Saturday, 31 December 2011

Bang Goes That Attempt

You may remember that after my ovulation and unauthorised DIY attempt at pregnancy I decided one of three different scenarios would play out.

All of these revolved around New Year's day when I would, or wouldn't be pregnant. Naturally I forgot to take into account my body's unorthodox approach to ovulation and periods.  It should have come as no surprise that, rather than wait the conventional 14 days after ovulation to start my period it would slip in early with a Boxing day treat.

At least it meant I haven't spent the whole Christmas season wondering if my expanding belly is a result of over indulgence or incubation.

I alerted my clinic to my lack of pregnancy yesterday and was told that I could start the pre-IVF Primolut right then.  The slight problem being that I was, at that point, hurtling across Scotland several hundred miles from my clinic and the drugs I needed. I also managed to treat my traveling companions to slightly too much information about my periods.
(Although at one point I had to stop one of the guys in the car from whistling whilst I was on my mobile, I think he was trying the nonchalent "I'm not listening" whistle but it really wasn't helping my understanding of scan timings).

The revised plan is to go to my clinic on Tuesday when I'm back in London  for a quick scan to check the fluid in my womb, which they saw last time, has disappeared and then pick up the Primolut to start on day fourteen of this cycle, ready to start IVF at the end of January.

Naturally I've learned my lesson and we shall not be trying the home-made attempts this month as it would incur another delay. However, because we hadn't counted on my period starting so early it meant we have come away without the appropriate protection.

So I guess this year won't start with a bang.

Happy New Year everyone.


  1. Boo! Well Happy New Year, even without the bang. Let's save the bang for say, Mid-February then, shall we? Wishing you an incredibly prosperous 2012 =)

  2. So sorry! I can totally relate. We sneaked in an au-naturale attempt this month, too... and a few days ago, I had to buy another box of O.B.s (which is the mark of failure in my book). But at least that'll give us a fresh start in 2012! Wishing you and everyone who reads your brilliant blog a wonderful 2012 and the fulfillment of all our cherished dreams! xoxo

  3. Happy New year Liz - And I truly hope this is the "Year of Liz" with some pleasant surprises!

  4. Well, that's unfortunate. But, on the other hand...has every other year started with a bang? Maybe the novelty will be good?

  5. [Big sigh.]

    Glad you weren't in the dark for all of Christmas. But also sorry. Glad the cycle can begin, but sorry for the logistical difficulties in getting there. Only marginally sorry for the guys in the car. They must learn and come to appreciate the Way of Woman.

    Here's hoping 2012 brings you some very good things, Liz. Right from the start.

  6. Unfortunate the DIY didn't work, but now a new cycle can begin! Happy New Year and I am hoping and praying this year will be the best yet for you!

  7. Bother! IVF is such a bloomin' kill-joy. And it also makes us all far too wiling to share far too much information with far too little chagrin - but tant pis! Your car sharer's will live.... Hope that you still had much fun of the non-bang kind in Scotland and good luck at the clinic for this round. Fingers crossed here for you.

  8. Happy New Year to you, too!
    I don't know why I keep holding out home for being "that woman" who miraculously gets pregnant on her own after fertility treatments. Yet, every period is another raging disappointment! Even though I KNOW it's coming!


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