Friday, 5 August 2011

I'm On The List

Finally my entreaties have produced a response.

I have emailed four different people, left messages (plural) on three different answer phones, and spoken to six different people - all of whom have denied any knowledge of my referral. Finally today I got an email response:

Dear Mrs [Surname]*

Thank you for your e-mail. Mr [Consultant] has placed you on the waiting
list for surgery. I will contact you soon to organise a date for you to
come in for your procedure.

With many thanks

[one of the consultant's three secretaries]

*I'm not quite sure why she emailed my mother-in-law either.

So I'm taking bets:

This'll separate the optimists from the realists pessimists. (Still the good news is maybe I can now blog about something else for a change).


  1. Fingers crossed they will get you in soon. Now you have the secretaries name, ask about being put on a cancellation appt. list, that saved me a lot of time with one of my ops. Short notice but it's totally worth it!

  2. Woo hoo - well done you! Time for a celebratory drinky tonight....

  3. Hallelujah! WELL DONE. You must be wrecked after all that.

    (So far no one has voted Option 1. Speaks volumes!)

  4. Woohoo for actually hearing back!! I hope it is a short list...

  5. Yay! One step closer.. even if it means you have to wait until 2014- which I'm sure won't be the case :)

  6. I took the positive route, here's hoping!! :)

  7. Well done, you did it! And now you are back in familiar territory....waiting. Hope it's not too long xxx

  8. Oh, thank buggery.

    When I was last On A List For Surgery For The Renovation Of The Uterus it took a couple of months. It should've taken longer but 'a slot came free'. That was four years ago. Optimism may no longer apply, she said glumly and unhelpfully, but I can't see it being a 2014 job. Please no. I'd cross my fingers but they're jinxed, so I'm spreading them 'live long and prosper' stylee.

  9. Well, I am glad that someone finally heard you! I jumped in the optimist/realist boat, and I think we're headed for September. Surely there can't be a lot of people needing hysteroscopies?

    Good luck! I'm hoping by 2014, you'll be planning a 2nd birthday party...(um, just so we're clear, universe, a 2nd birthday party for Liz's own child which she has carried to term, no NICU stays, no weird as infant diseases...and I can't think of anything else but I think we get my point)

  10. I couldn't resist voting for Christmas Eve (along with a load of other sickos apparently!) Anyway, I bet it'll be a short wait. Keep on at 'em. xx

  11. I actually want to say the 4th October...

  12. I went with the majority though I realize this might be overly optimistic. Ah well, they say put out into the universe what you want returned. So.

    I'm glad you heard back. But annoyed for you that it took so much effort.


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