Friday, 3 June 2011

Harnessing The Power Of The Two Week Wait

Anyone who has tried to get pregnant from more than about two months will know the worse bit about trying is the waiting between sex/IUI/embryo transfer (delete as applicable), and finding out whether it worked.

I would go further.

I would say the worse bit of the two week wait is the final week of the aforementioned.

This is the point when all the happy fluffy thoughts of "we did everything we could" gets swiftly replaced by darker thoughts of "this is shit, it clearly hasn't worked." Admittedly the darker side is usually (in my unsuccessful case) enhanced by a hefty dose of PMT.

The final week of the wait drags like a cricket test match. It is endless.

For this reason I have booked next week off work. If it is going to go slowly I might as well feel like I get an extra long holiday out of it.

I know what you are thinking - that I must be some kind of genius, and you wouldn't be far wrong. Except for the fact that, like so many of the best laid plans of mice and womb for improvement, I have slightly screwed up. The coasting and the fact that they still waited to do a five day transfer meant that actually, officially, my wait doesn't end until a week on Wednesday (the 15 of June). I return to work on Monday the 13th.

That is, of course, if I am good and wait the full sixteen days after the five day transfer before testing - as I have been told to.

Question: What do you think the likelihood of that happening is?

Clue: The answer sounds like "snow dance"

Question 2: When do you reckon it is safe to test to get a pretty conclusive answer? 13 days after transfer should be Ok, right?

(Although this might all be academic as, if I follow the same pattern as last time, I reckon I should start bleeding round about next Thursday or Friday).


  1. Holy crap are you serious... 16 days after the transfer?!?!? That is FOREVER! My clinic tests 14 days after the ER. There is NO way I would be able to wait that long!

  2. Seriously, If someone could invent a pill we cold take to knock us out for the two week wait they cold make a fortune...however, we would be sleeping half our lives away but sometimes I think that is a price I would pay. Wishing you every success and enjoy all the free time you'll have to look up pregnancy symptoms by dp5dt on google!

  3. ahhh, tough question. Of course any sane person would test test test in my opinion (but then I would always unwrap a Christmas present early if I had the choice so it might be a personality thing). I tested at 14 days past egg retrieval for my IVF cycle and it came back negative. Then I testd at 17 days past and it was positive. So up to you, just remember if it's negative it may not be actually negative (and that's the hardest bit to have to endure....). Wishing you SOOOOO much luck.

  4. I did a beta 1 week after my FET of a day 6 blast (Per RE's orders) Just sayin
    Good luck!

  5. Wow, 16 days after transfer is, what, 21DPO? That is a TOUGH wait!!! That's a 3WW!!

    I'd say 13 days past transfer would be 18 days past retrieval and that seems reasonable to me!

    (Of course, it might still be too early and that would make me nervous. I don't know...)

  6. I tested at 12 DPIUI, and it was negative, but at 17 DPIUI, it came back positive. So waiting might be best...

  7. You.... are without a favorite IF blogger.... With Allison's Wonderland coming in second.... :) Best of luck to you !!

  8. Good luck waiting! I think I would consider 15 days past retrieval to be a reasonable time for tests to be very conclusive, since all the tests say they are guaranteed accurate "by the day of your missed period" and they are assuming a 14 day luteal phase, so 15 dpo is when the period is actually "missed". And retrieval is basically ovulation, only with a lot more surgery involved.

    However, there are always differences in how hcg is metabolized in urine and that explains why some women are the exception to the rule.

  9. You used a cricket analogy. Wowsers.

  10. I'd be ringing in sick. Either you will be (because you will have started your period and you will be feeling lousy) or you will need a rest.

  11. The closer you get, the harder it is!! Truthfully, the closer it gets, the farther I sorta wishes it was though too! Unless the news is great, then hurry up and come on!!!!
    hugs :)

  12. 16 days after a 5 day transfer? Holy hell, I was flipping out at 11 days. NYU Fertility Center has an awesome chart on their website that tells you what is happening at what day post transfer (I don't have the link on my phone but a quick google should find it) anyhoo they say at 9dp5dt (or 11dp3dt) HCG is high enough for immediate detection on a HPT.

    Keeping everything crossed for you lovely.

  13. You want some peesticks?!

  14. 16 days seems like a lot! After a 5 day transfer, the doctor told me to take the test after 9 days.

    Really hoping this is THE ONE for you!

  15. Come on embryos!
    16 days must be torture... I'd probably start at 10, but then I'd also get hideously depressed at negatives, and then spend the rest of my time peeing on anything that comes to hand until I know one way or the other.

  16. You think this wait is hard on you, what about us? If I lived close I'd be standing outside the loo handing you the sticks and tapping my foot. LOL. It'll be a long couple weeks but it will come quick enough. Fingers crossed and cool positive thoughts your way.

  17. I really can't believe they try to make you wait that long. That's just crazy. I'd be testing starting at whatever 11 days past fertilization is. So, let's see - Wednesday-ish? Yeah, I'm the impatient sort. Good luck!

  18. My clinic schedules a beta blood draw 15 days past retrieval, regardless of transfer date.

  19. Hey hon,

    Just have in mind that the HCG in the trigger shot can stick around for a couple of weeks, and may give you a false positive.

    I discovered that the hard way last year...

    On a happier note, have a great holiday!

    G x

  20. Looks like test results are to be taken with a pinch of salt even after day 14. URG. Talk about being in suspense. Poor you.. bloody torture. xx


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