Wednesday, 14 September 2011

Head Over Heart

I'm quite an emotionally lead person. My decision-making process is based on gut-feelings rather than rational thought.

I usually get lucky - who'd have thought that the skint wastrel I hooked up with at University would turn out to be such a fine upstanding husband? (Unfortunately he ended up with (regular commenter) Granine but the other one I bagged isn't so bad either).

Again, when I did the non-sensible thing and I quit a job with nothing to go to I landed on my feet with a much better gig.

But, maybe I am finally maturing, because I have just made a decision that rationally I know is right even though every fibre of my emotional being is rebelling against it.

I've decided to wait until the end of October before having the next round of IVF rather than the start. I know there is only three weeks in it but even that seems like a long wait - I mean come on ladies you know how long a two week wait is.

My reasons for wanting to start on the fifth of October were:
1) It is sooner
2) If I got pregnant them my baby would be due on or around the 11 of July (my birthday is the 14th)
3) Did I mention it is sooner?

My reason for delaying for three weeks are:
1) It gives me more time at work to wrap things up after "The Summer of Hell"(TM) before my six week sabbatical
2) It gives work more time to work out how on earth they'll manage without me - I had to wait for my biopsy results before giving my boss dates so I have only just been able to ask for the specific time off (yes, as it happens, I do have quite a high opinion of myself)
3) By allowing myself more time to wrap things I will be more prepared and thus less stressed about leaving work
4) The husband, for whom October looks set to rival my summer in terms of work-load is more likely to be able to find time to nip out and spaff in a jar and hold my hand during medical procedures in early November than mid-October. And he is fairly important, dare I say crucial, to the process. (Unless, Granine, do you want to offer up your husband as an alternative, now that he has a proven track record? No? Hello? ...)

See. I'm becoming Spock-like in my decision making processes.

And I guess on the plus side it'll mean if it does work my birthday won't be over-shadowed by that of my kid!


  1. Crikey Liz, head/ heart?
    My heart says, if this end of October IVF doesn't work for you, I've a spare womb, sitting on the sidelines not doing anything useful you could borrow.
    My head says: I'm menopausal and probably past making acts of altruism.
    I'd go with my gut, in this decision, if I was you.

  2. If yours is busy I'll rent you mine out, no problem.

  3. Every once in while we have to let the rational side out for a moment or two. However, this change of place does mean we will both be in the thick of it around the same time- hooray for needles and wands!

  4. You did what a smart grownup should. Isn't nice to know your kid will have a smart mommy? There's a reason (cosmic/diving/fate) that you are waiting, just trust and go with it. Good luck!

  5. Totally know what you mean about those extra three weeks seeming like forever. BUT, this definitely sound reasonable!

  6. You are very sensible. Having husband to hand is highly desirable, as well, so there's a tad of heart in that reasoning, yes?

    Wishing you a quick, calm, interesting-in-a-good-way, productive and useful month.

    And Spock was my favourite character in original Star Trek by about a nautical mile.

  7. I had to go with rational, too. I wanted to keep nursing AND go for IVF at the same time. Turns out, they won't let you do that. So I waited. It was really hard to wait! And besides, if your kid is born later you won't have an excuse to rent out a bouncy house on your birthday.
    Oh yeah, the absent husband thing ... I bet the ticket guy at the bouncy house is available to donate ...

  8. Rest assured that you made the right decision, for all the reasons you've given. Rest equally assured that there is not one among us who wouldn't have similarly rebellious feelings. Personally, I would be pouting and going about mumbling, "Sooner, sooner, sooner."


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