Tuesday, 22 November 2011

The Testing Debate - again

Every time I do IVF, or an IUI, I have the same debate with myself about when to test.

There are a few different schools of thought:

The Hairy Farmer Family approach entails a daily test from trigger shot to official test day. The trigger shot puts some hCG into your body so if you wee on a stick directly after the trigger you'll get a positive test, then as the days go by it gradually leaves your system and if it starts to reappear you know that the result is a genuine positive rather than remnents of the trigger. So you get the earliest result possible without the doubt of the trigger hanging over a positive.

Others, with a willpower crafted from the hardest substance known to women don't touch the tests, they wait for a medically sanctioned blood test and then a phone call to deliver the news.

I can't do either.

Never having been pregnant I an unable to face the idea of seeing my first positive test knowing that it is chemically induced and means nothing.

And on the other end of the spectrum my clinic won't give me a blood test unless I have proved its worth first with a positive pee stick before.

So when should I test? My clinic won't take any notice until a test 16 days after transfer. Which will be Monday the  28th. Ughhh.

The day-by-day breakdown tells me that a pregnancy should be detectable from 9 days after the transfer, and today I'm 10 days past.  So it should be a no brainer, right?  I may as well test now.


I've written before about reasons for not testing early.  If, on the off chance, my hCG levels are lagging a negative now (which still has the potential to turn into a positive) would be soul destroying for no reason.  There is, after all, a reason that my clinic wants me to wait for 16 days.

In the past I have also wanted to wait until the weekend before testing, I didn't want to go to work after getting either result. This time that isn't an issue.

The main thing that stopping me testing early this time is the drugs. As well as the brusing bum injections I am also taking a vicious little pill called Norprolac. You have to take it just before you go to bed because its side effects are grim so you need to sleep it off. A couple of nights ago got up in the middle of the night sweating, dizzy, bright spots in front of my eyes and ended up having a little lie down on the bathroom floor. I've not done that since my last decent night out.

My concern is that if I get a negative pregnancy test result the enthusiasm with which I ingest these drugs will wain completely, and I am not sure I'll be able to continue with them.  Which, should it be still a smidgen too early, might be absolutely the wrong thing to do.

The other reason is, of course, I do quite like being pregnant until proved otherwise.


Over on iVillage I give you an insight into how the wombmate and I try to give each other a little boost during cycles. 


  1. I think you should wait til the day your period would otherwise arrive. That said, I was never strong enough to hold out that long so I'm a big fat hypocrite!

    Anyway, my fingers are still crossed for you :)

  2. I'd test the day of or before the official blood test. I guess you'll have to to get the blood test. I'm really really really hoping this time it's positive (come on universe!!!!).

  3. I have no advice and support whatever you decide because I understand.

    Good luck good luck good luck. Sending you so many prayers and baby dust and hoping for the Christmas gift of a lifetime for you.

  4. The trigger should be out of your system by now. I would go by past protocol...how long after transfer did AF arrive before, or did you have to stop medications to get her to come? If you've made it past those days I'd test..who am I kidding I'd test anyway!!! Good Luck!!

  5. Sounds like you know yourself pretty well... For your sake, and the sake of being PUPO, I'd wait and enjoy this feeling for as long as you can, until it's proven true!

  6. There is no good answer to this question. Waiting along with you...

  7. I think you should test today! Of course, that could be because I am totally an instant gratification kind of girl and I don't want to wait until after Thanksgiving to hear your news :)

    Sending you lots of prayers and baby dust!

  8. I'm strongly in the "don't test" camp.

    Those pee sticks aren't reliable and peeing on a stick won't change the outcome. It can only make you more anxious. I peed on a stick on 14dpIUI and it showed a negative the same day I had my HCG level tested and it was 325!!

    Pee sticks are the devil.

    Instead, just be in the moment, in the "I don't know" and be okay with that. You have done everything you can to make this work.

    Know that we are behind you no matter what you decide to do.

    Oh, and even if you are positive, this will not be your only 2WW. There will be many more to come, sometimes 4WWs.

  9. I tested at 6dp5dt last time. I couldn't hold out any longer. I'm not sure how you do it, my official beta was at 9dp5dt, I'm fairly certain I'd die if I had to wait until 16dpt. I support whatever you decide, and will be seriously impressed if you hold out that long!!!

  10. Ah, Peestick Theory! My favourite conversation!

  11. I am a strong non POAS fan. In fact I still haven't done one!!! In saying that 16 dpt is a long time. I would wait till AF is at least 2 days late then POAS. Good luck!

  12. Hello from another Waiter! Not in terms of tables, but in terms of no POAS. Resist. Resist. They can destroy with one drop of wee and I am way dubious about their reliability.

    Listen to the soft murmurings of your clinic...go into the light...

  13. testing is so so hard. I agree...taking it too early and seeing a negative can be devastating and make it harder to continue the meds. BUT seeing a positive could really lift your day/weekend!!! I would resist though....living in PUPO world can be good :)

  14. I'm a test the trigger out every day kind of girl because, yes, I am just that neurotic. But I understand why this wouldn't work for many saner people. It's a tough one. And the meds are yet one more moving piece in the works. I'd say you're safe to test in a day or two. But 'safe' is a relative concept.

    (And I really like the idea of the care package.)

  15. I'm so in the 'don't test' camp. Personally I find that it's not worth it to go through the heart break of a negative from an unreliable test. But it's tricky in your case since the clinic won't give you a blood test until after you have a positive home test. Quite strange.

    During my last two IUI cycles I had to take progesterone which meant that my period did not arrive. I found it to be such a relief to have a fixed date to go for the blood test and get the result. For me it helps to know precisely when I will know!

    All the best to you. I'm keeping my fingers crossed for a positive!

  16. I read a great post by an infertility therapist about whether or not it's good to test early (http://theinfertilitytherapist.blogspot.com/2011/02/to-poas-or-not-to-poas-psychological.html). After reading this, I realized I am the kind of person for whom testing early makes sense. Maybe this will be a helpful guide for you as well?

  17. Good luck whichever way you decide. I've done both, both were BFN, so I'm probably not the one to give advice on this.

    I left you an award over on my blog!

  18. I was determined not to test this time (after having tested early on every other cycle)... then gave in - sometimes it's too hard to wait. You're heart will tell you when it's right to test - FXd for you xoxo

  19. Firmly in the no POAS camp. apart from the fact that my tests are internet cheapies that rely on using a plaastic cup, and they didn't some with one, it is just so soul destroying to toss the hope out before you have to.
    Most depressing part of the cheapies is that the colour sweeping across the test strip is visible right away. So, while it tells you to wait 5 mintues it is blindingly obvious within about 10 second that the answer is no.

  20. I know you never listen to me, but I'll have a go - if you get a negative now, it is vanishingly unlikely you have a successful pregnancy. The key is the days post fertilisation, not days post transfer - if you are now 10dp5dt, you are on day 15, or the second day of a missed period if this was a standard pregnancy. The good sticks detect 25mIU of bHCG, and if your hcg is less than 50 today it is likely not to succeed - so it's a good a day as any.

    Re the trigger, the half life of the trigger is 24 hours, so within 8 days you should effectively have none left. So you are way past that point.

    But in the end, you need to do what you feel good about - which is?

  21. I now will never test early. I always wait for test day. I love being pregnant until proven otherwise. I like pretending I am pregnant (not in a crazy shove a pillow up my shirt way!) and I would happily kid myself I was for 9 months if it was possible!


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