Tuesday, 8 March 2011

More than a little prick*

My Dad phones.

"Are you resting?"

"I have been, but I'm just on my way back from acupuncture."

"Acupuncture?!" He spluttered as though I'd just told him I'd been spending the afternoon being thoroughly rogered with a succession of blunt instruments (that, of course, was the previous day's activity).

"Yes." I categorically confirmed.

"Why are you having ... acupuncture?"

"Why do you think?"  (Seriously. Remember he knows fine well I have just had IVF.)

"Well, I hardly think being stuck full of needles is going to help."

Hmmm .... I sincerely hope that isn't true as I have given myself 43 injections since the start of this IVF and have to continue with one injection a day until I know whether I am pregnant.

For those of you who assumed, as I did, the drugs would stop once the embryo's were in, forget it. As well as the injections I'm also taking progesterone three times a day (you don't want to know where that one goes), oh and HRT!

I've had two days off work to rest. I'm quite relieved to be go back in tomorrow as I found myself idly looking for pregnancy apps on my iPhone today.

Must. Distract. Myself.

Testing date 22 March.  2 days down 14 to go.

*Please note the title refers to the plethora of injections, it is not a veiled insult aimed at my womderful Dad.


  1. Ya, I wasn't prepared for the list of 100 or so medications spread out over the entire cycle....not looking forward to shooting progesterone in oil into my ass....no way in hell Babe is going to do it....then there's the other progesterone supplement....thanks for sharing your story.....I'm gonna be right behind you....

  2. Oh progesterone supplements the stories we could share.

  3. What's a few more jolly old needles? Especially as the acupuncture ones aren't full of strange, stinging, hormonally warping fluids that leave lumps and welts. Infinitely preferable.

    So. Two more weeks of this waiting lark. We can do this. We can sing loudly and play Angry Birds.

  4. I wonder how people actually think IVF goes down?

    I feel you on the "other" progesterone. Hubby calls them my Bullets and makes shooting noises when I "take" them.

    Hoping that the next 2wk goes by super fast with the work distractions!

  5. ahhhh acupuncture is wonderful :) Don't you wish you could speed up the 2ww or even sleep through the whole thing??? xo

  6. I know it's like watching paint dry these next 12 days...hoping you find some good distractions to keep you sane!

  7. I would have started preaching to him about the benefits of Acupuncture with IVF, what the studies have shown and he would have been sorry he asked!!!

    Now, you must stay away from Dr Google!

  8. Wow! I don't think I have ever heard of two transfers in two days! It's great that you had two to put back in. I've got my fingers crossed. I really hope that the next two weeks fly by, I'm so excited for you.

  9. HRT? HRT? H? R? T?

    Counter-intuitive, or what.

    Have a good day back at work. God, waiting, eh? Makes. Time. Seem. To. Stop. Hang on! You'll get there.

  10. Any distractions you can come up with during this two week wait will be amazingly helpful. Glad you're ready to get them started and go back to work. Good luck, my dear!

  11. Ah cyclogest.... the never ending white period.

  12. Hoping for a very fast two weeks, with very good news at the end!

  13. March 22nd is my birthday. And I know exactly what I want for a present. I will forgo all my gifts (truth be known, I normally don't get any) if I can opt to give my birthday wishes to you instead.

    Finally... I look forward to the day I turn a year older! :D

  14. My father is of the opinion that acupuncture is voodoo. Then, again, all of ART is also beyond him:) He knows that he is no longer allowed to begin sentences with, "In my day..."

    I'm glad you had two days to rest and imagine you're stir crazy by this point. It's a hard wait. A long wait. But I'm hoping for the best possible news at the end of it.


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