Friday, 25 February 2011

Growth Spurt

The scan this morning was very positive.

Without further ado, here are the all important numbers:

The left ovary has a magnificent 13 follicles with 5 around the 20/21mm mark.

The right ovary is only a fraction behind with 11 follicles and 4 strong contenders around 20mm.

(For those of you not up to speed, remember I am looking for follicles around 22mm for egg collection in the next few days, so perfectly feasible).

In fact I am responding so well that, after yesterday's blood test they slashed my Menopur intake (the egg stimulant) from 2 vials to 1/2 a vial.

For the past week I have seen the same Doctor every other day for a scan, and I have had the same nurse assigned to me since November. Not Eunice, but one of her team who is brilliant.

I've built a rapport with them.

The doctor is absolutely lovely, I'd guess a couple of years younger than me and really takes time to explain things.  He is keen to show me exactly what is going on in my womb and chats away about inconsequential things (is there any point in having a soft top car in the UK [no], and are the best people born in July [yes] are two topics the nurse, doctor and I have dissected in detail already this week, all the while he is elbow-deep rooting around looking for my camera-shy ovaries).

So when he asked me if there was anything I wanted to know there was only one thing I could ask.

Ladies. I posed the big question: Do people generally leave their socks on, or take them off for a scan? For you lot there is a landslide result in favour of the sock-on approach.

He reckoned it was about 50 / 50. But, and this was something I had never even considered, apparently some people leave their shoes on!

So there you have it.

And whilst I was lying there chatting away to the doctor, noticing for the first time what nice eyes he had, and how he really was the sort of chap you could take home and introduce to your family, it hit me:

Inappropriate crush? I really must be about to ovulate.


Egg collection was due to be on Monday but this morning the Doctor said he wouldn't be surprised if, in light of today's scan, that was bought forward. I have just received an answer phone message (BECAUSE MY FUCKING PHONE WENT STRAIGHT TO FUCKING VOICEMAIL) saying I shouldn't take any Menopur tonight and go in to the posh clinic for a scan tomorrow morning.

The frustrating thing is I am not sure whether to take the growth hormone I was given on Wednesday (with instructions to take it then and on Friday, but if I am not taking the Menopur should I be taking the growth hormone?!). I've just rung an emergency number and was told to take the hormone (but without any questions about what I am on now, or even who I am) I am really worried I am not getting the right advice, but I guess I have no choice...


  1. Oh my word those follicles are certainly playing ball!
    Innapropriate crush or not.. nice doctors always seem to be the ones that see maybe a bit too much of the female anatomy. I'm not saying it's a bad thing. Ha!

    Wishing you the best of luck for the collection. Maybe some nice socks to wear would make it all the more special!

  2. Sounds like your ovaries are in a very cooperative mood! Hurray!

    Hope you got the right answers from your clinic, and that everything procedes smoothly.

  3. All sounding good to me. You are wrong about the soft top though. I had a fab time with mine before it was sold to fund ivf no 2. And shoes on a couch is weird!

  4. A most excellent follicle count, my dear!

    As for the crush, totally normal. My first IVF cycle I had men hitting on me on the street (this NEVER happens to me).

    Don't stress about the hormones. I'm sure it's fine.

  5. Great follicles! And, great crush! :)

    And, the shoe thing is just weird... Do they put them back on after they take off their pants? Are they wearing skirts and just hike them up? That just seems odd.

    Hope you get an answer about the hormones soon.

  6. How exciting! Such great news!!!!

    Shoe on is a little, um....interesting. And there is nothing wrong with a harmless crush, even if you are in stirrups when the flirting goes on ;)

  7. Go follicles! But seriously, is your abdomen swelling from all the follicles? I guess this is ovulation crush time, on a major scale.

    If people leave their shoes on for a scan, how do they take their trousers off?

  8. Ergh. I've never taken growth hormone and so I don't know how it works on the follies, or together with Menopur. Very frustrating. And I hate not having an actual human who is on your team and understands your specific situation to talk to. But my guess is that they deal regularly with people on your protocol, and that they'd know what to do/advise in this situation. (I hope so). It's these little details/glitches that make the whole process so damned trying.

    And oh what a follicle count. That's great news. Multiple strong contenders, but not over the top, which is exactly what you wanted. It sounds like the retrieval is happening this weekend. WONDERFUL.

  9. Wow! Where did all those extra follicles come from?? That is fantastic news. I have to say that I'm very surprised about the shoes on in stirrups bit. Shoes off, pants off, shoes back on? Very strange.

  10. That's true... I'd forgotten you have to take your knickers off too...

  11. I *love* your posts! So true to life and yet so filled with humor. I'm shocked that people leave their socks AND their shoes on. Really? My word. And the crush, oh the crush... so funny. No chance of that here... our Dr. Miracle is definitely a woman, and only one man that I know of works in the office. The leading doctor to be sure, but far too much older to be tempting. Good luck with the scan tomorrow!!!

  12. Good job follies!!! That is awesome news :) Good luck tomorrow...

  13. Not sure if I'm too late to help, but I definitely did HGH and Menopur together. Not a problem. Best of luck to you!

  14. Those follies sound great! A nice number of evenly sized follicles is definitely a great sign of a good stim cycle!

    I get the socks on (cuz that's what I do) but shoes too?

    So do you have your own "Dr. McDreamy"? ;)

  15. Your follies sound amazing!!! That's such a good turnout! I would def take the growth hormone and feel confident about it. I had a great response for IUI #3 and so they told me to stop taking the Menopur and then come in the next day for blood work and because I "coasted" a day my e2 levels dropped dramatically and they canceled the cycle. (which I know won't happen to you because your response is way better!) Have they told you what your E2 (estrogen) levels are??

  16. 'Inappropriate crush? I really must be about to ovulate.'

    This made me laugh so hard.

    Keeping my everything crossed for you and willing those follicles to plump up a little.

    (clearly I know nothing of these things)

  17. Wonderful news. Wishing you lots of luck!

  18. Such great news Liz - and a hottie doctor to boot. Nice X

  19. Fantastic! Good follicles, good.

    Shoes? So they can make a quick getaway? Hmm.

    Ooh, you most likely have been and done already today. Fingers very crossed that all went to plan.

  20. Hooray, so close to the big day! Sounds like you are responding very well and should have an excellent number at retrieval.

  21. I agree on the July thing. July 11th here.

    The shoe thing is just too strange, but now that I'm aware of it, I'm never putting my bare feet in those stirrups again! Yuck! That being said, I say buy some new fun socks for the event.

  22. Holy crap! Your ovaries are overachieving! Glad to hear that.

    July 10th birthday, here. I've got your back on that one.


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