Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Drugged Up To The Eyeballs

Despite any contra-indications you might pick up on from this blog; I'm not dumb.

Nevertheless, I find the whole post-IVF medication quite complex.  Far from being left to my own devices the clinic have prescribed me a plethora of medication to help my body welcome its much-longed for resident(s).

In the morning and evening I have to take a Cyclogest pessary. Straight up where the sun don't shine. Cyclogest is progesterone - a hormone I was prescribed even more of last time when I started to bleed. Progesterone is a hormone that your body produces during pregnancy, initially - for the first 8 weeks - by one's ovary and subsequently by the placenta. My clinic believes that by topping up my body's supply it will encourage the pregnancy to start/ stick around.

Three times a day (morning, noon and night) I take a pill called Progynova. This is usually prescribed to women going through the menopause. It releases oestrogen and the idea is that it helps the womb lining thicken - plumping it up to be a comfortable home for my embryos.

I also have a daily dose of aspirin. When I was at school we use to refer to aspirin as "The Pill" because it seemed to be prescribed by the school nurse for everything. True to form it they have thrown it into the mix again. The idea for this one is that it relaxes the blood vessels slightly allowing the blood to pump to areas where otherwise it might not reach, or my womb at least.

Not content with letting up on the injections, I still have to submit my stomach to a nightly jabbing. I give myself a Fragmin injection. This couples well with the asprin, it is a blood thinning agent ensuring it can slip through those relaxed blood vessels.

Finally, of course, there is the vitamins and folic acid. Complete with gurning pregnant woman on the packet.

Whilst IVF and the success of it, is constantly on my mind, I seem to have a bit of a blank when it comes to taking my various medications. I remember taking one pill, but did I take the other one too? Or was that yesterday?

So I have devised a series of reminders. My phone rings an alarm at the appropriate times for various drugs. I have a calendar in my kitchen with each different dose and drug written up and I dutifully tick them off as I ingest the appropriate one.

It isn't a flawless solution - yesterday, when all I did was sit on my ass recovering with nothing more taxing to think about than whether to snack on pineapple or (chocolate) brazil nuts - I completely forgot one of the  Progynovas.

I had yet another blood test today to check that the various levels are as they should be. I am kind of hoping that they are going to tell me everything is progressing nicely and I can reduce my daily intake. If, for no other reason, than there really isn't room on my calendar to list any more drugs.


  1. I've been so snowed under I've missed your updates. I'm glad to hear things are in motion.

    Oh, and chocolate Brazil Nuts.. always.

  2. You need one of those day by day plastic pill holders available from all good pound shops
    Womb mate

  3. Seriously, without things beeping at me I wouldn't remember to eat much less to take pills. And, these stupid pills also seem to make my memory worse. I swear when they play with my progesterone and estrogen it screws with my ability to remember numbers.

  4. Once I added the blood thinning injections, my cycle worked..... hope it has the same effect for you (and that the injections aren't stinging too much!). So what test date have they given you this time around? And are you at work or taking it easy at home, whilst trying to follow that intricate drug timetable....?

  5. Hoping all these meds do their job!!!

  6. Wow. Taking all those meds is practically a full-time job. I used to count out all my pills the night before and put them in a little container so when it was empty I knew I'd taken them all. Hope those embryos are getting cozy in there.

  7. That is a lot to keep track of! I used to do the same - a tickbox calendar and alarms all over the shop.

    Fingers crossed for you!

  8. Blimey, how many? You'd need a log book for that lot.

    Fingers crossed for you.

  9. I haven't been able to leave a comment from my work PC, so just checking in now. Wow, that's what would classify as the imperial standard measurement of a shitload of meds. Keeping all digits crossed for you.

  10. Rattling from almost every orifice, huh? Sounds rather complicated!
    That many drugs has got to work, surely? Come on, WFI embryos, I've been practising my song and dance routine if you need some extra encouragement!

  11. Ah yes, I can sympathise! I have a similar drug regime although I don't have the daily injections of Fragmin, or the aspirin (somehow though, I don't feel like I'm missing out!).

    I have three packs of prognova going at a time and have written in black marker on each (am, pm or noon). This is the only way I can check to make sure I have taken Monday's am pill on Monday and Monday's noon pill at that time etc.
    Otherwise I can't keep track!

    Grow little embryos, grow!

  12. oh my! first time here and I am laughing because I also feel like I am a walking pharmacy. I have little pill containers in my purse and am carrying my calendar everywhere. I am so paranoid I am going to mess up!


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