Monday, 31 October 2011

Trick or Treat

On Friday I went for the scan that was supposed to simply check that everything was ticking along nicely, that my ovaries were responding, and enable me to add yet another drug to my cocktail (Cetrocide). Instead, they steadfastly refused to acknowledge the presence of any of the ovulation inducers and were grumpily unresponsive.

As a result I was bought in for an unscheduled scan on Sunday morning to see whether they were going to be any more co-operative.

Taking their direction from the time of year my ovary decided to play a few tricks. 

Try as she might the doctor couldn’t see my ovaries. She pushed, and prodded, and whirled the dildo-cam around inside me.

Eventually she gave up and decided to try another approach squirting the gel on my stomach and doing an ultra sound the 'normal' way. As she turned the monitor round so I could see, I couldn’t help but wish that one day I’d actually see a baby waving back at me.  Instead I saw this:

Or something that looked very like it (for the uninitiated this is pretty much what an ultrasound of an ovary looks like, the ovary is the white bit with the black holes being follicles).

My ovaries have started to produce eggs. They are pretty small still, but five on each side, so an OK number for this stage in the process. 

So I got my halloween treat, my next scan is Tuesday - hopefully they will have stopped hiding and continued to have grown by them. Then egg collection next weekend.


  1. Such good news! So happy you got follicles growing!

  2. Well, that ENDED well, but, eep, was seriously annoyed with your ovaries for a few seconds there. Merry Halloween, follicles. Grow! Encourage your friends!

  3. Great news!!! Hoping those follicles keep growing!!!

  4. That was pretty funny... now I will have something to look for when I do my ultrasound this week!

  5. Phew, glad you have some eggs growing in there - 10 is pretty good at this stage! Keep us posted...

  6. Hope your eggs keep growing and stop playing tricks on you... not fun. Great that they're on track for your cycle... and great to be cycling with you - sounds like our transfers might be around the same time :)) xoxo

  7. Grow, grow, follicles! And stop hiding. That wasn't helpful.

    Fingers crossed for you. Thinking powerful ovarian thoughts, too, in case that helps.

  8. That is TOTALLY what follicle filled ovaries look like, too!

    Keep on growin'!!

  9. That was not a nice trick. How does one give an ovary a treat to prevent this sort of misbehavior?

  10. glad things are growing in there!! I hope they keep growing and you get good news at your next scan!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers.


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