Thursday, 3 November 2011

Pollyanna Lives!

There are two approaches I can take:

1) lie on the sofa, cry and feel sorry for myself
2) focus on the positives of freezing my embryos this time round.

I spent most of yesterday thoroughly exploring number 1. Unfortunately I can categorically confirm that it didn’t make me feel any better. (I also managed to contract my holiday cold – never have one at work, always get one when I stop – so I had an additional reason for wallowing in self-pity).

So what are the positives?

The officious Doctor who I spoke to on Tuesday tried to comfort me by telling me about a fertility clinic in Japan who apparently are very successful. They always use frozen embryos, never implanting a fresh one.  Their reasoning is that embryos implant better in a womb that hasn’t just gone through a medicated cycle. So this might be a good thing.

Two previous cycles with fresh embryos haven’t worked. I wanted to try something different this time round. This is my opportunity.

My body has taken a battering this cycle. I am more bruised than I’ve ever been, and my follicle-filled ovaries are giving my stomach a distended look, and preventing my jeans from doing up. There is a certain amount of appeal in getting off the drugs rollercoaster for a while. (My clinic has me injecting and suppositing myself even after embryo transfer.)

This is the detritus from just one night's injections (a growth hormone, two injections to grow the follicles and one to stop the eggs being released):

As much as I was looking forward to (and enjoying) my six week break I was a little concerned that the unpaid nature of my sabbatical – coupled with one of my most expensive ventures to date (I’m referring to the IVF not the shoes I bought last week) - would wipe out all my savings and render me poverty stricken. However by going back to work after just two weeks my naturally parsimonious nature has been placated.

So plenty of reasons for being glad about the change of plan.

Am I glad? Not in the slightest, but fuck it - I don’t have a lot of choice.

Oh and remember the IVF predictor - did I ever tell you I wrote to the people who developed it? Their response to my email is over on iVillage.


  1. My doctor in NYC studied at that clinic in Japan and now recommends and does almost exclusively frozen transfer. Why? Because you can get the womb to an ideal state sometimes without a bunch of drug. That's the FET that produced my son.

  2. I hope that this strategy is fantastically effective. And a two week break from work is better than no break at all.

  3. I have to tell you that I want to give a big F-you to the IVF predictor. Now that that's done, I agree that a FET may be easier on your system than a fresh transfer. Especially if you're freezing everything, thus using the best embryos for your FET and not "leftovers" from a fresh cycle. I'm biased, because that's exactly what we're doing. I hope you feel better soon, and enjoy the return of your paycheck!

  4. This is probably that last thing you want to hear, sorry. I really believe it has happened for a reason and I hope and pray this will work for you.

  5. I went through 3 IVFs and 1 FET and it was the FET that finally worked, so I hope you follow in my footsteps! That IVF Predictor is crap. They said I have a 15% chance and I'm 5-1/2 months pregnant!

  6. Good on ya, Pollyanna. I did read that thing about frozen cycles being more successful once. Less stress on the system. (SO MANY NEEDLES. YIKES.)

    That's definitely something to hold on to.

  7. I hope the FET gives your body a chance to recuperate and prepare. There are definitely some positives.

    Not that the negatives suck any less, though.

  8. I am at the same clinic as you and as far as I know they have the same success rates for frozen as they have for fresh cycles. To be honest my husband and I have been thinking about freezing all embryos in our next IVF/ICSI cycle and then have them put back in a natural FET cycle without having all the drugs in my body... Makes sense to me.
    Wish you lots of luck!

  9. So glad Pollyanna lives... but do keep her away from trees, okay?!? xoox

  10. Bleck to those needles and associated acoutrements. I was on the same as you, so I feel your pain (and mess).

    Thinking of you, know this rollercoaster sucks.


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