Monday, 2 May 2011

Comments Round Up

I love getting comments, but they are also a source of great guilt to me, (another thing I blame my Catholic up bringing on). I used to reply to every comment, but the way that Blogspot works, allowing me to write a response only at the end of everyone's comments rather than slipping in answers after pertinent observations (like Wordpress), makes it unwieldy.

That, plus the fact that many comments don't require a separate response. It starts to make personal responses tricky.

Also, who actually comes back to check a response to their comment?  I know I very rarely do elsewhere.

But some comments deserve a response. Some are hilarious, touching, personal or ask a specific question. And it is these ones that I feel most guilty about.

So, for a trial period I am going to do a weekly round up of the best comments from the previous week.

Let's see how this works.

A Distinct Lack Of Willpower

Most of you seemed to advocate a 'light touch' approach to self-deprivation, which I very much like the sound of.

Adele, who is now 15 weeks pregnant (after IUI converted from IVF), reassured me with this nugget of wisdom:

I think carrying on with life might even be a very positive thing. My doctor expressly told me NOT to give up moderate drinking in the months before IVF. I think he thought that there was no point (i.e, he didn't see it having that much of an influence on the outcome). I also think he said it so that I could hold onto bits and pieces of my sanity.

This last cycle happened right after New Year's. I got on the wagon the day I started injecting. Seems like he was onto something.

Chon and TeamBabyCEO asked what the deal with the pineapple is. It essentially seems to be a bit of an unsubstantiated myth.  Pineapple core contains bromelain and, if you google it, the idea that bromelain improves implantation chances is all over the net.  But I haven't managed to find a single scientific study to back this up.

There But For the Grace ...

Well, Grace Dent didn't comment. But you lot did.

Kylie was given a theory which was new to me (I can't link to Kylie's blog as it is set to private):

My mother's theory (posited at a point when she was trying to tell me it was ok if no kids occur) was that at some point the biological clock just stops ringing its alarm bells, and the overwhelming desire for a baby reduces. Apparently this is the line my childless aunt has given to her.

Honestly I think if someone gave me this advice now I'd be inclined to hurt them in their baby making area, but maybe it is true. I'll let you know in 10 to 15 years ...

Picking Up The Baton

I love you all for extending your sympathy to the Wombmate. It is tough, and still is. I saw her yesterday and she is alright, but the failure is still raw. She too blogs, but rather than using blogging as a way to over-analyse her barrenness her blog is much sweeter.

Anyway, Anonymous' comment made me laugh (perhaps unintentionally):

Sorry, not sure if any could be as lucky as Kate. Who could manage in 28/29 years to bag herself Prince William (Oh Wills!!!), become everyone's little sweetheart, have such cute dimples/smile and that slender perfect shape. Nope, sorry to say she'll probably pop out twin boy heirs within a year. Because apparently Kate has the luck the of gods on her side, haha.

Sorry, I just don't see the attraction to Wills, and twin boy heirs would be a nightmare for succession!

A Rock And A Hard Place

There was one stand out comment on this post from Fragmented Hopes:

I was on a website where some bloke was saying he thought she was pregnant due to "a bulge in her dress." I can only think that he has some sort of eye problem, as there was no room for anything in that dress, corsetry and pregnancy do not mix, and if she had a bulge then what hope is there for the rest of us?!

Oh, and those of you saying Kate is naturally slim anyway.  She is, but she still managed to shrink further between the engagement announcement and wedding.


  1. This is a great idea! And, seriously, who could possibly imagine that Kate was pregnant in that dress? I was wondering how she could be breathing!

  2. These seriously crack me up... especially the last one. He could not have been serious... could he?

  3. I like this comment round-up post! Good thinking!

    Also, I was laughing at almost all the Kate-related comments!

  4. I love this idea!

  5. Pineapple? Going to have to give that a try as that is plentiful round here.

    I should add I was not convinced by my mother's theory and am hoping that I will not be in a position to test it out or to confirm its validity. She is also the one who told me to relax, and not worry about things, it will happen. (Given that my issue has turned out to be blood clotting related, not useful advice)

    Not quite sure how my blog has turned private either- weird

  6. This is a crack up. I like the way your mind thinks.

  7. Great idea to celebrate the commentary. I nearly died laughing with the one you sent me on the subject of the earth's vagina. It was SO funny. In my all time top 5.

    Ahem, earth's vagina aside, I love wombmate's blog. Lovely photos.

  8. Thanks for posting these, it was good to look back and laugh - about now we all need one right? Yes, my post about "Wills", Kate and the twin heirs was meant to make you laugh. I admit in my own twisted way I find Prince William cute - bald spot and all. Much cuter than his dad, and way cuter than Camilla. Wink-smile, since I remember you dislike emoticons.

  9. I like your weekend comment round-up idea! I commonly just go to the persons blog (if they have one) and will leave a reply to a comment question there. I must admit though, I don't go to everyone's blog or reply to all comments. I do the best I can, but I let a lot slip by. I always read and appreciate them, but don't go far enough to actually reply.

    On blogger, if the person has put in their email address, you can also just reply to the email notification you got of the comment. Sometimes it will say it's a nonreply comment, but lots can go to the commenters email.

    PS. I am here from cycle sista's. We are doing our FET in June :)

  10. Liking the comments round-up. Can we have one from Moon's point of view next week?
    I can only assume the man I was referring to is a) blind, or b) is married to an actual skeleton (and he therefore thinks that is normal), as there's no other way that woman had a bulge in her dress. I feel sorry for his wife - can you imagine his comments if she puts on even a little bit of weight?

  11. Kate was sucking in (or roped in) to within an inch of her life. How she managed to keep smiling and waving through it, I'm not sure.

    Glad my comment made sense to you. The more I think about it, the more I believe it. We (especially we former Catholics, I've noticed, ahem) tend to do a kind of penance...the idea of going without and then being rewarded for it is very ingrained. The doctor who told me that about wine was very sensible. Funny, my mother and various others had said the same thing for months...but I needed to hear it from one in the medical community.

    (Sorry these comments are so late...double kaboom of a rough week and moving).


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