Thursday, 24 March 2011

IVF number 2

Before my Doctors appointment yesterday the husband and I were vacillating (as in kept changing our minds, rather than trying out position number 378 from the Kama Sutra). We just couldn't decide when we wanted to attempt IVF number 2.

A large part of me sees my 35th birthday bearing down upon me and the last four and a half barren years weighing on my mind and just wants to get on with the next round of IVF as soon as possible.

However, an equally large part - let us call it an even fifty/ fifty split - just wants a break. IVF is emotionally draining.  It is all consuming, and exhausting.

We couldn't decide the best course of action.

Our Doctor asked us what we wanted to do, and we asked him for his advice.

Because there have been so many delays to the first IVF as a result of my diseased, immovable womb lining which now, finally seems to be under control, he doesn't think we should give it a chance to grow back so recommended we start the next round of IVF as soon as possible.

However, I still have to take a three week course of birth control before we get into the nitty gritty of IVF. Which lands us directly into the midst of Easter holidays and the UKs tightly spaced bank holiday season and the extra day where we wave flags and ask each other 'how long  it'll last' (the Royal Wedding).  As a result the clinic is going to be closed for a significant number of days which might cause me to miss a crucial scan or blood test.

So instead I am going to do two rounds of birth control.

Which works out pretty perfectly.

I have six weeks in which to try and claw back some sanity, have a re-toxification break (booze-based fun for the next couple of weeks before clambering back onto the wagon), and it gives my polka-dotted stomach an injection vacation.

IVF number two will span May to mid-June. Which, as I always feel healthier and happier in the summer, can't be a bad thing. It will also slot in just before my birthday in July.

Of course it does also go to prove Womb For Improvement's Law is still in fine fettle.  Having been on reproductive standby for so long we finally thought "Sod it" and booked a sleeper train to whisk us from London to the Scottish highlands.

We were looking forward to a few days of tossing cabers, eating deep fried mars bars, drinking Buckfast and Irn Bru, and painting our faces blue before returning to Kings Cross to shout slurred, sweary abuse at the English.

Um ... Anyone want two tickets from London to Fort William leaving on the evening of the 31 of May arriving on the morning 1 of June?


  1. I'm so glad you're able to move on with a schedule that works for you both physically and emotionally. Enjoy your time of retox and relaxing! I do hope it brings much renewal, both physically and emotionally!

  2. A break sounds good. As does re-toxification :)

  3. A plan is always good. In the old days when I was doing the whole IVF thing they made us wait for another 2 cycles before going again so things clearly have moved on.

  4. I feel the urge to blow raspberries on your behalf.
    A short break sounds like a plan and the retoxifying definitely a good plan.

  5. I think a break sounds like a great plan, especially one that involves re-toxifying. Enjoy my friend.

  6. That sounds like a perfect plan to truly is a delicate balance between surging forward and mentally recovering.

    Oh and I didn't comment but literally laughed out loud at your sweet Dads text you mentioned on your last post. Bless his heart!

  7. I think the break is a good idea. If you were heading into a FET then it isn't so bad but back to back injection time is just painful. Have fun retoxing. I know I did!!

  8. I'm glad your doc is willing to work with you and found a plan that you can agree to.

    I'd love those tickets! (Will you foot the bill to get me from the US to London?)

  9. Oh how I'd love those tickets.. sigh

    Break = good idea.

  10. deciding 'when' is as hard as deciding anything! It's nice that the upcoming events and your doctor helped decide for you :) also...seems we will be cycling drink up while we can bc in a few months we will have to be clean and sober for 9 months in a row!!!!

  11. Having a BFN after IVF is VERY hard. When the fertilized eggs went in it was the closest I'd ever been to being pregnant yet nothing. I had 7 mature, 3 fertilize and 3 day transfer of all three and nothing happened. I went right into an injectible/iui cycle and BFN again. I took a year away from drs. Recently I started talking to a counselor about it. I felt like such a broken failure.
    I'm glad that you are forced to take 6 weeks off. Just make sure to deal with the emotions instead of holding on to it for almost a year like I did. I don't think people who haven't gone through it realize how VERY emotional it all is. Know you are not alone and just try to accept that this whole process is completely out of your control and if it's meant to be it will happen. Good luck.

  12. Hurray for drinking! (Oh that the appropriate sentiment I was supposed to garner from this post?)

    6 weeks sounds like a good amount of time to let things heal and settle and such. Best of luck on this round - I think it will be the one!

  13. Oh, Womb, I just got caught up on your blog and wow! You've been through it. I'm so sorry this IVF wasn't the one. I thought for sure this was the one! I'm glad you guys are taking some time before the next round. Although it's crazy that you have to plan your reproductive plans around a famous wedding! Craziness!
    Y'all are in my thoughts and prayers and I want so much for the next round to be the one for you!

  14. good for you for giving yourself and your body a break. I think the plan is perfect. Timing is what it's all about and if you're worried about clinic closings and such, no reason to add more stress to and IVF cycle.

    I'm right in the heart of my first IVF cycle and so far it hasn't been too terrible. I just hope it stays on the positive side of things!

    Enjoy your holiday....drink it up! but be sure to get back on that wagon in time to start again!

  15. Some recovery time sounds like a good plan.
    Good on you.

    A pity about your holiday, though, I love a sleeper train, me.

  16. The break sounds good as does having a plan in place!

    So sorry for the lost holiday. :(

  17. You are so funny (about the re-toxification part). I am glad you will get a chance to rest before your next cycle. Did your doc say why those embies didn't implant? I know they sometimes don't have an answer but I'm always curious as to what the they would say.
    by the way, thanks for your article link on stress and outcome. DH and I appreciate that very much!
    Drink some for me. :)

  18. I'm hopeful that the BCP "break" will somehow manage to feel sufficient, and that you'll be ready to do this again in May. With a different, much better result--let's just agree on that one in advance. In the meantime, get your drink on.

  19. If you're on a retoxification break, then I have got to get myself on a plane to London. I'll start looking at flights.

  20. I think this time frame is smart. First, it enables you some much-deserved down time, away from injections and the like. It's grueling. And I think when those cycles pile up too closely, it becomes doubly so. Second, it takes advantage of a womb lining that will be in good shape.

    (It's a shame about the holiday, but you're seizing the day. And right now that makes more sense. Though you deserve a raincheck. Especially on the deep fried Mars bar).


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