Thursday, 21 July 2011

Squeak, Squeak

I've gone all misty-eyed for the halcyon days of my last two IVFs.

Not for the injections, or bloatedness. Not because I miss my morning pessary (or afternoon pessary, or night-time bum-treat) or because I yearn to give just one more vial of blood for that much sought-after heroine-chic look.

What I miss is having a named nurse.

Anyone who has read this blog for a while (and I am gratified that there are a fair few of you out there) might recall the traumas I have had in the past trying to speak to someone, anyone, at my hospital to work out what was going on.

Then I was given a name, a woman on the end of the phone who could answer my queries and knew who I was.

Now that I have used up my free-IVF tokens this support system isn't there. "Shouldn't be a problem" I hear you cry (metaphorically I haven't started hearing voices. Yet) "you are now in the private system surely each phone call tinkles like swiftly falling coins and is picked up faster than a dropped fifty pound note ."

That is certainly true, when I call the private clinic.

However, I am not trying to speak to the private clinic. Despite the NHS trying to alcohol-wipe their hands of me, I am clinging on like a particularly virulent bacteria.

I still need a hysteroscopy (womb scrape for the initiated) before my next IVF.  Whilst this might well be a factor resulting in my infertility, treating it is bigger than infertility, therefore I still get this treatment and biopsies on the NHS.

I was told a month ago I would be referred for the hystroscopy. I am quite well aware that there is going to be a waiting list but I would have expected to have had some communication by now - even if it is for a date well into 2014.

I called my old reproductive unit, of course I'm not a patient there anymore so they couldn't really help.  They gave me a number but when I call it, it is answered by an anonymous voice mail - not even telling me what department I am calling.  Naturally my plaintive messages remain unresponded to.

So today I got back on my squeaky wheel and resubmitted my application for most persistent and annoying (im)patient of 2011. I emailed the head consultant. (Thank you NHS for making every email address a known formula of first name dot last name).

Well, it worked at Christmas so I am hoping for a repeat performance.


  1. Good luck!!! Navigating through these systems is terrible sometimes!

  2. How annoying. I'm quite impressed with your squeakiness, though! Hopefully this will work!

  3. Good for you for being pushy. I hope you get a response soon!

  4. Could your GP sort this one for you maybe? x

  5. The only way is squeaking. Damn it. We shouldn't HAVE to beg and plead with the NHS to find out if and when we're getting treatment. GAH.

  6. Yep, annoy the hell outta 'em. Make them return your call out of not wanting to hear another message from you. Er, you know what I mean. Luck! :)

  7. The worst thing anyone can do is give out an email address (insert evil laugh) - if they don't respond promptly, give that address out to all the spam/porn sites you can find. Actually, the worst is if someone were to give out the doctor's cell phone number - do you think any of those News of the World disgraced employees are looking for a part-time gig? Surely they could find that info for you. ;)

    Good luck. I hope you get some answers.

  8. It's so bad for morale, isn't it, waiting for a call. Makes you feel like you've been jilted. Much better to take the initiative, I think.

    Good luck in any case. Hope they get back soooooooon.

    (The GP route is an idea, if not.)

  9. turquoisenancy22 July 2011 at 18:25

    I've found leaving on average 2/3 voicemail messages per day for three weeks worked.. Also, do speak to your GP as with my fertility issue I got a reference number and website to book my appoitment..

    Good luck!! I feel your pain. Currently appealing for IVF to be made available to me a with my local London borough- you can only be persistant...


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