Wednesday, 20 April 2011


With a mere year and a bit to go Britain is gripped with Olympic fever. And when I say gripped I mean it is being gently pawed at by the limp, sweaty hand of commercialism.

The deadline to register for tickets is in a week's time so we have had to look ahead to next year and try to work out what athletic endeavours are worthy of our time, attention and money.

The process for getting tickets is bizarre.

First the husband and I spent ages procrastinating. Trying to agree on what we wanted and when.

Then we panicked realising that we were running out of time, although whatever we do now we won't get to see the fruits of our labours until well into 2012.

To book tickets we have to choose what you want and actually put down some cash*. But there are no guarantees that, whatever we choose, we'll end up with any tickets.

We have to play the numbers game. If we just choose just one event we might get lucky and get the tickets.  But far better to hedge our bets and choose several embryos events and hope to end up with at least one.  Of course if we get everything that we bid for we'll end up with way more than we wanted, and it will be an awful lot more expensive than anticipated.

This process reminds me of something, I just can't quite put my finger on it.

*Although to be fair, this is only taken if you have been successful in getting the tickets. 


  1. Ha! Dang infertility- I can't do anything without somehow associating it with IF.

  2. Isn't it weird how some people can make a sexual innuendos out of anything, and we IFers can make IF innuendos out of anything? Of ocurse the sexual innuendos are funny to everyone, but you have to be a member of our exclusive IF club to get our jokes!

  3. LOL. Infertility is everywhere, huh?

    Way back in 1995, I lived in Atlanta when we were similarly gripped with Olympics fever preparing for the 1996 games. There was a similar process and it was back when buying things on the Internet was only in its toddlerhood. I remember my mother and I were in charge of buying tickets for our entire family because we were the only people who could figure out how to do it.

  4. BTW: I nominated you for the Versatile Blogger award. You can pick it up over at my blog. Very much deserved... I love following your blog. You always have me laughing!

  5. Oh Liz - you are gold.
    But that 2012 logo is still bloody APPALLING...

  6. IF is everywhere!

    I hope you get your tickets and can enjoy some of the games!

  7. Ack! Anon-Berlin is right! That logo is horrible!

    You are too funny...

  8. It's neat and crazy what IF can do to your life. I swear the word embryos is all over the internet in my life too. At work I log onto a website to accesss my tax and paycheck info. The weblink is spelled something like intersource but it looks so familiar to another word that I often see...

  9. Eerie, actually. Which athletic events did you pick? The examining gymnastic mat? The 50 yard sperm dash?


  10. At this stage of the game I can find IF references in making a batch of cookies.

    Hope you get the tickets of your dreams.

  11. that logo always makes me want to take a blunt butter knife and gouge out my eyeballs - what on earth were they thinking?

    You should do what most sane people do when an olympics is on - leave the country. I was in Bora Bora for Sydney 2000, if we had stayed in London we were planning Mauritius... but then neither of us have any interest in sport.

  12. Hey there-left you an award on my blog too! Yours is one of my faves !!!

  13. Hah! Exactly. Wouldn't it be something if you ended up at that olympic event with front row seats and a baby in your arms?!


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