Sunday, 8 May 2011

Junk in my trunk

So much of the preparation for IVF seems to be about virtuous self-denial. No booze, caffeine and not much in the way of fun. But if it is for the good of our ovaries then so be it.

However, I have found a chink in the armour. A loop hole that has allowed me to indulge my lack of will power and do something that all and sundry agree is 'bad'. My pre-scan information includes the following bit of advice:

"You will need to avoid high fibre foods for 3 days before the scan."

It then goes on to tell me to avoid fresh fruit and vegetables, whole grain and pulses. But allows me to eat a whole host of processed food.

This has been a problem in the past.  I eat pretty healthily. Spinach is one of my favourite vegetables, I am a sucker for a bean stew, and eat wholegrain toast for breakfast.  All of which keeps me regular and healthy (I haven't had a day off sick for over a year - I book time off for my Doctors appointments). In the past I have been berated by various scanners who can't find my ovaries because of the ... um ... gaseous obstructions. They press and pummel my abdomen and grumble about hiding ovaries and how much roughage I must ingest.

So today I had a McDonalds for lunch. The first for years (it wasn't as good as I remembered).

Nice to put a bit of junk in my trunk. (As in junk food in the trunk of my body, not a reference to my big ass as a result of the aforementioned.)


  1. Hahahaha... enjoy the indulging! I'm eating as carefully as I can, questioning every bit I put in my mouth. I wish post-transfer instructions came with a daily menu. Ah well... back to the proteins and greens. :)

  2. Yay for practicing some self indulgence!

    MacDonalds is disgusting, the only reason we crave it is it's full of crack. Opiate for the overweight. But oh man, the taste in your memory is so awesome even if it isn't so good in your mouth.

    Gatorade is like lucozade but sickly sweet and flat, it always reminds me if drinking neat cordial. Apparently it helps hold off OHSS - I have no idea of the science behind the claim but it's standard practice at my clinic to start you drinking it as soon as EPU is booked. I'd drink lucozade (which I quite like) but apparently it's not as full of whatever it is that I'm supposed to be drinking.

  3. Yeah, it's better to not stop eating McDonald's if you want to continue to like it. Otherwise, all you can taste is the grease. Um, enjoy?

  4. Ah yes, it's good to fall off the wagon once in a while. Bit of a trip to Dunkin' Donuts next, and you'll be primed for scanning.

  5. Wow - I didn't realize that about fibre but it makes sense. Now I understand the, er, significant looks I've received about my own gaseous obstructions.

    McDonalds. As a teenager, it would have been just what the doctor ordered. Weird how tastes change over time (thank goodness).


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