Sunday, 6 March 2011

We Have Blast Off

My call this morning informed me that one of the embryo's had indeed turned into a blastocyst so I was to come in for a repeat of yesterday's performance.

Indeed the whole process was a bit of a blast from the past. The same staff as yesterday, a similar bladder-challenging wait before the op and even a hole in my sock (which I swear wasn't there when I put them on this morning).

The procedure takes about 20 mins from start to finish.

First they have to check that you really have drunk enough water.  They do this by pressing down on your stomach with a scanning instrument, ostensibly to see how much liquid shows up on the screen, but I have my suspicions that it is to see if your eyes water as you try and control your distended bladder.

Once done, your feet go in the stirrups, which in my clinic are more like ski boots, your legs are parted, and a modesty sheet is placed over your bits - for all of about 30 seconds.  Next an interrogation light that wouldn't be out of place in a Second World War film is shone directly where the sun ain't supposed to shine, the sheet is pulled back and you are revealed in all your glory.

And then, then, whilst you are lying flange-out, they prep everything.

The embryolgist pops in from next door to ask your name and date of birth. The Doctor faffs around with catheters and speculums and you mutter to yourself "they've seen it all before, I'm sure yours doesn't look odd to anyone else."

By far the most painful part of the process is the speculum going in and being ratcheted open. Then there is a quick spritz of the cervix and the catheter is in, watched from the outside by the nurse who has resumed her position with the scan tool of torture pressing on your bladder.

Suddenly everything goes very quiet.

Everyone is intent on the screen, watching the catheter find the sweet spot.

They are in place.

The blastocyst is called for.

It is put in.

A g o n i s i n g l y  s l o w l y

It is done and the catheter is passed back to the embryolgist.

A thirty second wait before the speculum is removed until the embryologist confirms the blast has left the catheter.

Again I had to wait for twenty minute before I was allowed up to pee. This time, mindful of this report that my anonymous Berlin-based commenter alerted me to, I listened to a comedy podcast.

So that is it.  I'm done.

Now (apart from taking a bucket load more drugs and another blood test to check my progesterone), I am on my own. I wait 16 days and test.  If it is positive I go in to get it confirmed with a blood test. A negative and we start all over again (they didn't manage to freeze anything so it will be from scratch).

 I suspect, by the posting marathon I've indulged in over the past couple of weeks, you have a bit of an inkling just how much I want this to work.

** Update **
Quite a few of you are asking why I have to wait 16 days before testing. This is because this is the latest time the clinic reckon you could get a false negative. So 16 days post transfer is the earliest test they will take any notice of.  Of course, that doesn't mean I am prohibited from testing a little bit early ...


  1. Yay - well done you!

    They're making you wait 16 days though? That's just cruel! Clinics seem to vary all over the place from 14 days post egg collection to 16 post transfer.....

    Shame about no frozens, but hopefully these two will stick on for dear life. I'm hoping and hoping for you that they do.

  2. I want it to work too...

    Much luck, and keep listening to the comedy podcasts for the next 16 days.

    Wait...16 days? Are they crazy?!? Didn't you transfer some 5 day embryos? 10 days max is all I'd be able to wait!

  3. Sooo exciting! Really good news that today's one carried on developing into a blastocyst. So many Good Luck wishes being sent your way, I cant imagine how all consuming the anticipation over the next 2 weeks will be. lots of love Wig xxxx

  4. Ooh, stick babies stick!! Congrats on being PUPO x 2!!
    And a 15 day wait? That is INSANE! I'd be POAS in 7 =). Who can wait 15 days. . .are they serious?!
    So excited for you, and hoping and praying it works!!!

  5. Sorry, 16 days?! That's even worse! UGH the torture!!!

  6. So excited you got two! Sending all kinds of positive thoughts your way!

  7. GROW BABIES GROW!!! So many hopeful thoughts and prayers and baby dustings!!

  8. Hang on tight little ones!! I don't know how you're going to make it 16 days...

  9. OMG, the longest 16 days in history! I am sending good thoughts to your sweet little ones. Grow, babies grow!

  10. That is great you got another blastocyst! Congrats!

    That is so funny about the comedy podcast. I wrote about the same thing on my blog just a short while back, and I plan to bring my favorite podcast with when we do my own transfer.

    Why do you have to wait so long? if it is a day 5/6 transfer, shouldn't you only need about 10 days to be able to test? I'm just wondering for my own testing situation.

  11. Wishing you the best....Continue your "laughter" therapy throughout those 16 days...I'm sure it will help with the long wait and it may even improve your chances of the embies taking hold! I'll be thinking of you and praying for you!

  12. Sounds like you had such a good cycle, I'm really excited for you. 16 days does sound a lot after a blast transfer, I got told to wait 16 days after my 3 day transfer, was very impatient and tested after 11 days, bad idea as I got a negative result. Turned out at 16 day test it was positive, maybe implantation can be later with ivf? I don't know but I expect they just want to be absolutely sure. Seems like forever though!

  13. Way to be PUPO with "twins"! You've had quite the "blast" of a weekend!

    I'm sending you all the baby super glue I can find (well, almost all as I'm keeping a few dabs for myself)! I know you'll keep us updated about symptoms and test results!

  14. 16 days is a HELL OF A WAIT! This was a day 6 transfer too, right? Usually it would only be like 7 days past a 5 day transfer? So interesting how different clinics do things.

    Congrats on being PUPO with two beautiful blasts!

  15. Hooray for your twinsies! Stick, little munchkins, stick! And yeah, even though you explained the 16

  16. thinking, thinking of you Bxxxx

  17. I think I like the 16 day wait....I would have rather found out our results at home than getting 'the call'. I hope you see two lines!!!

  18. So excited for you! Hoping for you. Keep us posted and know we're here if you need to vent! Prayers!

  19. How wonderful that you got a second blast! I hope the next couple weeks fly by (though of course they won't). 16 days really is a cruel and unusual punishment. Get to work, little blastocysts!

  20. Good luck! Rest, treat yourself well and know that across the pond at least one person has their fingers tightly crossed that I'll move you to my 'pregnant' blog list in 16 days.

  21. Congratulations on conception well done. Will be thinking of you the next 16 days!

  22. Your post made me a little insane at the ivf differences from yours and mine

    2 transfers?wtf indeed! But great that there was a blast so indeed no 1 transfer could be happily dividing as I type this.

    16 days? wtf. Mine was 14 from ec and a compulsary blood test. So glad as I got a neg hpt that morning.

    Congratulations and best of luck and please try not to go too nuts in the next 16 days because if it is positive the following weeks of waiting for each blood result, scan, app will really send you to the looney bin! Theres nothing to do but go along for the crazy ride.

  23. Congratulations!!!! Now for the crazy wait! x

  24. Good luck - I've just read your update!

    How fascinating that you had two transfers done in two days - is that how they usually do double transfers in the UK (rather than doing both on the same day)?

    I'm not sure how they do it in Oz as I opted for a transfer of one - but either way - isn't the IVF process just amazing?

    I have my fingers crossed that some magic dust when in with both little embryos too...

    Best of bestest luck

  25. So hopeful for you - stick little blasts, stick!

  26. Hey, girl! You're pregnant!

  27. Oh, I'll be thinking of you during this wait. The best of luck, babe!!

  28. Well done on the blast off. This is looking very good (though 16 days is just torture...though good to know that about the false negatives).

    Now, put those feet up.

  29. Need. More. Informations! Frankly, you need to be updating at least every hour or so at this point. SO EXCITINGGGGG. xxx

  30. Oh woman I am here just in time for the wait. How can I help??

    I had to tell you how much I enjoyed your comment over at Adele's house!

  31. Thanks for sharing the details! I didn't even know it was possible to have two transfers in one cycle...
    Now all possible fingers crossed that at least one of those guys hangs on!!


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