Wednesday, 9 February 2011

I Give Up

The more empathetic of you will have picked up from the subtle hints in this post that the gym and I are not naturally compatible.

But nevertheless I have soldiered on with my weekly personal training sessions. My self-motivated gym going, however, has slipped somewhat. Whereas, when I started the personal training, I was topping up my fitness by myself - and started to see results - now my session serves merely to highlight that just once a week at the gym really does nothing.

Yesterday I conceded defeat.

I told my trainer that he was being kicked to the curb, in the nicest possible way, and felt I  owed him an "its not you its me" explanation. I told him I was due to have IVF and he looked so petrified I may as well have said I was about to have HIV. I think he was worried that I was going to get emotional and over share.

I don't feel guilty about canceling, as I happily post-rationalised, I have to inject myself in my stomach - if I have a tight, little wash-board number that is only going to make things much more tricky.

The gym has of course locked me in for the remainder of the month.  So I still have three more sessions which I am endeavouring to squeeze in before I am on a post-IVF rest. On my way upstairs to cancel my training direct debit I muttered to myself "If they ask my why I am canceling I'll just say that it is because I have achieved the perfect figure so I don't need them any more." (I haven't, I could easily stand to lose a stone). 

So I'm doing that internal sniggering thing as the receptionist completes the form, "And why are you canceling?" she queries.

I bottled it.

"Because I don't want it any more. Fanks." I stammered.

I also gave up another long term habit yesterday:

I have taken my last pill! No more contraception (except for the little matter of the daily injections inhibiting any ovary action).

Now the wait is on for my period to start at which point I will dutifully phone the nurses and await further instructions. (Anyone want to bet that I'll start it on a Saturday or Sunday when my clinic is shut?)

Quite what will happen next remains a bit of a mystery but I think I have got it sorted and I have started a new page to record and predict the IVF. You can view it by clicking here or on my side bar through the page called "What the IVF?".

(Its like 'What the Fuck?' but I've cleverly replaced the ... oh forget it.)


  1. Fair play to you for breaking up in person! I don't know why, I find that kind of thing morto-making. They probably don't even care, but still.

    Bub-bye pill! Onward!

  2. Exactly. How on earth can you pinch an inch with washboard abs? Far safer not to go if you ask me. Plus I'm entirely unsure that hormones and exercise go together, at all. Sounds like it could get messy to me.

    By the way, I'm so excited about your IVF cycle that I'm actually bouncing up and down on my sofa as I type. I'm not sure it's entirely healthy to be so pleased about somebody else's hormones/ova/embryos, but there we are. Here's hoping it's first time lucky, which would be entirely deserved.

  3. Very understandable, giving up those habits :)

  4. Good for you, I hate the gym too. Plus I'm sure when I was doing IVF I read that you're supposed to take it easy during down regulation, rest lots, keep warm etc. I certainly interpret that to mean stay away from the nasty gym and retire under your duvet with a hot chocolate and a cheesy rom com. Of course your day 1 will inevitably fall on a Saturday.... may be worth a "what if" phone call on the Friday to clarify?

    I'm also very excited about your IVF cycle!

  5. I broke up with my gym last year after a long relationship. I crumbled and just said I had personal issues. Who says that to a gym? I started re exercising at home and running again but with the ute full of eggs it was too uncomfortable so I abandoned ship and sat on the couch instead......Good luck with the injections!

  6. I have never belonged to a gym. Until I can master the kick ball change on my aerobics video (10 years and counting, but intermittent practice), I should probably not even walk in public. I drop things and things fly out of my hand. Yeah, it's better if I don't go to the gym.

    I do exercise at home, though, and kept that up through the IVF cycle...just at a slower pace.

  7. lovn the 'what the IVF' the idea to record and the way u have done it. fingers x for it going to plan

  8. I applaud your discontinuing the gym thing. Your goal was to get into better shape for the commencement of injection festivities, and even if you've only been going for those training sessions, I'm sure there have been positive changes. At the biochemical level. (Can you tell that I am able to convince myself of anything.)

    And, anyway, the end of winter is around the corner and before too long you will be able to take your bump (I am already placing my bet) and do some walking in the fresh air.

    Hurrah for the last pill.

  9. You'll soon have a huge bump anyway and washboard stomachs are way overrated. I know someone who was so fit that her labour was extra agony and they said it was because her muscles were so tight!
    Thanks for the 'What the IVF?' - could be going down this road soon myself :-)


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