Friday, 27 May 2011

Still growing

After an inauspicious false start things in the petri dish seem to be going quite well.

All fourteen embryos are developing. Two at a faster rate than the others, although if - like me - you thought that might be a good thing then you are wrong. Apparently /the early growth spurters often have something wrong with them. But we still have 12 strong contenders. So there is a football (soccer!) team plus a sub on the benches.

My clinic does like to mix things up a bit and so, as nothing managed to implant last time, they are going to try assisted hatching this time. Depending on which website you stumble upon this is either the answer to my prayers or a complete waste of time.

The theory is that the little blighters get caught up in the outer layer of the cells so can't break out and latch on to the womb lining. By cracking the shell the embryologist is giving them a fighting chance.

As they all seem to be developing well they are going to be given a bit longer to give the embryologist a chance to identify the most likely candidate for pulling through the next nine months and longer. So we are looking at a Monday or Tuesday for the transfer.

But I await my daily phone call from the embryologist, I have my bag packed and am ready to go and spread my legs at a moment's notice.

*** Updated to Add ***

amiracle4us - makes a good point that is usually done on day 2 / 3  embryos not older.  They are going to do it tomorrow but, it transpires, they don't need to put an assisted hatched in the womb straight away. Hence I can wait a few more days after the shell has been cracked.


  1. Sending hugs, strength and growing embabies :)
    Like you said, the assisted hatching could definitely help and won't hurt so it's worth a try!!
    I was told though to only do it on day 2/3 embryos, that day 5/6 not to...???

  2. Yay!!! Great numbers....keeping my fingers crossed for good new with yzpur next daily phone call!

  3. I will wait with baited breath! If I pass out it's your fault ;)

  4. Sounds super promising!! Keeping everything crossed! (I'll leave you to the spread legs...)

  5. A dozen sounds good...

    I hope things continue to progress like this and that you have plenty to freeze come Monday!


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