Wednesday, 23 February 2011

Grow Your Own

I have one follicle measuring 16mm, another at 15mm and two at 14mm, a few below but I am ignoring them just now unless they pull their socks up and grow a pair (or just grow, actually).

The way things are looking just now I will have 4 to 6 follicles ripe for the plucking when the egg collection comes round. A respectable amount but nothing to ring the tabloids about. Octomom, I ain't.

One thing that I didn't really take into account, however, was that a follicle doesn't automatically equal an egg.  The Doctor was keen to stress that follicles which grow to about 20mm (and with a growth rate of 3 - 1mm a day and four days to go that is looking highly feasible), are likely to house an egg. But it isn't a fait accompli. They might be as empty as Santa's sack on Boxing day.

So whilst I am not exactly concerned at my response I am happy that they are keeping an eye on it.

And keeping an eye they certainly are. I'm still having the daily blood tests (I was called two hours ago requesting I pop in tomorrow for yet another unscheduled draw - the husband suggested I should ask them to take the blood from between my toes to hide the marks).

Tonight I get to inject myself not once, not twice, but thrice.  The Buserelin to stop eggs being prematurely released, the Menopur to grow the eggs and a growth hormone with the star trek name 'Zomacton' to give my follicles an extra boost.

Oh, and I have to take four antibiotics as a precaution against possible infection come egg collection time.

Anything else medical professionals? Bring it on, you can't intimidate me with your pharmaceuticals.

Now, a quick question that occurred to be as I was being impaled this morning:

When you have an internal scan do you leave your socks on or take them off?  

I take mine off, but I don't know why other than for aesthetic reasons (and I hope aesthetics are the last thing on the doctors mind as he takes a long hard look at my lady bits).


  1. Wow it's happening! I'm so excited for you.

    Oh, and socks on. Everytime. Taking them off makes me feel incredibly naked.. because having dildo cam up there isn't enough, obviously!

  2. Oh my word, this post was both informative and humorous. I've been a bit worried these days about posers in my ovaries... those that *appear* to be developing in line but have the last laugh when they turn out to be rebellious, empty follies. And I love the part about the socks. I take mine off... mostly because I'm usually dressed for work and in nylons, so leaving them on doesn't quite work out. Thanks for a much needed laugh!

  3. I always take me socks off, habit I guess!
    Pleased they are growing, hope the little ones catch up!

  4. Yay, great progress!

    Socks on. Mainly because I have ugly feet though!

  5. I always keep my socks on. Otherwise my little toes turn white and blue and fall off. When I had a lap and they made me take my socks off, I just felt all sorts of exposed and FREEZING.

    However, I do always think carefully in the morning of a scan about what socks I'm wearing.

    Good luck with the follicles!

  6. Socks ON!!! Those rooms are too cold for the toes to be showing :)

  7. I left my socks on because I hate my feet.
    But I always made sure to wear my nicest ones...

  8. If I'm wearing socks, then I leave them on. I certainly don't put socks on if I'm wearing sandkas ot my boots without socks. Though I agree, the rooms are cold and wearing socks make me feel warmer ;)

    Good luck with the triple shot....hoping your follies grow grow grow!!!

  9. I just have to make sure to remove the dog hair my socks inevitably collect between getting dressed and getting into my shoes. The nurse in charge of my last IUI complemented my socks, adding that her job has turned her into a sock connoisseur.

  10. I leave mine on. It's safer that way.

  11. Normally my socks are off as sometimes I wear tights there and I need to take them off. But I always make sure I have had a nice little pedi to take away the blazing glory of my ute & vag show.

  12. Socks on for sure. Bonus points if they are "lucky"

  13. Sock on, hands down! I get cold feet easily!

    I'm so glad this cycle is going well for you and you are being so well taken care of.

  14. Off if I was going to work after. On if not.
    Glad they are taking care of you.

  15. Socks on right now. It's too cold, and my toes are miserably unmanicured for the winter. Good luck with all those shots!

  16. Totally socks on for me. I actually have different socks to correspond with how long I will be in the stirrups (short athletic ones for quick checks and long cozy ones for the longer checks. Strange I know.

  17. Socks ON! It's freezing in that room, plus the stirrup covers probably haven't been changed since 1985.

  18. Socks on, even if in flip-flop prior! feels less naked to me! but there again I am the type to wear a scarf during the height of summer.

  19. 1)Socks on just remb to choose a pair without holes
    2)Close monitoring indeed makes you feel a little 'special'
    3)I am proof of quality over quantity for eggbabies
    4)Not far to go now, best of luck!

  20. Socks on, personally. Knee-high, stripey or decorated with Simpsons characters, if possible.

    Nearly there! Fingers crossed.

  21. Off! Off, every time!

  22. Socks on, and like the others, nice ones!

    I'm glad they're keeping tabs on you so closely, that's lovely service. And I'm egging on your follicles to be eggyfull for you.


  23. Socks off Liz, everytime. Aesthetics are VERY important.
    Great news about the follicles - the other two may well catch up, my slow growers had a surge at the end.
    Anyway, remember you only need one. X

  24. Socks on. I alway come from work and they are dress socks that I push down.
    I went in to the retrieval with them telling me I possibly had 20-22; though 10 looked to be in line to be 100% mature. I got 7 mature eggs; 3 of which fertilized with ICSI.
    I'm curious to see how the extra shots will help the growth.

  25. It depends-most of the time I either have on flip flops or uggs, and yes, I'm one of those gross people that wear uggs without socks (so snuggly!). I do leave socks on when I have them on however-and usually they are oh so glamorous white footies. Secksy.

    Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  26. Grow follies grow!!

    I usually take mine off but I don't know why as it's usually freezing in the hospital! For my egg retrieval I put special slipper socks on as I thought it might take a while and I didn't want my tootsies to be cold. As it happens I was so out of it I didn't feel the cold one bit!

    I love your blog so have given you a Stylish Blooger award! See

    Take care,
    MyTTC x

  27. Wait...four *different* antibiotics? Not sure I even knew there were that many. And in wintertime, usually socks on for me, I think--my feet are always cold. Although, obviously, if I had tights on (or knee-highs, for that matter), I take them off. Tough to dildo-cam through a cotton crotch.

  28. Yeah, I keep my socks on. probably because my feet get cold. and I always try to wear an extra warm top too.

    I read back thru a few of your older posts and am reassured to see that you are not having too many ill effects from the meds cocktail. I am worried about how I will react when we start our stims on March 8th.

    Keep your chin up girl!

  29. I always keep my socks on. I try to wear really bright ones. Maybe it'll distract the doc from the fact that I forgot to shave.

  30. Socks ON. My socks are very very jolly and cute, usually, and my feet often are anything BUT jolly and cute. And anyway, I only take my socks off for H.

    Fingers crossed, as ever. Grow, follicles! Be eggy!

  31. Good to hear that those follies are growing, things seem to be moving so fast for you now compared to before.

    Always socks on, in fact I keep an extra pair in my purse just in case. I sometimes even go and buy new socks the day before an appointment.

  32. I used to be a sock off girl, but then I became a sock on. Not sure when I transitioned, or why. I think it was a general jadedness, "What, you want me to undress yet again?" And laziness. (Two fewer articles to put back on). Also, when I keep my socks on (knee socks) I don't have to feel bad for not having shaved my legs.

    I'm reading this late and very glad that things have continued to go strong. Also thinking that the Buserelin will keep things in check, so that taking the growth hormone without the Menopur tonight (Friday) should be a-okay.


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