Thursday, 13 January 2011

No News is ...

... exactly that.

No news.

Once again I am in a special kind of limbo that only the NHS seem capable of creating.

I don't have another appointment scheduled.

I don't have my latest biopsy results from the Christmas eve operation.

I don't have a prescription for Zoladex that I was told in December I would be put on after my operation.

I haven't had a response to my email asking about the above.

I am continuing to take the pill that was prescribed in November. I assume I should be doing that.

I, therefore, can't even use this time to try and get pregnant naturally.

I just don't know what is going to happen next, or when.

Somewhere, in an alternate reality I am starting my injections this weekend for IVF as promised in November.

In another alternate reality I had IVF early last year following on from my appointment last January.

In yet another alternate reality I managed to have children on schedule and am currently the harassed mother of a 3 year old and 1 year old.

I suppose I should be grateful that I am not in the alternate reality where I have had a hysterectomy and have no chance on conceiving.


  1. To be in that alternate reality vs not....tough question. I hope your answers come soon and you can begin moving forward in making a baby:)

  2. Well, in that case I should be grateful that a meteorite hasn't flattened me so far today.

    But you know how it is.

    So no answer to the email? That's pretty shoddy. How about trying again in the vein of: I don't know whether I should stay on the pill, or what I should be doing - can you help me with this, please (please PLEASE)? Sort of appealing to their better nature?

    Or ringing again?

  3. Sorry you're stuck with this reality - and no answer from your doctor's office. More emails and phone calls, then? Can you email your doctor directly? Soooooooo frustrating. Much luck getting them back on track....

  4. I don't like this reality for you. (But I especially don't like the worst-case alternate reality). It's beyond annoying that you have not heard back - especially as regards the medication you should (or shouldn't) be taking. Sheesh. Is it time to attempt by telephone, again? Or does that just increase their foot-dragging, out of bureaucratic spite?

  5. how fucking frustrating

  6. I don't care that we'd only met at carnival a couple of times. That should have been enough, frankly.

    I'll let you off if you let me blog your wedding invitation.

    (May these tedious limbo days pass quickly and with the right outcome.)


  7. I don't think I could handle limbo as gracefully as you are. I'd be in the clinic office pounding on the glass demanding to be seen.

    When I had to take a month off after my chemical pregnancy, I thought I was going to go through withdrawals. I wanted a structured plan with definitive appointments and dates for medications, lab work, and ultrasounds. Just waiting for my period to start wasn't enough of a plan for me.

    I applaud your strength and self restraint. I certainly wouldn't be able to do that.

    Best of luck getting your answers.

  8. So frustrating! I would be out of my miind. Hang in there. Hoping for SOME response soon. Grrrr.

  9. I hate it when the NHS does this. AAAAAARRRRGH.

  10. Booooooo - time to up the ante with your inner stalker!

  11. Echoing May's ARRRGGHHH. I think now you need to be "just passing" the hospital sometime in the middle of core hours and not leaving till you get some answers and a prescription.

  12. Wow, you are so patient. I would be feeling the need to raid the piggybank and go private by now I think. I hope you get some movement and some kind of plan soon. So frustrating.

  13. Doesn't the NHS have, like, a computer system that tracks which patient is doing what treatment/is booked in for this consult? Where does everybody's taxes go if the "system" leaves their patients in limbo land?

  14. I know I said lets bash the NSH but seriously this is ridiculous. Do you want us all to write to your PM and start a campaign? Cause we will. Stupid ignorant fkers. This is your life here!

  15. You are all right. And thank you. I have manned up and ... er ... sent another email.

    And Caroline you are welcome to blog about my wedding invite, but you don't have a copy do you? I assume not 'cause, you know, I didn't actually invite you to my wedding.

  16. This is ridiculous! Feeling your frustration...

  17. Dear NHS,

    Call L. Get it together.

    Respectfully (but in an irritated tone) yours,

  18. Ah, the good old alternate reality problem...
    Hoping that the email bears some fruit.
    Keeping my fingers crossed.


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