Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Work Life balance

I have never known work like it.

I am in work, at my desk at 7am, and don’t leave until 8 or 9pm

I know you’ve all worked longer hours. So have I, but not for so long. Weeks on end. I work weekends and when I am not working I am thinking about work.

Last night I awoke, with a start at about 3 in the morning. There was a bloke in bed next to me. I desperately tried to remember who he was. Then I recalled I was married, so it must be my husband. Right?

What was his name?

I ran through the names of the guys I worked with. None of them sounded quite right.

Eventually I had to wake my own husband and ask him his name. Genuinely.

When he told me such a wave of relief spread over me. Of course! That was right, got it. Phew.

Bear in mind I got together with him when I was 18, I turn 36 next year. I’ve been with him almost half my life.

That I literally, for a moment, in a sleep fuzz, couldn’t remember his name is indicative of how out of balance that work / life thing is at the moment.

Still the worst should be over come Saturday ...


  1. Ooh-err. That is grave indeed.

    Mind you, I sometimes forget my own name when I wake up. Just for a second!

    Don't tell the social worker. I AM PERFECTLY SANE, I tell you. Shhh.

  2. I love that you woke him to ask his name! I'm thinking this validates every reason you've ever had about taking leave during your next cycle :)

  3. I am such a princess that I get majorly irritable if I have to work more than, say, 52 hours in a week. If I don't get a full weekend, you can count on some sort of meltdown over the inconsequential. You have my sympathy - but at least the end is in sight!

  4. If anyone deserves time off it is, surely, you! Your work ethic puts my (lack of) work ethic to shame!

  5. oo-er, what is going on at work?! email me if you get a chance. that's rubbish, they need more staff if it is so prolonged...


  6. Oh, good Lord woman. Roll on the leave.

    (I once woke my husband up at 2am to tell him I'd just remembered that those pillars sculpted in the form of women at St Pancras church were actually called caryatids. It had been really bugging me all day. He was... underwhelmed).

  7. Oh my- that sounds terrible... I hope you get paid a pretty penny for all that effort and long hours.

    I too start at 7am - but I walk out the door every day at 3pm - and if I stay later, I accrue flex time that adds up to days off.... LOVE IT!

  8. Yowsa!!! That just kind of sucks. Hope things ease up soon!

  9. It's definitely time for a vacation! If only to re-learn that dude's name!

    Usually when I wake up hubby it's to tell him to go sleep in the next room 'cause he's snoring too loud. And I think he has the same problem as you 'cause it's never my name he's mumbling under his breath as he stumbles out of the room ...

  10. It sounds like you are at the very height of your tax season, but also that you're very nearly there, and I hope you have some serious R&R planned for the weekend.

    I did have a laugh over your asking the husband his name. Bet he won't let you forget that one, but at least you didn't try to guess his name aloud. That would be worse.

  11. Sandy in Florida7 October 2011 at 16:45

    I used to dream that I had large manilla files spread all over my body (like a blanket) in bed while I was sleeping. In my dream I was required to work those files in bed until they were complete. I don't know that I'll ever miss mortgage work. This should reenforce to you even more that the break you're going to take on the next IVF cycle is a very wise decision. Time for you to focus on you!

  12. oh no, you poor thing! I've been there and it's hideous as you just never have any down time - you are always on duty for work even if you are at home in your own bed asleep!

    I woke up one night during a particularly busy period thinking that my pillow was my keyboard and that people were filing up to the bed to talk to me!

    Hope everything calms down for you soon

  13. just getting caught up on your it bad that this made me laugh. i feel so bad for you!! you defo need time off. If I woke up my husband to ask him his name in the middle of the night...i can't even think of the consequences LOL


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