Monday, 30 May 2011

Cover me, they're going in

The embroyolgist called at 9am on the dot.

As soon as I hung up I realised there were about 50 more questions that I should have asked, but I got a few answers.

Let's start with the disappointing news. I don't have any blastocysts, which you'd expect on day five. I do however have two Morulas.  These are at the stage just before they turn into blastocysts, usually at day four.

So I go in today at 1:15pm for the transfer.

Questions I forgot to ask:
Are they putting one or two back in?
What about the other 11 embryos?
Any chance of getting some to freeze this time round?
Can you promise me it will work this time?

I did mention that I had thrush. (Ladies, it is horrendous and is showing no signs of abating.) I might as well have told him I had stubbed my toe he was so uninterested. But I persisted.

"I just wanted to ensure that this wasn't going to be a problem or cause the transfer to be cancelled."

His response was straight from the IVF 1.0.1 source book.

"Your embryos go into your uterus so it will be fine."

Who the fuck knew?!

Although he did go on to address my concerns and assure me that the area would be cleaned* more throughly that usual to ensure no infection is carried into my inner sanctum**.

The thought of my most tenderest of parts being hoiked open at lunch time today is causing an involuntary leg cross, but needs must and compared to labour I am sure it'll be a breeze.

*My pride forces me to point out what I am sure you all already know. Thrush is not a sign of uncleanliness, in fact it is often exacerbated by over cleaning which upsets the ph balance in ones bits.

** The husband has just winced at my honesty. I'll be frank, I could happily have written this (and the last) post without mention of my unwelcome downstairs visitor. However, I hope someone else, like me, who frantically googles "thrush between egg collection and transfer" will find this and be reassured that a) she is not alone b) Canesten cream is fine to use (I wouldn't use the suppositories but my Doctor was fine with the cream) and c) the transfer won't be cancelled. In which case, my work here is done.


  1. Fingers (but no legs) crossed for you!

  2. Your poor bits. I tend to get thrush from antibiotics. Apparently this is common. Bah. Much empathy.

    *Waves four-leaved clovers and horse-shoes about*

  3. Sympathising greatly with the Situation Below.

    Also LURVING the Dr's clarification on where the embryos go. In the uterus, he says?

    But something like that could... get you.. pregnant! Gasp.
    What next, eh.

    Good luck, good luck!

  4. Just found your blog recently and delurking to say that your embryologist's clarification is truly spectacular! Fingers crossed for a smooth transfer!

  5. PS - secret TTC blog is

  6. Er, now secret pregnancy blog. STILL haven't quite wrapped my head around that yet.

  7. Good luck! Sending sticky vibes your way!

  8. Hope it all went well Liz...X

  9. You know I had two day 5 compacting morulas put back. I googled obsessively and it means very little in the grand scheme if things... some embies are just a bit slow.

    Looking forward to hearing of you telling your teenagers that they were lazy, even in the very beginning. The universe has to balance and if it doesn't, I'll kick it in the nuts on your behalf.

    Hope all went well, withholding the traditional bestowal of luck because you know mine is just rubbish right now and I so don't wish that for you. l am, however rooting for you with all that I have xxx

  10. Funny, I always thought they just dropped 'em somewhere around your navel and let them find their own way to the uterus--you know, to make sure only the strong survive. Thanks, unhelpful embryologist. I'm so sorry about the complications in your lady parts--I cringe to think of it. But high five on having something to put in. Sending loads of hope that babies will come out this time.

  11. Gasp! Is that what we've been doing wrong??

    Hope the itchy nastiness eases up soon to be replaced by... Well, I don't know what, but something pregnancy related. Hemorrhoids?

  12. keeping my fingers crossed for you!!! Hoping for good news!!!

  13. So glad the embryologist cleared that up for us! Luck, luck, luck!!

  14. Well, indeed, if he hadn't said that I'd never have known where they put the embryos...
    Hoping it all went well and that you're back home with your feet up.

  15. good luck with the transfer!

  16. Good luck on the transfer, my FET was a day 6 blast and it worked so don't worry about them being a little slow!

  17. Ours were in the compact stage on day 5 as well, which is why we pushed to day 6. I know it is disheartening, at least it was for us, but our RE assured us it was very common and that if/when they make it to day 6 and are blasts then all is good!! So with the two you are getting back, they will keep growing and are RIGHT ON TRACK :) hugs!

  18. Ouch, sorry about the whole infection situation. Slightly different but I get UTIs all the time especially when things like that are stuck in so I sympathise. Sending hopeful thoughts your way.


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