Sunday, 6 November 2011

Egg Collection: IVF #3

Do you remember the first time I went for egg collection?  There was a miserable old nurse that I had to contend with. However, I was heartened when I overheard her telling a colleague she was retiring in three weeks.

Sure enough I didn't see her subsequently.

Until today.

What a difference! She was funny, talkative, smiling. “I thought you were retiring” I asked (in a neutral tone). “I have, but I come back to work the occasional weekend.”

I don’t know what retirement has done to her, but I want some of that.  She took twice as long to get through the pre-op questionnaire as normal because she kept stopping to chat.

“I love my job. And I understand what you’re going through. I have a son, but I always wanted a daughter. But I never could have one.” She confided.

A few minutes later as she sent the guy in the next door booth to the “Little boys room” she cackled “but I won’t be stopping in there with you.” (And it amused me to note the afore mentioned fellow took his own bag, presumably of grot, along with him to the producing room. That’s forethought for you.)

Egg collection was as blissful as ever. I do love a chemically induced sleep. This time I was lulled to sleep with some kind of hybrid soft rock / easy listening musak. These doctors know how to let their (neatly trimmed) hair down of a weekend. I swear I heard a rendition of  “I Wanna Live In America” on the electric guitar at one point.

The moment I woke up I blurted out “How many eggs?” I don’t remember the answer, I don’t remember asking the question, but the husband assures me I did.

The answer, I discovered later, was 18. That doesn’t even include the four or five that they had to leave because they were too hard to get to.  But with those numbers who needs the extra?

Womb-lining wise, however, things are once again up in the air. Today it still only measures 7.4mm - not increasing by the hoped 1mm a day. It is still too thin, which puts the transfer back in the balance.

This time I am not going to second guess what will happen. I’ll have another scan before they decide on a transfer or to freeze and we’ll take it from there.

In the meantime I am going to neck raspberry leaf, selenium, and brazil nuts in the hope it’ll plump up the womb lining in the nick of time.


  1. 18 is fantastic! You must be sore.

    re transfer, I know you hate the idea of a frozen transfer, but if they are done right (ie hormonally controlled) the success rates are just as good as a fresh cycle. So if that's the way the clinic goes, it will be the best possible option for your embryos.

  2. Plump, uterus, plump! Plump for England!

  3. Oh my fuck! Awesome news! Keep us updated. xx

  4. Congratulations on 18!!! That's wonderful!!!

  5. Wow - 18 - well done you!

    Fingers crossed for continued plumping.

  6. 18 - that is egg goddess amazing!

  7. 18! Wow! And Thalia is as usual right about the frozen cycles if it comes to that.

  8. 18 eggs is fantastic! You are so good at getting lots of eggies (I remember last time you had a good haul) and now we want lots and lots of them to fertilise into good little embryos - so my fingers are crossed for you on that.

    They're also crossed for your womb lining - I hope it gets that extra 1 mm you need.

    But if it doesn't, and you have to have an frozen embryo transfer; then it isn't necessarily doomed.

    My first FET was unsuccessful - but my second one resulted in my current pregnancy.

    I sooo hope it all goes well for you - it really is about time - you've been so patient!

  9. Woohoo for such an amazing egg day! I'll keep my fingers crossed that your lining fluffs up a bit.

  10. 18! Go 18! Get fertilized! Also, get to work plumping up, uterus. We will take no more of your nonsense this year.

  11. 18 is eggcellent!! Amazing!! Fertilize, divide, and conquer little ones!! I hope you can transfer fresh! FX for you Liz!!

  12. Great numbers... super egg collection :)) FXd for you lining... happy nut eating :) Sending you lots of thought and positive vibes to your little embies xoxo

  13. Bonnes nouvelles! So happy for you! Standing by and waiting for some more good news!

  14. 18 eggs! OMG, that is amazing. Maybe third time will be the charm...crossing my fingers!

  15. 7.4 is not too thin. I will never reach the dizzy heights of 7.4...

  16. Meaning if a fresh cycle is your best chance, they really should do it. People have got pregnant with less.


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