Friday, 16 September 2011

Numerically Challenged

I was always the dumb one in my family.

Both my parents and sisters went to the best (or second best depending on your preference for light or dark blue) university in the country.

I didn't.

I have a vivid memory of fleeing from the dinner table in floods of tears because the four of them were sitting round working out the square footage of our walls and therefore the number of tins of paint that was needed. It was like an exam maths question was squatting at our dinning room table under the pretence of light conversation.

On car journeys we use to be set mental arithmetic challenges.

From a family of mathematicians, engineers and scientists I was the rogue arts person.

But, as a result, I always considered myself better than average when it comes with numbers, just not freakishly good like my family. It has given me a good grounding. When I am amongst 'normal' people I realise that I'm not as numerically challenged as I'd believed in my youth.

Or so I thought.

I've had to reassess this opinion of myself in light of the fact that I failed to calculate correctly how long six weeks was.

It turns out that I counted wrong. I will finish the pre-IVF pill packet not on the 26 of October, but the 17th. But I have already agreed the dates I am off work, starting on the 24 of October. Which is actually perfect as the first week of injections isn't that onerous and this way I should have a week or so break at the end of IVF, when I know the result, to either think about next steps or happily bask in a pregnant glow.

I know, I am an idiot.

But don't worry, I don't feel like the family dunce anymore. I mean one of my nephews can't even read and can barely string together a coherent sentance, and the other can only spell the simplest of words. I beat them.


  1. yay! Good Luck with your upcoming IVF and time off (well deserved!) I hope you get to "bask"!! can't wait to read all about it!

  2. Why don't you get Moon to help you with the maths next time?

  3. Your last paragraph made me snort with laughter. Most unladylike.

    I really AM mathematically challenged. I do simple addition on my fingers, and regularly flunked mental arithmetic tests. H likes to torment me by asking 'how far is it to that tree' and howling with mirth when I say 'umm, 100 yards?' Of course, it's always either half or double that, depending. The calculator function on my phone is my friend. So, if you want to feel better, come and stand next to me and shine with numerical prowess.

    The six-weeks-off idea is so brilliant I am trying to work out how I can get my place of work to let me do something similar.

  4. I lost all ability to add or subtract once I took calculus. So just tell people that it was higher math that did you in. :)

    I think that sounds like a pretty good miscalculation, actually.

    And how old are your nephews?

  5. Yeah, you know, that seems to work out pretty well in the end! I like when I make dorky errors that happen to be blessings in disguise. Of course, they're more likely to be curses, so it's nice when they aren't!

  6. Mathematically challenged, as I like to say. And I win first prize at it. I have frequently screwed up: travel plans around fertility dates, charting, and IVF/IUI scheduling. In some ways, the way it works out for your cycle is better. You have 3/4 of the cycle covered and a breather at the end. Please let it involve some glow-y basking.


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