Saturday, 5 March 2011

One down, one to go

Having had one embryo transfer today and (it is still looking highly likely) another tomorrow I have a great opportunity to take some learnings for today to ensure tomorrow's transfer is just perfect.
  1. Remember that if your appointment is at 12:30 you might not have the transfer until 14:03
  2. If you diligently consume 2lts of water in preparation for a punctual appointment you will be in severe danger of weeing on the doctors' hand (I didn't ... just.)
  3. They don't give you a take home pic of your embryo, so snap one on your phone. (I didn't, but will tomorrow).
  4. Don't wear socks with holes in them. It just looks slovenly.
  5. Maybe talc my clammy hands before going in. I spent the whole procedure clutching the husband's hand, by the end he had those wrinkly fingers you get from spending too long in the bath.  My sister doesn't call me Golum for nothing.
  6. Take your iPhone with you into the ET room otherwise that 20 minutes of full bladder waiting post-transfer will be utter hell (compared to the 20 mins between 14:05 and 14:25 today the two week wait will be a piece of piss, which incidentally was all I could think about for those 20 mins).
  7. Enjoy it.  This could be the start of something very, very beautiful.


  1. Love it.

    Thank you so much for sharing your journey, especially this past week.
    Wishing you oodles of luck!

  2. Nobody's bladder is made to hold 2 litres of water. If they're lucky they get 1 out of me, usually just 1/2 litre.
    Am curious - is there anything to take a picture of?? Or just a petri dish?


    You would really think that, by now, clinics would have learned to do their ETs on time!!!

    I think you should pee on his hand (after transfer, as he's pulling out the tube) just to teach them a lesson. It's seriously torture needing to pee like that!

    Good luck tomorrow! (I have to say, I've never heard of anyone having transfers on two seperate days. That's pretty neat!)

  4. Double transfer? Go you and your fancy ways!

    Fingers numb and blue from crossing.

  5. I am SO hoping this is it for you!!!

  6. one today and one tomorrow??? Kiss your babies hello and tell them you will see them in 9-months :)

  7. Good luck!

    Fingers crossed for at least one sticky embryo!

  8. I've got everything crossed that the little sucker stays put for the next 9 months...

  9. Good tips! Good luck tomorrow, too!

  10. How can they possibly make you wait when they ask you to drink so much beforehand? It's like they're just messing with you.

    Best of luck! Hoping something sticks and grows for you...

  11. How exciting!!!! Sending lots of positive vibes your way!!! Good luck!!!!

  12. Very excited for you!

  13. Wow! Indeed it could, fingers very crossed.

    (Water torture, isn't it? Groan! AGONY.)

  14. I am concentrating on Number 7. Beauty, it is time for you to make your appearance on the scene.


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