me right back to childhood, it said 'she wasn't so much angry as disappointed'.

I've fucked up the plan.


One of three things could now happen:

1. I get pregnant, save myself a fortune on IVF and live out my life as "that woman" the one who got pregnant whilst waiting for IVF.

2. I don't get pregnant, I get my period on New Year's day. We start the primolut two weeks later, with no cheeky ovulation test / sex to scupper our plans this time round.  At worst we've lost a month.

3. I don't get pregnant, I don't start my period. This has happened before when I've had a positive ovulation test, and frankly considering the doctor saw no sign of imminent ovulation on my ovaries last week I am pretty sceptical about the accuracy of the test, although a back up measure the ... ahem ... secretions of an egg-whitey nature did also point to ovulation. If I don't start my period I'll go back for a scan early in the New Year and start Primolut straight away to start a period - so it is just a two week delay.

I felt the need to explain and apologise to my Doctor for acting on the the ovulation test, but ladies, Sunday was the first time since August 2008 that I have had a positive ovulation test outside of IVF or IUI. And last week at my scan the doctor said my womb lining looked 'perfect'. How could I resist the chance to save myself almost seven grand in medical bills? Would any of you have done anything different?

So I guess I'm on my two week wait over Christmas and New Year.

The other problem is now I'm pretty sure that means we've used up our Christmas shag.

Elsewhere on the internet, on iVillage, I've shared infallible my tips for surviving Christmas as an infertile.

Update: Anonymous asked "Ok, please someone explain to me why having sex in between cycles would mess up the doctor's plans for the next IVF or lining testing. Thanks."

It doesn't always matter but because of my specific issue with tardy periods and thickened womb lining I need two weeks of progesterone to bring a period on, and I need that period before I start IVF. To take two weeks of the pill from mid-cycle to 'official period start date' I have to absolutely make sure I'm not pregnant, hence they have to now wait two weeks to ensure I am not pregnant before starting the progesterone.  

Hope that helps. If not you're as confused as I am!


  1. I never once got a positive ovulation test i 4 years of trying - the only way I could ever tell was by my temperature. Hell of a lot cheaper too!

  2. Nuuuumbeeer ooonnne! Let it be number one..
    I don't see why the doc had to be miffed. Anyone would do the same, what with being human and not a robot and everything, you know.

  3. Nuuuumbeeer ooonnne! Let it be number one..
    I don't see why the doc had to be miffed. Anyone would do the same, what with being human and not a robot and everything, you know.

  4. Seriously? Any doctor tells me I can't try 'old-fashioned' in between cycles, I laugh raucously in said doctor's face. AND made the point about the 7K fees. And curled my lip. I CAN curl my lip, too - it makes me look like the most sarcastic alsation in Crufts.

    Anyway. Eeeeep! All in the 2ww together. EEEEEP.

  5. I CAN'T SPELL. I am so sorry. I had a migraine on Sunday and my brain, it is borked.

  6. Ok, please someone explain to me why having sex in between cycles would mess up the doctor's plans for the next IVF or lining testing. Thanks.

  7. Totally worth a delay!!!! You had to try and you know could happen!!!

  8. HAHA! Good for you! Hoping for #1!!! I'd have done the exact same thing...who doesn't want to save $7K??? I mean seriously! And honestly, the old fashioned way is A LOT more pleasurable than, ahem, being violated by a dildo cam every 3 days, being poked and prodded at least as often for bloodwork, and every second of your life being looked at under a microscope to make sure you aren't doing anything that could hinder any procedures from being successful. Uh, yeah, I say sex was definitely the right way to go =). Go rebel Liz!

  9. It goes without saying that I'd have done exactly the same. You took advantage of the situation as it presented itself, and all indicators are there that the egg DID drop. So I'm going to go ahead and be hopeful. I would so enjoy, in future, being able to tell other people in your shoes, "Well, I once knew this woman..."

  10. Good grief, your doc was "disappointed" that you thought you might try to get pregnant the normal way, once in how many years???
    Two weeks is nothing. Obviously I hope it's a whole 9 months plus a few years of parenting delay... But then I sincerely hope you'd appear in some kind of "I was infertile, and my doc was disappointed we'd had sex... But I got pregnant anyway, just to spite her!" trashy magazine story, you know the ones.
    I think I'd have had a strong urge to say "look, woman, I'm paying your wages here. I can have sex with my husband if I want to, thank you very much!"

  11. Voting for #1!!!

    Also, your doctor would not enjoy my behavior at all. That's the one where I take their plans, consider them, work out how it will or will not fit in my life, then discard it. By the way, they deserve it for all the emails and phone calls you've had to make!

  12. Any shag that may save you seven big ones is a good shag, in my opinion.
    Go get 'em.

  13. I would have done the same thing. I hope you "kind of" get pregnant!(more thank kind of, really pregnant)

  14. Fingers crossed it will be option one.

    The conversation with the doctor after the frowned upon sex is interesting- I got in trouble for my husband's spectacular drop in sperm count( down by 2/3). Still adequate for an iui, but embarrassing.

  15. Hi Liz

    I just wanted to say what an inspirational person you are. I came across your blog one week ago (googling 'two week wait over christmas'!) and have read from start to finish, including most of the comments too. You and your followers seem like such lovely people and you all deserve your BFPs. My stupid phone wouldnt let me leave any comments so I thought I'd wait until the end and then log into my computer. I am crossing everything and praying that you will get your BFP this month.



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