Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Going Round In Circles

It is a reoccurring problem. There is a nasty growth which antibiotics can't fix. Eventually a medical practitioner had a look at 6pm on Friday evening, the diagnosis was that it needed to be operated on under sedation. Although it wasn't classed as an emergency, from diagnosis on Friday it took just four days for the the operation to take place today.

And that, my dears, is how long it took a Vet to operate on my mutt.

Unfortunately, my Doctor doesn't seem to be quite as efficient as my Vet.

I spent Friday doing more ringing round. I followed Wombattwo's advice and rang the hospital switchboard and asked to be put through to my consultant's secretary.  The woman I spoke to had no record of my referral - she found my notes on her computer, but still nothing.  She kept saying "It would be highly unusual for him to refer you." Yes, sweetheart, I am starting to get that impression.

Eventually she said she'd put me through to my consultant's secretary - which begs the question, who the hell was she?

The next woman I spoke to seemed much more helpful. She asked me to pop everything down in an email. So I did.

The email wasn't much different Thursday's blog post, except I used names and numbers and a bit of undignified begging.

Her response was simply - "I have forwarded your email to Mr [Consultant]".

This was the guy I had already emailed on the 21 of July and have yet to have a response from.

The Husband reckons I haven't fully exploited my over-active tear-ducts to their full potential and that I should go back to my local Doctor and, sobbing, ask her for a referral. My Wombmate reckons I should contact PALS (Patient Advice and Liaison Service). My mate reckons I should write to my Memeber of Parliament. And another friend advocates turning up at the hospital and talking to someone face to face - watch them deny me an appointment then.

I haven't decided what my next course of action is, but I'll give the consultant a couple more days to get back to me, because I am still clinging on to the fact my referral may have been made, I just haven't had the appointment letter through yet.

Who says infertility robs one of all their optimism?


  1. Hard to run around and round, chasing your own tail and being told "no records" when you know darn well they are there. Makes you wish that you had that famous relative or high positioned friend in the whole hospital chain that can step in and help. There's something to be said for just showing up at the hospital and start demanding answers. But easier said than done!

    P.S....you really had me with that first para!!

  2. First of all, glad to hear your pup is ok.

    But, seriously, the rest of this run around is ridiculous!!! Ugh. I hope whatever your next step is it is the one that makes it work!

  3. Man that is so frustrating! As if you don't have enough hoops to jump through! Hope you get a response soon - I'd be too impatient and would have been in there in person by now so you obviously have a lot more grace than me!

  4. Don't you wish you were back in the middle ages and you could make your point with a flaming arrow?

  5. I know this guy will be having his hands up your hoo ha and you really don't want to play games with someone who has that sort of power, but would it be worth making another private appt with him to get the (admittedly NHS) referral and then refuse to pay for it? Alternatively you could ask the secretary to book another private appt and tell her that you won't be paying for it given the whole rigmarole that's gone on so far - she might then remove her own finger and sort out the referral for you?

  6. Why, why does if have to be SO HARD?

    Maybe the GP is the way to go then? He or she is meant to be looking after you, after all.

    This is so maddening - I'd be asking the vet to treat me at this point - gaaahh!

  7. How utterly tiring for you, you must be thoroughly fed up of explaining your situation to so many people only to have them say that they dont know/cant help. Really hope you get an answer/appt soon xxxx

  8. Unbelievable that life would be easier if we could just go to veterinarians. (I hope that the pooch is okay?).


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