Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Posh Drugs

Rationally, I know it is probably because I am trying a different drug protocol for this IVF, but I can't help but suspect that it is because this time I have gone private.

Whatever the reason, my fertility drugs have just got way posher.

Today I had my first scan, to double check there were no cysts that might bring to a halt this round of IVF. There weren't.

I also had my one-to-one drugs tutorial.

I was quite blasé about this, I reckoned I could wield a syringe with an degree of expertise that would win a grudging respect from even the most hardened drug addict. But then I saw my new toy:

It is more like one of those multi-coloured biros I use to have as an 11 year old (when I'd painstakingly write every letter in a different colour - until I realised, even at that tender age, that life was too short). 

This pen delivers Gonal F, the dose is determined by twisting the top to the correct setting, then I plunge and click. But it isn't all high tech. I am also starting Menopur which is delivered by the old fashioned, self-mixed syringe to the stomach.  And I get to pop some pills - in this case Letrozole.

All this just to get me to ovulate on time and plentifully.

As a distraction, I'm very excited to announce that I have just started writing for iVillage.  My first article it is a bit of an exposition piece, so there isn't much new in there for regular readers, but I'd love it if you had a look, and maybe even left a comment - just to make the new girl look popular ...

To read click here.

Updated:  In response to Are You Kidding Me's comment. No, I'm not getting paid for this gig. I was so flattered to be asked that, even with no cash, I agreed. I know, I'm a push over.


  1. Congrats on the new writing gig! And luck starting your cycle. Those pens do make life easier. I got in the habit of counting down the clicks of my dose to know when the injection was finished.

  2. Ooh, funcy injection pen. Does it make the injections any less painful?

    Off to ivillage for a read!

  3. The pens are nice...a heck of a lot easier than mixing your own. And congrats on iVillage - I just read your article and really liked it! Not surprised you were asked, you're a good writer.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today - that was good advice about Thanksgiving. Thankfully my family lives all the way across the country so there's little danger of them showing up impromptu - otherwise, I'd be worried!

  4. Hi, I really enjoyed your article - it rings so true. For my first IVF I told my friends, but now that we are in our second I am keeping mostly quiet. I'm still not sure which is easier. A sabbatical sounds like a wonderful idea. Also, I like the comparison of the pens - makes injections sound a bit more fun.

  5. You don't think they had in mind the wrong needle incident, and thought is best to give you the safe pen version... (sorry, I couldn't resist...)

    V. pleased it's all underway. Are you filling your days with lots of nice things?

    G xx

  6. The pens make life a little easier! Enjoy your time off- I'm sure it will make for a much more relaxed cycle!

  7. The pens are so easy they almost seem anticlimactic! :)

    Great article!

  8. Congrats on all fronts... the fancy drugs (I totally thought of the same pen from yesteryear when I saw it!) and the article! I don't think you need me to prove your popularity (in fact, my comment would probably hinder, not help, your social standing) but I'd be glad to pop over and say hello. You know, from the other side of the ocean and all. ;)

  9. your drugs are way nicer because you are paying for them - it's that simple. The NHS are cheap bastards and like to get you injecting with cheap and cheerful urinary derived products (that fyi are not allowed to be used over here for IVF) because they only have a set amount of money to spend per person. Now that you're paying you get the good stuff.

    congrats on the new writing gig.

  10. I didn't like those pens...but I hate to consider an alternative. They are pretty fancy, though.

    Congrats on your new writing gig - does this mean they're paying you?

  11. I love the Pen style stims! Click, click click is so much better than a full syringe!

    Good luck on the Letrozole! It's not so bad. Any side effects from it (that you can observe over the other drugs) stop when you stop the dosing.

    Super congrats on iVillage! You are a fantastic writer, so like others have said, it's not too surprising you were asked!!

    Here's to the good luck continuing!

  12. I've never used that stim pens. They are awfully fancy. Good luck with this cycle- Yay for no cysts! Enjoy your new job as well. I'm off for a read in a second!

  13. Those pens are very nifty gadgets. They feel like a particularly flash Mercedes of infertility drug (just don't do as I did and worry when you finish a tube of the stuff, and there's still liquid left in the end...they put a little extra liquid in, but I didn't know that and thought I'd effed up the dosages!).

    Am thinking the best thoughts possible, Liz.

  14. Congrats on the new article! I used Gonal F, too. I loved how easy it was - and it worked great for me, so I'm a believer! :)

  15. Ahhhh...I remember those pens! Pretty darn cool...but darn expensive too! Yikes!!! But hey...they did wonders for my 40+ year old follies and I got me a baby! I'm hoping the same for you.

  16. Ahhh yes, I too had the Gonal F pen! Your protocol sounds exactly like mine. Letrozole, menopur, and gonal F. I believe I had some Bravelle too...


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