Monday, 18 July 2011

Comments Round Up: An Occasional Thing

Can I say once more how much I love hearing from you all?

The plethora of birthday wishes and fist punches on my behalf for getting the time off work helped me get through the day I turned 35 - when, if the media are to be believed, my eggs were busy staging a Wako-style mass suicide.

But down to the business of responding:

Another Wait
Mick said in reference to this post:

  • Did only I notice the 'blow jobs' part?"

To be fair, he was the first, and it was a bit of a relief that someone noticed it as a joke.  Obviously any blow jobs the husband gets are purely consensual (although I'm guessing here - I'm never around at the time).

The Letter
Thalia, wise woman that she is, offered a note of caution:
  • I'll be controversial and say of course they won't fire you for asking, but also that this was totally not the right option for me (of course it may be for you). I have a very full on, high stresss job, and I took 3 weeks off for my first cycle. It was dreadful. I sat at home twiddling my thumbs, waiting for the clinic to call. I obsessed about every little twinge and pull. And of course that cycle didn't work (and to be clear, I'm sure the leave neither made it fail nor made it more likely to succeed). So if you do take time off, do make sure you have some fun things planned for it - just being at home is likely to be not so great.
She is absolutely right.  I was ridiculously bored during both my three day post-transfer when I sat on the sofa and became saturating with those daytime property programmes. I am therefore planning projects and disciplins to ensure that I don't waste six weeks. I might even draw up a colour-coded timetable - like I did for my GCSE revision.

And one of the most random recent comments, by Anonymous:

  • Liz, completely off the subject. Did your mom name you Elizabeth? If so was it after the queen? Dumb question, but inquiring United States minds what to know. Have a great weekend and positive thoughts on the answer to your letter.

Not a dumb question at all. Yes, I was named Elizabeth. Not as far as I am aware after the Queen.


  1. You didn't point out that, although you weren't named after the Queen, you are actually related to her...

  2. You totally should have said that your mom didn't name you Elizabeth... your mother's brother's uncle did. Because that would be weird. On that note... may I please name your first born? Pleeeease?!? ;)

  3. Surely there are enough lovely and interesting Elizabeths about the place for a child to be named after without the Queen needing to be involved on any level? Or are all republican Elizabeths Dans Un Position Tres Awkward?

  4. Love, love, LOVE your response to Mick... "Although I'm guessing - I'm never around!" Haha!

    IF would *truly* be intolerable if we took ourselves too seriously. Thanks for being a model for a newbie in this journey and showing me the importance of holding on to my best defense - a sense of humor.

    Best of luck to you on your IVF cycle, glad you got the time off you requested, and happy birthday! JDragonfly

  5. Sandy in Florida18 July 2011 at 23:24

    Ha ha, glad to see my Elizabeth comment made you smile and sparked some comment humor. All kidding aside, again so glad you got the "ok"! Plan fun things, relax, etc (the husband may have some ideas). If this works it may be the last peaceful moment you get. As far as the 35 yr old eggs, I conceived and delivered at 43 - so poo on the media. Your friend, Sandy in Florida (not named after anyone in particular).

  6. A very late Happy Birthday to you and to Wombmate, too! Yay for time off! You have an awesome boss.

  7. Thanks for being a model for a newbie in this journey and showing me the importance of holding on to my best defense - a sense of humor. Looking forward to your new post ,pics.

  8. Hahahaha At least he enjoys them. That's the whole point of blow jobs :-)

  9. A project is a very good idea. Queenie:)


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