Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Comments please

Today my wombmate went in for egg collection and they retrieved a healthy nine eggs. I asked her if she wanted to do another guest post. This is what she sent through; think of it as a little insight into the meanderings of her aimless mind whilst being intimately examined, and then stop thinking about my sister in that undignified position:

My IVF centre has a box for comments, I've got a few, but I don't think these are the kind of things they are looking for:

1. IVF has made me reconsider my wardrobe - For the first IVF planning meeting, illogically, I was so concerned that somebody was going to change their minds and decide I wasn’t eligible for treatment that I went to buy a new outfit, like you would for a job interview. The brief for this one was "young with potential to be mumsey." I went for a shirt dress. The one bonus of ‘dressing’ for IVF is that you don’t need matching underwear.

2. The injections have been okay – I had one which made me cry but that is as likely to be the hormones making me a bit pathetic as the pain. My husband has been injecting me. I know quite a lot about phobic behaviour (mainly from a professional point of view, I hasten to add) and I think because I haven't been injecting myself means I haven’t had a chance to desensitised to them, but you know what? I don’t think I have the energy right now to deal with them, and as I said they are manageable as they are.

3. Forget trying to work out mother/ child age gaps I’ve been trying to work out the ages of my
doctors - My follicle scan was a ‘first’ because it was my first male doctor, a bit of a feat given all
the checks I've had far. However the more disconcerting thing was his age, I guessed mid twenties. During the scan I was trying to work out discrete ways of finding out for sure, but gave up. I decided I couldn’t get the question ‘Do you remember what you were doing when Princess Di died? – I hope you were in medical school’ very easily into conversation.

4. Why don’t they have glow stars on the ceilings of the scan rooms? Actually, I might put that one
in the comments box.


  1. I love the idea of glow stars... there should be something entertaining up there, given all the time we spend ceiling gazing.

    I hear you all the way on the outfitting. I always agonize over what I wear. Does this say I'm trying too hard? Trying hard enough? Seriously...

  2. I definitely like the glow stars idea! Or, those fancy lightbox covers that look like skylights. Very soothing.

    I'm with you on the clothes. What is with that?

  3. I third the glow-stars.

    I always only ever remember to THINK of my outfit when I'm removing the bottom half of it. Really May? Electric pink socks with hearts on? With a purple shirt? HAVE YOU SHAVED YOUR LEGS? You haven't, have you? Dammit. Socks'll have to stay on.

  4. yes put me in for a vote for the glow stars......or something good to look at...maybe a fish tank in the ceiling...a nice calming effect :)

    Best of luck!

  5. I also love the glow star idea! Or even some artwork right there on the ceiling. My doctor's office has some nice coverings on the light fixtures that I just took a photo of the other day: http://abracadabrababy.wordpress.com/2011/04/06/a-familiar-sight/.

  6. The stars would be great! You could play connect the dots, etc!

    IF definitely makes you aware of what you are wearing (by the lack of what you have on during appts). I have several pairs of socks that I really only seem to wear to either my annuals or IF related appts. They are all knee socks...

  7. Oh, forgot to mention - congrats on the 9 eggs! FXd for great fertilizations!

  8. Glow stars and the shirt dress!! yes!! Clearly you're a genius!! (((hugs))) good luck!!

  9. I thought I might be the only one neurotic enough to care so deeply about my attire on RE days. My larger issue is the socks though... God forbid I were socks that I wore for a failed insemination to a later one. That would OBVIOUSLY make the current one fail... because my socks are magical like that.
    Clearly infertility makes you crazy :)

  10. The stars are a great idea :) My ob/gyn has blown up comics on the ceiling to read while they are checking out the lady bits!

    9 eggs are great :)

  11. Congrats on 9 eggs! Hoping they all fertilize and grow happily!

    I feel so fortunate that all of my doctors have been my age or older. And I'm over 40! I would not be very happy with a younger doctor - that would just freak me out. It's going to be a long old age for me if I don't get over this attitude.

  12. My dentist has tv screens on the ceiling, and they run old tv show dvd sets. It kind of depends on the time you spend though. A check up is about 1 episode of a sitcom long. Great if it is the simpsons, awful to rewatch Who's the Boss or home improvement (those shows do NOT stand up to the test of time). Longer procedures can be weird- I have now seen most of the Jetsons.
    Maybe old video clips?
    Good luck with the eggs.

  13. Good luck with your eggies WombMate, I hope you make W4I an auntie right about the same time she makes you one.

    And glowy stars would be tres nice.


  14. Great news on the nine - and very interesting thoughts on the Look-I'd-Be-A-Great-Parent dressing. I commend your shirt dress choice.

    Glow-stars, for sure. And a ceiling mural, perhaps? I am thinking a modern version of Adam getting the spark of life from God - which would be... an IVF clinic? Oh yeah, cancel that.

  15. Congrats on your 9 eggies wombmate!

    I also over plan my clinic outfits. They have to be smart but not too smart, comfortable and easy to get into...


  16. Putting something on the ceiling would be great! I recently had a scan (of another kind though), and the walls were completely empty except for a crucifix. I couldn't even decide if I found that odd or comforting...

    Hoping that one of your 9 eggs will become your baby in 9 months!

  17. I think glow stars on the ceiling are an excellent idea. We should start an international movement. I will admit that I do both the mother-child age gap arithmetic and the "I can't believe this young 'un is about to take a look up my hoochie" dance.

    9 eggs = wonderful. Sending good thoughts your way.

  18. I like the idea of a picture on the ceiling that if you stare at it hard it turns 3D. Is it just me that remembers those? My dentist used to have one on the ceiling!!

  19. Hi womb. Sorry I haven't been able to catch up on where you are at as I had been on a kind of bed rest away from home without net access. Anyway you asked me to check back in when I had my wee one. She came 3 days ago at 33 weeks and 3 days. She is doing well but will remain in neonatal care for weeks to come. I named her Sakyia (Sa-ki-ah). Best of luck with your journey I really hope it has a happy ending for you.


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