Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Reasons To Be Cheerful

1) When Yoshanta called me to tell me the blood test was negative she told me there was a long waiting list to see the Doctor next. My heart sank but it was to be expected: 6 - 8 weeks is the usual waiting time I've had to endure. But, and this is where she proves just awesome she is, she has managed to squeeze me in for an appointment tomorrow morning. 

And before you ask; keep your grubby hands off her, she's mine. All mine.

2) I decided I couldn't tell my Dad so I asked my Wombmate to call and let him know it had failed and that I wasn't up to speaking to anyone. My Dad sent me a text.

Bless him.

He hasn't quite got to terms with the whole text speak thing. He wrote:

"We all love you and wish you the best. LOL."

I assume he meant lots of love.  But maybe he was just laughing out loud at our predicament.  Either way, it made me LOL.

3) I went to lunch with some friends on Sunday. Their three year old son decided to play hide and seek. He adopted the ostrich "if I can't see them, they can't see me" mentality.

Whenever I've felt a bit down over the past couple of days. I just have to picture the scene that confronted me as I went to see where he was hiding. I walking into the bedroom to see his whole body sticking out from under the chest of drawers, but, crucially, his head was underneath the chest.  Ergo, he was invisible.

4) I'm incredibly lucky that I get two funded rounds of IVF on the NHS. Hopefully they'll have learnt some lessons about how my body reacts to various drugs and IVF number two will be significantly more successful.

5) Finally, all your support. The regulars, the delurkers, the occassionals, the new folk sent over here by blogging buddies.

Every comment means so much. And I am so grateful at how generous you have been at ranting at the universe on my behalf.



  1. That is amazing to have a consult so quickly!! I hope that they can learn from this and have a great plan in place for next round.

  2. I'm so glad you've gotten the consult soon.

    Love your dad's comment. That's adorable.

    And, that hide and seek thing is TOO cute. That would just warm your heart!

  3. Awesome. Yoshanta is no joke!

    your dad and the little boy's flawed hiding skills made me laugh so hard.

    Shaking my head at you being able to keep up your humor so effortlessly. you are super human. And thank you for coming by my page. That was a great surprise. I appreciate it.

  4. Three cheers for Yoshanta. There's truly a lot that can be learned from a bust cycle - based on how quickly or slowly you stimmed, how the embryos looked beneath the microscope, the whole nine yards. And it's good to let the doctor put on a thinking cap, and explain how they'd do things differently next time. I'm very glad you're getting in soon, as well. It'll be fresh in your mind and I've always found that I'm more on the ball in such situations. And, frankly, it's just good for the heart to have that discussion.

    I had a good chuckle about your father's LOL. But bravo that the man is even texting. (I'm pretty sure my own father is not aware that there is such a thing as texting).

  5. I'm so surprised that they can work you in so soon, just goes to show you that they must not be as backlogged as they always seem.

    The story about your friend's son still has me cracking up, kids are so cute. I guess that's why we all want one.

  6. I'm sorry that the first cycle wasn't a success but it is true they do learn loads from it and hopefully next one will be the one.

    And hey at least your father can text! Mine has decided he has got something he terms trigger thumb which will no doubt stop him from ever learning the art.

  7. Love that you got in so soon and can get going on the next cycle quickly. I hope the doctor has some great take aways from IVF #1 and will make a successful IVF #2.

    LOL (the way your dad meant it ;-) )

  8. I found your blog through another blogger's site (through ICLW) and will definitely be following your journey from now on! I am soon entering the world of IVF and am a bit terrified, so it will be nice to have some online buddies for support :) So sorry your first cycle didn't work out, but crossing my fingers for IVF #2!

  9. I am so glad you have some reasons to be cheerful. *hugs* to you and (in your dads words) wishing you the best.LOL ;) xxx

  10. Yoshanta is AWESOME!!! So glad you're getting in so soon....here's to a fresh start and lessons learned!

    Love the LOL from your dad...definitely made me LOL.

    I'll be thinking of you!

  11. seeking out the cheerful reasons so soon makes you pretty awesome. do you know that? i remember when my 1st round failed i was most definitely an ostrich.

    i am truly sorry you find yourself needing to start a 2nd round but it is good news that you are getting a follow up app. so soon and that you have a wonder woman in yoshanta on your side!

    keep strong with all the love around you. x

  12. I love that you have Yoshanta! And I'm so, so very glad you get the appointment tomorrow. A very much deserved and needed appointment. I do hope that this next round brings the success you have been hoping for and so very much deserve. You are a wonder for remaining so positive through this... I truly admire you for it!

  13. I've been thinking about you a lot. I'm so sorry to hear that this cycle didn't work out, but glad that you got your next appointment so quickly. The nurses in my clinic have me trained to schedule my follow up when I have my procedure to get a jump on the wait time. And here's to your dad for giving you (and us) a chuckle in the midst of all the rest.

  14. Yoshanta rocks. Fact.
    Your dad seems like a sweetie too.
    Hope you're doing ok.

  15. Hugs sweetie!!!

  16. Do you suppose they'd let you take Yoshanta home? Imagine what she could do if you needed dinner reservations or tickets to a play!

    I love the "I can't see you, so you can't see me" strategy!

    My thought is that this was just the trial run - the dress rehearsal.

    Your dad is hilarious.

  17. 1) That is one amazing nurse!!
    2) How sweet is your dad! LOL to you too!
    3) That is why this is all worth it in the end.
    4) IVF#2 is for serious now.
    5) We're here for you because you are there for us. You're witty, humorous and real.

  18. I really hope your next cycle is successful!

    our large dog Sheffield was a black lab great dane mix would do the ostrich thing as well trying to ahem "hide" under the table, sorry pooch we can still see your tail and it's wagging....

  19. I love that nurse, in addition to you loving her, because she got you in so quick.

    I love your Dad for his sweet text, even though he isn't "hip to the lingo" but I seriously like his version better.

    Children rock...which is why I want one so bad. Whenever I have a bad day all I need is a friend to tell me about their kids doing something funny, and I'm much better. (For instance, landscapers started working on the yard of a friend of mine on Monday. Her 6 year old daughter, who is on spring break, sat in front of the sliding glass door practically all day watching the landscapers. And about 10 minutes after she sat down, her little brother who is 2 came and sat down next to her and remained there as long as she did. Priceless!)

    You are very lucky to get 2 rounds free. All rounds for us are on me! Boo.

    Lastly...we're here for you and glad to support you on your journey. For me, you are letting me into an upcoming part of my life and preparing me MORE than any book out there could. I should be thanking you!

    Stay strong! You got this!

  20. LOL (Lots Of Love) to you and your wonderful dad!

  21. Good Luck with the appointment today Liz.
    Your Dad is a Diamond.

  22. Oh, your Dad is a cutie. I'm sure he is hurting for you and wishes he could fix it all for you.

    Lovely that you could get such a quick appointment and work out your next plan of attack.

    Thinking of you x

  23. I'm sorry it didn't work this time, but I'm glad other things seem to be falling into place. I'll keep my fingers crossed for round 2!

  24. Yoshanta for president! She is mighty.

    LOL, I loved that. Aw.

    And three-year-olds do your heart good, don't they? My nephew used to cover his eyes when he was hiding at that age. So sweet.

    Cheering you on, Liz.

  25. VERY sympathetic face here. Very.

    Harry also thinks that if he claps his hands over his eyes, he's invisible to all.

  26. Yoshanta is a rose amongst many thorns. I'm so glad the NHS is not failing you at such a crucial time.

  27. Fantastic post. Yoshanta is amazing. I am seriously stunned that you have got an appointment that quickly on the nhs. Waiting is half the battle and thank God (or Yoshanta) the next stage is moving forward for you. Hooray for the second funded cycle too, more than we get round here.

    Your dads text made me laugh out loud in the office. Love it. Bless him. And a small child hiding is the cutest thing ever, my toddler does that with a colander over his head, giggling to himself. Breaks my heart with cuteness.

    You will get there I know it. I really hope it's soon.

  28. I'm so glad to hear you can get an appt with the doctor so soon. You'll have to update us how that went, what questions you asked, what the doc said. I can't get mine until a month from now, and meanwhile, AF already showed up. LOL. Your dad is very cute, my dad is kinda like that too. Best wishes and looking forward to reading your blog.

  29. I'm glad you got an appt with the Dr so soon. =)

    Your dad's text made me LOL too...funny stuff!

  30. I'm so sorry the result wasn't positive.

    It seems such a cruel result after all that effort, and especially with the number of fertilised eggs you got out of this cycle. It's such a shame that none of them froze.

    You must feel gutted even though you are acting very chipper.

    Best of luck for the next round - it's fantastic you are seeing the doc so soon after.

  31. I found your blog through another blogger (Pants off and on the table). I spent most of last night reading your past entries. Thank you for sharing your journey with us, and I wish you the best in the future.


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