Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Timing Is Everything

I was going to say that the dates of my six week sabbatical couldn’t have worked out better if I’d planned it.

Then I remembered I had.

But I’d planned it fairly incompetently.

Firstly, I got the date of the last pill wrong by a week.

Secondly, I knew I was going to be on a new drugs protocol so I didn't really know how the new regime was likely to pan out.

So when I asked for, and was granted, six weeks unpaid leave starting on the 24th of October. I wasn’t entirely sure it would work.

On Friday, after my womb invasion, the nurse sat me down and went through the protocal.

I take my last pill tomorrow and go in for my first scan on the first day of my period (or, if I start on the weekend, on the Monday). Judging by every other time I’ve stopped the pill I should get my period on Saturday. So my schedule looks something like this (a more detailed breakdown here):

Week one:
Day one: Scan and start injections

End of week one & week two:
Regular scans and blood tests

End of week two:
Egg Collection

Week three:
Embryo Transfer

Week four:

End of Week five:

Week six:
A week to absorb the result - good or bad, probably go away somewhere. Before going back to work.

Obviously things can get screwed up at almost any stage but assuming it all goes well it is pretty damn perfect.

At what stage do you think things will go wrong?


  1. I want to say 'at no stage will anything go wrong! It'll be great!' but then I Fear The Commentator's Curse (no, wait, that's athletics), so I shall limit myself to arranging myself on this here tenterhook and awaiting developments with interest and longing and hope.

  2. What excellent timing! I'm with may and waiting on tenterhooks! :)

  3. I simply refuse to entertain the thought that anything will go wrong. Sorry.


  4. No stage! I vote no stage will go wrong. If one has to go wrong I want it to be the week six plan, and in my wrong one, you have to plan for maternity leave.

    Good luck!

  5. I'm praying for a smooth cycle....may everything go just as it should!!! Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers!!

  6. no where because nothing is going wrong this cycle NOTHING!!

  7. I think I may have yelled a little bit inappropriately for the last comment. My bad, sorry :)

  8. Week 1, when your office calls and says "Can you please just come in for one day to finish this last little bit of project X?" That's my prediction...

  9. Before I give my answer can your work screw anything up? Because in my experience that's where stuff goes wrong. ;) But since you will be on leave and far away from work (I hope) I think all will go as planned.

  10. The only stage that could possibly go wrong is the "go away somewhere" stage. Because you'll leave your toothbrush at home or something. Everything is sure to go swimmingly! Fingers, eyes, toes and legs crossed. Except for your legs, of course. No crossing those for a while! ;)

  11. HI, first time commenter here. I love your blog. Am going to be doing IVF #3 in November as well - my first two were miserable failures. I've got my fingers crossed for both of us, let's hope it's a lucky month!

  12. Well it could go wrong at any stage but it's very doubtful as you'll be lovely and rested and relaxed and there will be a holiday feel in the air (except for the fact it will be Autumn) - so your little egg(s) will just want to join in and lie back in the warmth, relaxing and growing into little embryo(s) first and then little baby(s) after they're transferred!

  13. I refuse to believe anything other than this: THIS time is the charm. No going wrong. Nope. Not allowed.


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