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I knew that title would get you over here, however, if you are looking for a discourse on how fertility treatments impacts one's sex lives then I fear you are about to be disappointed.

Eyes may well be the windows to the soul. But you can get a real sense of anyone's life just by looking at their fridge.

No fridge in a home with a child over two will escape being plastered with drawings and paintings proudly displayed.  But even for the childless couple you can tell a great deal.

My fridge is a testament to our infertility (long gone are the days when we tried to hide it from our guests).

Do you see?

This could be none others than an infertiles' fridge.

Notice the black and white images. One of our blastocyst and the other of my womb at the point of implantation. (And the third of some musicians.)

There is a the four-leafed clover my womb mate gave me for good luck.

Before my first IUI.

Dunno, why I've kept it so long to be honest.

You can't quite read it but at bottom left of the fridge is the list of drugs I need to take, and when.

The red thing in the middle is the wrist band they put on me before my egg collection. Red to signify an allergy.

I've also got my name on it twice (on the off chance I go nappy-headed and forget it).

Phone numbers for anti-social behaviour officials, just in case the husband gets out of hand.

A magnet that use to say "I've never met a calorie I didn't like" which the husband 'hilariously' repurposed to read "I've never met a lesbian I didn't like." It has been on our fridge for years, a rather random Christmas gift, I always forget completely about it until just after my Dad has been to stay.

Then there's a picture of Roy Ayres at whose concert the husband and I got together.

For the third time.

And an invite to a party. Not, thankfully, a GLEE themed one (those are the throwers initials).

So tell me (or show me on your blog - post a link below) what does your fridge say about you?
Is your fridge plastered with no entry signs and a photo of you at your largest to strengthen your diet will power?  Are you a pathological list maker as evidenced by shopping, to-do and birthday lists on your fridge?  Do your friends go on far too many holidays and boast of the fact by sending you back postcards that adorn your white goods?

For the love of all that is keeping me sane.

Entertain me!

Distract me.



  1. Our fridge is looking a bit infertile too. I have:
    A calendar for 2009. So symbolic.
    A donkey-shaped magnet.
    A magnet with a Gandhi quotation on it
    A lot of information on what you can recycle. (Which needs to be recycled itself.)
    A colouring done by a 6 year old in Guatemala
    A drawing of a lamb done by a 36 year old husband

    Very dull.
    I want to hear the story about the three times you got together with your husband. Please?

  2. Our fridge is bare. We don't have a single thing on the outside. However, upon opening it it is clear that we're infertile. There is not a juice box or string cheese to be found... there are on the other hand, truth-telling fertility drugs hiding out in there!! I linked to one of your posts today on my blog... hope you don't mind :)

  3. W&W of course I don't mind. I am very flattered - but I don't seem to have access to your blog. Do I need a password?

  4. Ours is very much like W&W's. The outside though I think is as telling as the inside: completely empty and bare (much like my womb). The inside, however, screams of infertility:

    Injections and a, ahem, collection cup
    Lots of fertility friendly foods
    Last but not least: a half drunk bottle of margaritas to be enjoyed in the event of a BFN

    Love the outside of yours! :)

  5. Right now, we've got pictures of other people's babies (and toddlers), pictures of my thawed blasts, my FET calender, a list of what herbs and spices go awesomely with which vegetables, my U/S pictures, a schedule for the Utah Jazz, several snarky magnets (including one of a woman who just gave birth being handed her baby that reads "But I wanted a pony!"), and a thing on sasquatches that I clipped out of a magazine, because it's hilarious.

    So yeah. Clearly an infertile.

  6. Your fridge looks pretty fertile to me. Mine never had children's drawings proudly displayed on it. However, my walls were sporadically and liberally decorated with infant graffiti! Admire your beautiful paintwork while you wait. I'm hoping (in the kindest possible way) that it's years of liberal scribbling before you think it is safe again to redecorate again.

  7. My fridge has got nothing on it because I am a neat freak. However on the side I have a magnet board which normally has my appointments scribled down, referrals, blood test prescriptions, photos of embryos nestled between the 1 million first birthday invitations that my very fertile friends send. the inside has medications and puregon pens and i even have under my bathroom cupboard a whole box dedicated to my infertility. Jars of evening primrose oil, maybe baby, BBT thermoter, fertility friendly lube etc etc etc

  8. My fridge: several colourful magnets that came free with a particular brand of herbal tea, with uplifting quotations on them. One of the magnets holds a scrap of paper on which we write a shopping list as and when we realise we've run out of milk/butter/lettuce/gin. Another holds a wedding invitation. A third holds a letter from the Inland Revenue I should be answering. A fourth holds, oops, the letter from the private expensive clinic detailing my super stellar and wonderful AMH results. A fifth holds a repeat prescription form for narcotic opioids. God, how depressing. Under THAT, is the letter from the NHS clinic detailing, somewhat incorrectly, the discussion I had at my last visit to their clinic and the dates for my next check-up, some time in August. Yes, it's an infertile fridge. It even has an expired box of Clomid on top, next to the prenatal vitamins (which I've been taking for the past six years, damn it)

  9. My fridge is so covered with crap, I don't even know what's on there anymore. Except that is where I go to check the schedule for recycling pickup and my contact lens prescription. Surprisingly, since my husband is a neat freak and he not only allows the crap to remain on the fridge, he adds to it himself.

    Must be refrigerator day - I was reviewing a report at work, and my coworker had to repeatedly misspell refrigerator (as refridgerator) because that's how it was spelled on the evidence. Added bonus: she misspelled the misspelling once! She left out the g!

  10. If I had 5 free minutes I would post a picture for you! But alas, I can type faster than I can take a picture, download it, and upload it. SO. ..
    Pictures of our embies from our February 2010 transfer (yes, they are still on the fridge)
    Ultrasound picture from our 9 week ultrasound showing two babies =)
    Doggie Daycare flyer for our pugs
    TONS of baby coupons..diapers, wipes, detergent, bottle liners, breast pump bags...hmmm sexy!
    To go menu's from our 5 favorite restaurants
    Sponge Bob Squarepants magnets, pug magnets, Disney World magnets
    Pricing list for the meat counter at the grocery store
    Picture of me holding a baby not my own
    Pictures of my friends kids
    Pictures of my baby cousins
    There's no room left! What am I going to do when my girls start drawing pictures for me to put on the fridge?? LOL =)
    Hope you have some beautiful ultrasound pictures to post on your fridge VERY soon!!! Fingers crossed hun!!

  11. We are collectors of cheesy magnets from holiday destinations. When we moved to our new home two years ago, we were horrified to discover that our new fancy stainless steel appliances aren't magnetic! So all the cheesy magnets are stuck on one side and the front of the fridge is devoid of personality.

  12. Great idea! I may steal it sometime! Mine has a giant whiteboard with notes from Hub to me and vice versa.. to do lists and ph numbers. Much of which is never erased. ;) it also holds magnets from places we've been (Alaska, Letchworth State Park, NY, Belize, Netherlands etc), and magnets of characters we like (Stitch, Jack from Nightmare Before Christmas) that hold menus (TooJay's Deli is one along with Chinese), coupons, business cards (one for our daycare), and a couple old Christmas card photos. One of the photos is from Hub's family in CA of whom we have no photos. I keep meaning to trim it down and put it in a frame, but I'm lazy and busy and tired.

  13. My fridge just shows I have pets (nothing within their reach) and my hubs collects strange magnets. My p4 supps I keep under my nightstand as it just up to an external wall and it probably cooler than our fridge anyways.


  14. My fridge has so much stuff plastered on it, it's almost embarrassing. I remember for the longest time I had the directions for boiling my Chinese herbs and various things in regard to vitamins, herbs, eating that were supposed to be beneficial to fertility. And we kept a set of real horseshoes hanging, as my in-laws told us about the ones they kept while trying to get pregnant with my husband & his brother. So I get it. Oh boy the next 8 days will be long. Fingers crossed....

  15. Two years ago ours was neat, and tidy with a few choice fridge magnets from favourite holiday destinations, a photo of our house rabbit, the odd receipt or coupon and my fertility clinic schedules (hurridly pulled down when we had company). The inside was very clean and uncluttered with boring, healthy fertility friendly food mostly from M &S and Waitrose, about £800 of Gonal F in the vegetable rack and once a month after the latest BFN the dregs of a bottle of white wine.

    Now our fridge would not help us sell the house... Photos of dh, the 16 month old and me all over it (and the aforementioned house rabbit looking a bit worse for wear), a "drawing" by my 16mth old, ultrasound pic of the next baby, a list of lactose free foods (again for you guessed it), grimy small handprints all over the bottom and a big ugly toddler proof fridge door lock. Inside is rammed full of food from our delivery from tesco at the beginning of week and more or less empty at the end of the week. Healthy food has been replaced by super healthy homecooked toddler meals and ready meals and pizza for the dh and I. Oh and the out if date gonal f pens that I can't seem to part with until I hit menopause.

    I'm hoping your fridge goes from scenario one to two very soon!

  16. After remodeling, our new fridge won't hold a magnet on the front -- which is probably a good thing because our old fridge was covered in crap. Mostly random save the date magnets and pictures of all of our family and friends' children. There were a couple of fortune cookies that seemed appropriate for IF: "Your current plans are going to succeed" for instance. There were also a few pictures of us pre-TTC where we actually looked carefree and happy in front of beautiful backdrops!

    At one point it had our 7w ultrasound photo from the pregnancy I lost at 12w. I finally took it down when we were going to have company who didn't know about the miscarriage.

    Here's a picture of part of it before the remodel.
    Note the multiple nephew photos. They're cute, but it was getting to be a bit much...

  17. Our fridge sports: 3 year-old postcards, a drycleaning slip that my husband hopes I will eventually use to retrieve his shirts and one penguin adoption certificate. We had ultrasound pictures up until a few days ago but have taken them down because we have friends in town and are not ready to spread any word, in any direction. And because the last time Mr. D's sister visited, I forgot to remove an IUI checklist. I thought I was being super stealth because it was not in English. The problem? There's really no mistaking the word "iui". That was an uncomfortable moment.

  18. I think I fixed it, you should now be able to click over to my blog... thanks for the heads up!

  19. We've got one of those built in units attached to our fridge door, so we can't stick anything on it - I wish we had a real fridge door though. I think it's a bit like looking at someone's bookshelves - you can tell so much about them from it...

    So how are you coping with the waiting? Hope your head's not too wrecked and that you're doing ok. Thinking of you loads.


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