Monday, 16 May 2011

Adventures in Acupuncture

Today I had a scan to check whether the follicles are doing anything, and I can confirm that they are indeed. It is remarkably similar to last time.

On the left there are four follicles, two are 13mm, one at 9mm and the fourth is 7mm.  My right ovaries is only slightly lagging with three follicles, two at 11mm and one at 9mm.

Last time at this stage I had six follicles at around 10 or 11mm, and I ended up with 21 follicles in the end.

So the scan wasn't the exciting bit.

The exciting bit was the acupuncture session I had.

I have been going to the same acupuncturist for a while now, today he bought in the big guns, his tutor, for a second opinion.

I have been expecting a rather ephemeral woman, envisaging beads, floating garments and probably hennaed hair.

I couldn't have been more wrong.

Nora was reassuringly practical and with a no nonsense air about her. She felt my pulses and prescribed a few different points to be needled.

The first set of pins were to bring my spirit into line with my mind and body, apparently they were out of kilter, She looked deep into my eye to check things were aligning and eventually she pronounced herself satisfied. I am intrigued to know what she saw in my eyes - I do have particularly large pupils so I imagine she had a clear view of my soul through their windows.

The humdinger though, was the procedure to ensure my core channels weren't blocked.  If I hadn't read on May's blog about this particular procedure I would have fled from the room at this point.

I got a needling in the 'taint.  For those who don't know, the 'taint is so called because it 'taint one thing and 'taint the other - it is the bit in between your legs that isn't a hole.

Going by the 'no pain, no gain' principle I reckon this must have done the trick because it certainly gave me a kick up the arse. That jab was completed with a corresponding needle in my chin. The next needle nestled between my butt cheeks at the end of my coccyx, and was topped off by one in my upper gum, under my top lip (not, you'll be relieve to hear, the same pin).

I left with all blockages clear and my pulses nice and rounded and assured that "there was nothing to stop this treatment working."

I don't know if it was the relief at leaving with my perineum, if not my dignity, intact but, as I walked out onto the street I felt more optimistic about this IVF than I have since I found out I needed it.


  1. Holy cow! I do acupuncture, but I've never had that done! I'll have to ask my acupuncturist when I go on Thursday! That's a lot of needles in very interesting places!!

  2. I have long harboured a sneaky suspicion that my acupuncturist was having me on with the whole needle in the 'taint thing (though why a nice lady from the Home Counties would find it amusing to stare at anyone's underneath, I don't know). I am very glad to hear she wasn't.

  3. My legs are crossed firmly. Ouch!

  4. Ew, I feel all funny after reading that

  5. Never have I even heard of that....I loved acupuncture and like you had I not known about this and they tried it, I would have run screaming from the the very least.

    I'm shocked you made it through with your dignity in tact. I'm sure I would have been a hot mess...

    I hope the optimism sticks and this is a fabulous cycle for you!

  6. P.s. I just made KPG read that. He now feels a bit funny too

  7. Oh my, that shows commitment far beyond what I think I could summon - there are some places needles are just not meant to go. I feel a little queasy at the thought.

  8. OMG I have never had that done. I bloody hope it worked! Nora. What a great name for an accupuncturist.

  9. OMG, that acupuncture session sounds brutal! Nice to hear that those follicles are already chubbing up so nicely.

  10. I'm just trying to figure out how the hell you were laying to have all these pins inserted. I guess on your side somehow, but I'd be scared of rolling. Or moving at all.

    I'm a complete skeptic, so that may tell you how I feel about acupuncture. But I've heard that there is some documented improvement - I hope it works for you!

  11. Sounds radical. Been trying to comment over the last week but blogger has been useless. Got everything crossed. ('Specially my legs after reading that.) xxx

  12. Yowsa! Well, hopefully it does the trick!

  13. Wow, good count on the follicles. As for the - ehem - needling, I'm glad your core channels are aok now. Phew, eh? :)

  14. Dude. My legs may stay crossed in protest for the rest of the day.

    Glad those follicles are growing along. Keep that optimism coming.

  15. Great follie check!!! Hoping those needles do the trick :)

  16. Please tell me that she used the "little prick" gag as she lined this needle up.

  17. The taint. The taint!?!?!?! I've been going to acupuncture for over two years. I am simultaneously relieved and disappointed that we never gave the taint a try. I've never even heard of that. Clearly, an expert needed to put that one in.


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