Sunday, 20 February 2011

The Update

Even if it wasn't for the fact that this clinic was open at the weekend I would have immediately known it catered for private patients as well as NHS ones.

The 40 inch plasma screen TV in reception blasting out MTV was the first sign, the second was a (herbal) tea and coffee machine.  The coffee, I assume, was for the husbands, caffeine not being an approved substance for us IVF-ers.

But where it matters? No difference, if anything worse. The nurse who took my blood was indifferent to my concerns when I asked her why I was having an unscheduled blood test and whether there was a problem. She couldn't tell me.

However, I was called with the results of the blood test that afternoon, and with continued and careful monitoring I shall proceed with the injections and, tomorrow (Monday), will have my first scan to see whether I'm actually producing any egg follicules.


  1. MTV? All those skinny girls in their undies writhing about? That is supposed to soothe the stressed, bloated and hormonally mood-swingy IVF patient? What were they thinking?

  2. From my experience, extra blood tests are to monitor your estradiol levels more closely. Who knows though - every clinic is different.

    Do ask the nurse tomorrow for your estradiol level results from each of your blood tests. If you ever have to go through this again (hopefully not!), you might be asked for your estradiol levels so they know how you responded to each type of drug (especially if you end up at a different clinic).

    Can't wait to read tomorrow to see how many follicles you have!

  3. MTV? Really? The better to catch an episode of Teen Mom, I suppose. Oh wait...

    No idea what the blood work is for, but I hope it's only telling them good things.

  4. I'll be sending productive egg folicule thoughts your way. That's a first for me.

  5. My clinic tests e2 levels 2-3 days before the first ultrasound. Hopefully it's just that!

  6. One thing all these clinics seem to share is staff who are not very good at answering this type of question. Or, they come back with stock answers, "We just like to monitor things." Or, "Mumble mumble doctor wants it this way."

    Truly, though, it sounds to me like it's the first. They're going to keep a close eye on your e2 levels because of your age (young 'un that you are) and the fact that this is your first IVF and they're looking for the perfect amounts - and ratios - of medications. Also, wasn't there a whiff of PCOS in your medical history? Or was that ruled out? If not, then they need to keep an extra careful eye on things, to make sure that you don't get a gazillion follicles too early.

    I'm thinking such good thoughts for tomorrow's ultrasound. That you go in and find a beautiful number of follies growing. It's strange - I know - to inject day after day, and go in for blood tests, and not know what the hell is going on in there. The good thing is that things tend to move pretty quickly from this point.

  7. Sending all my best wishes. :) I wish you the very very best Liz.

  8. Sending follicalising vibes.

    If that helps at all. ;)

  9. Very exciting Liz - I have everything crossed for a bumper crop XX

  10. arghhh, I am on tenterhooks waiting for your scan - my appendages are entwined also. And I'm glad your unscheduled bt didn't halt your progress!


  11. Me nerves are gone! Can't wait to hear the next installment.

    Good luck, good luck!

  12. Oh man, this is exciting! Good luck!


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