Sunday, 22 May 2011

Holding pattern

Whilst, as I mentioned in my last post, my follicles are at a very similar stage to this time last IVF the scheduled has changed.  I will not be getting my eggs collected on Monday, I have to wait for my Oestrogen levels to drop.

I've thought of an analogy to explain this, bear with me, I am either a genius or imbecile for this one.

Picture a bunch of balloons, like the ones in Up.

The Menopur is like the helium that fills them to the right size. These, naturally represent my follicles. I haven't taken any Menopur since Tuesday, and my follicles are nice and plump.

The Buserelin that I have been taking is like a big net over the ballons, tethering them down and preventing them going anywhere. I am continuing to take this.

My oestrogen is like the wind - at the moment it is blowing a gale. Not the kind of weather you want to release a bunch of balloons in.

If I am given the trigger (the equivalent of the cutting away the netting tethering my balloons down) whilst my oestrogen is high and rising there is a high risk of Ovarian Hyper Stimulation disorder, which is a bad thing.

So the Doctors are waiting before they adminster the trigger (that cuts away the buserlein net) and collect up all my eggs.

I am continuing to have my daily blood tests as they wait until my oestrogen levels become more stable.

However, they can't keep me like this for ever.  Like balloons that get a bit old and wrinkly after they have been hanging around for too long (seriously, this is the analogy that keeps giving!) my egg quality will start to deteriorate the longer they are hanging around. If my oestrogen persists in rising there is a chance the whole IVF will be cancelled, but equally if there is a sudden and dramatic drop off in oestrogen it will also have to be cancelled. There is a fine balancing act going on at the moment to catch me just at the right time.

I guess it goes without saying, but I'll say it anyway, I am getting increasingly nervous about whether this is going to go ahead at all.


The Doctor just called. The good news is my oestrogen levels are starting to drop, (down to 21,000, yesterday it was 29,000 and the preceding two days 26,000 and 25,000 respectively). I've got another scan and blood test tomorrow and we are now aiming for the trigger tomorrow night and egg collection on Wednesday.  


  1. argh what a pain, but better to coast for a bit then have to freeze all or spend weeks in bed with OHSS. Still very frustrating.

    I hope the careful balancing coasts you nicely through to a quickly reorganised ER

  2. Love Up.
    It seems you are not the only one thinking about balloons:

  3. That is a great analogy but I'm sorry you've had to come up with it. Hoping things stabilize soon.

  4. Interesting balloon analogy. I think a lot of fertility treatments are like walking a tight rope- lots of concentration and a fine balance must be kept or things tumble down.

    I hope that things level off a bit for you soon and you have a very successful ER, transfer and subsequent pregnancy!

  5. Thinking calming thoughts for your oestrogen...
    Hope it settles soon and they can go ahead.

  6. It's this part that's the hardest (well, one of the hardest anyway). When it feels like things could go either way. Are they afraid that the final ripening of the trigger will cause a legion more to form? Am guessing so.

    Liz, thinking good thoughts. It's hard to live like this, from scan to scan, bloodtest to bloodtest, and day to day. But it sounds very like you are close to hitting the jackpot. And I am crossing everything for you that this is so.

  7. Fingers crossed that the oestrogen turns into a gentle breeze and it allows the balloons to give you a gentle landing.

    By the way, does this mean you're triggering tonight?

    Best of luck....

  8. Gosh - sounds like they have it all under close control. It's amazing how exactly the same drugs on the same person can have such different effects.

    'Up' had the most touching portrayal of a couple realising they can't have children. Was a blubbering wreck at that bit.

    Crossing fingers for you!

    G x

  9. Clever! :) Very much thinking of you. I was in a lot of pain during the last few days while the trigger was held off, and I imagine you're feeling the same pain and discomfort. Hoping that your levels stabilize soon and that this round is a success!

  10. It's tough to have to rely on the judgments of others on when to let those balloons fly free. Hoping that their timing is perfect and all goes well.

  11. Hope they can get that perfect balance for you...

  12. Bloody hell - 29,000 on 20 follicles?! That's not a gale, it's a bloody hurricane!

    High oestrogen drives me slightly emotionally batty and makes my eczema throw a party over every square inch of my skin.... hope it hasn't made things too bad for you.

  13. Oh! I get it now. That was helpful.

    Good luck for Wednesday. All limbs crossed for you.

  14. Yay! I'm so glad you're triggering and retrieving rather than cancelling! Good luck :)


  15. wow! all the best for Wed, will be logging on daily for an update. Willing you lots and lots of positive thoughts!! xx

  16. It sounds like you're still in a pretty great place! Good luck!

  17. That totally worked, and is probably the first thing I acutally understand about IVF. Well, except for the sperm meeting the egg part. Good luck!

  18. Sorry to hear about you're estrogen but I'm hoping this works out! Thinking of you and hoping for a productive ER on Wednesday. Keep us posted.

  19. Oh my dear, you have such a way with words. You can give me your analogies any day of the week.


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