Tuesday, 9 August 2011

I Didn't Predict A Riot

It has been a bizarre few days in London.

Turn the TV on and you see a city under siege.

I can hardly believe I am seeing events happening in my own country.  Riots not against oppressive regimes or even, really, police brutality.  (Regardless of the spark, the majority of the rioters don't seem to give a toss about Mark Duggan).

In my flat, however, it has been quieter than normal.  No police sirens as they are busy elsewhere in the city and the noisy, but harmless, kids who hang out on the estate clearly found somewhere else they'd rather be last night.

Rather than getting a first-hand view of the riots we have been sensibly holed up in our flat, I banned the husband from going out to a gig tonight.

But, other than taking sensible precautions, we've carried on. And, at the risk of sounding over sentimental, I've been immensely proud of how the majority of London has reacted.

More people turned up to clear up the mess than made it. People are donating bedding and clothing to those made homeless. I can't turn on twitter without seeing a deluge of offers of help for those adversely affected by the riots.

At this point I should try and make some startling analogy between the riots and infertility. Unfortunately, I am not that clever.

I have, however, been appalled by the age of some of the rioters I've seen on TV.  Kids, really, really, young kids out on the streets. I know there is absolutely no correlation between your ability to breed and your ability to parent. But it is times like this I really wish there was.

Luckily, and I am deeply thankful for this, everyone I know has remained safe.


  1. Wow, humanity is disappointing. Vancouver is still recovering from a riot earlier this summer. Although the windows have been fixed and the mess cleaned up, it will take much longer for the shame do dissipate. And our riot was sparked by a bloody hockey game!!

  2. I was thinking of you earlier today. Glad to hear you and the Husband are safe and well. It's unfathomable to me what these lunatics are doing. I only hope it abates soon.

  3. Bizarre times in the capital, indeed. My usually quiet part is bristling with police presence this evening. Like you, though, I'm proud of the majority of my city. Stay safe!

  4. Neither of my parents have checked on us. Nor have H's parents. Eh.

    If I ruled the world, I would so totally make people apply for a licence to parent. Question one: There's rioting and looting on the high street at ten in the evening. Should your ten-year-old be a) Safely tucked up in their own bed, b) safely tucked up in your bed because they're nervous, or c) in said high-street, smashing in the windows of the bakery with half a brick?


    Anyway. Glad you're OK. Stay so.

  5. Wow. How scary! I'm glad you're OK. Stay at home. Definitely.

  6. It's incredible what's going on (and, yeah, seems to have nothing at all to do with Duggan). Was fairly shocked this morning to see there'd been rioting very close to where we lived. It's good to hear about all the volunteers/offers of help, though. That isn't making the news over here.

    Stay in and stay safe, and hopefully tonight is much quieter.

  7. My parents haven't called to see if we're OK either...
    Stay safe now x

  8. I've been thinking of you the past few days, so glad to read you're safe.

  9. What spurs people to do that sort of thing? I know times are tough, and I know hot weather makes people irritable. I don't understand how destroying things makes you feel better. Maybe it's testosterone-related - my husband likes to break things when he gets really angry and frustrated (fortunately that VCR and printer were already broken before he got his hands on them but he did throw his phone so hard once that it lodged in the wall).

    Glad you're safe. Hope things calm down soon.

  10. Also glad to hear you are safe, and I approve heartily of keeping the husband on house arrest.

    Also admiring the sensible, keep-calm-and-carry-on attitude. Good on you.

  11. I don't really understand it, it's crazy and so unnecessary! Glad to hear you are alright. I live in a town outside London and so far it's calm here. Good that people help each other, at least something positive within the community. But yeah, where are the parents I wonder.

  12. Glad you are safe, it's been just horrible watching the footage here in Australia.

  13. Glad you and hubby are safe and sound. Thinking of you all.


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