Saturday, 16 April 2011

Different strokes for different folks

For most people how they conceive follows a pretty similar pattern, frantic back and forth jiggling, ejaculation, sperm meets egg, job done.

Of course there are different circumstances. A one night stand verses a perfunctory coupling during a long marriage. Missionary position or making full use of the Lovenasium. In a four poster bed at a boutique hotel or squashed in the back of a Ford Cortina pulled off the A52.

It appears that there is a similar number of variables when trying to conceive through IVF. One size, does not fit all.

What I've found intriguing is whilst the wombmate and I are both having IVF, our protocols are almost unrecognisable.

I had to have at least three weeks on birth control before starting my IVF injections.

She just had to start a period.

I had a baseline scan on day four, then more on days nine, 11, 13 and 14.

She had two scans.

I had to inject myself for 23 days leading up to the egg collection and then for 16 days after the egg transfer.

She injected herself for eight days in total.

My eggs were collected under a general anaesthetic.

She was drugged up to the eyeballs but conscious and, by all accounts, gabbling away to the staff throughout the process.

I had 21 eggs, 1 disintegrated, 3 were immature, 12 fertilised.

She had 9 eggs, 6 immature, 2 fertilised.

My fertilised eggs were checked and reported on by the embryologist on a daily basis.

Her embryologist favours an every other day check (she doesn't like to disturb them every day).

My number of embryos dwindled throughout the process leaving just two for implantation.

Her two embryos, at last check, were still going strong.

Tomorrow my wombmate is going in to have one embryo (hopefully by then a blastocyst) transfered.

I hope her result is as different from mine as the rest of my IVF. (This time round at any rate). 


  1. It is amazing how to get to the same end result we all have to jump through hoops, but none of our hoops or other parts to the obstacle course are even remotely the same.

    Yeah some of the drugs are the same or have similar sounding names, but how we respond to said meds and the dosages are not anywhere close to each other.

    I will be praying for your wombmate's prodecure!!! Sending happy thoughts your way....

  2. It really is amazing how much and how, at the same time, little of a science this is! I don't understand how it is so different for everyone even when you do the exact same things.

    Wishing your sister much luck with the transfer!!!

  3. Wishing your wombmate a great transfer and hopefully, a bundle of joy!

  4. The difference is amazing! It just goes to show the little known elements of the reproductive system.
    General anesthesia??? Seriously? That is crazy, I have never heard of general for an egg retrieval unless they did it via lap. I had mac (out like a light but no need to be intubated like with general) last time and this time with RE2 offered valium but went with the mac again. I don't want to risk remembering or feeling anything!
    Good luck to your wombmate and with our next cycles, we WILL have a BFP!!

  5. Best of luck to the wombmate! Now you can spend years telling her how easy she had it.

  6. Wow... hers seems a remarkably low invasive IVF. That's amazing. Wishing you both the very best!

  7. The way a protocol can be tailored is just...amazing. Kinda crazy. I wish with all my heart that your protocol had concluded differently. Sending good wishes to your sib... I'm glad you two have each other. :)

  8. We all jump through the hoop, no matter what size or color. Gotta get there one way or the other!
    Sending good vibes to WombMate!

  9. I have pretty much the same protocol as your wombmate, when they first described it to me I nearly fell off my chair - I had no idea you could complete a cycle in 28 days. I will however be out for EPU thankfully!

    Wishing her all the luck in the world for the transfer and for an obsession free tww

  10. Seems so odd to walk two very different protocol paths and up with the same amount of fertilized eggs. Bizarre my mind can't grasp it. I hope for her happy ending as much as you do.

  11. Best of luck to her! And I hope both of you have successful transfers soon...

    Regarding the age thing in an older post. I had my first at 39 and 2nd at 41 - so you've still got a few years before you hit this old woman's record...

  12. An incredible difference and I bet you are wondering if yours should have been checked every other day now (I know it would be at the back of my mind), good luck to womb mate, do keep us posted, hope that blastocyte does well. I checked out Hairyfarmer's post -omg - made my eyes water!!

  13. Fingers crossed for your sister.

    From what she wrote before, she's attending the clinic I and Betty M went to, of which I am a big fan. While I think 2 scans is a little minimal, the overall judgement they use, and the science-based approach to managing protocols, has my confidence. In particular, the use of the short protocol makes treatment a lot more bearable for the patient.

  14. Berlin has everything crossed for you Wombmate XX


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