Wednesday, 5 January 2011

The Impatient Patient

Well, it has been a nice break but the holiday is well and truly over and the hard graft must begin.

I don't want to start again.  I am dreading the constant phone calls, the endless emails, the slight panic that I am missing something. Reading my notes, writing my notes, ticking off my to do list.

I'm not talking about my job. I went back to work a couple of days ago. That was fine.

Instead I have to psyche myself up for the ongoing saga of getting people to care about my womb and dealing with the NHS.

The plan, following my Christmas Eve operation, was to start me on Zoladex for one or two months. The plan, unfortunately wasn't relayed to the doctors I saw on Christmas Eve.

You may remember that they weren't even told what operation I was having, let alone the aftercare.

I tried my best to get this clarified whilst lying on a stretcher in my operation gear of support socks, disposable knickers and open backed dressing gown. Not the best position when one wants to be assertive about ones medical aftercare.

As I awoke from the anaesthetic the Doctor was there to say she had spoken to my Doctor and I was to carry on taking the pill I was currently on. And the next step would be discussed at my next appointment.

And therein lies the first problem:
I don't have a next appointment scheduled.

The second problem:
I only have enough of my current prescription to last until the 16 of January.

The third problem:
There is no point calling them immediately because I might as well wait until they have the latest biopsy results from the Christmas Eve appointment.  I assume that all labs were closed over the Christmas period so I guess the earliest I'll get these is next week.

And so on Monday I'll start again.  The ringing, the emailing, the generally being a pain in the arse. I don't relish my role as the most impatient patient. I hate it.

But as I learned before Christmas it really does reap results.  And I would like at least one shot at IVF before my thirty fifth birthday - a mere 7 months away.

That isn't too much to ask for, is it?


  1. I hope you get everything squared away. I still cannot believe they didn't have the right notes about what surgery you were getting on Christmas Eve. That is like out of a movie. Seriously. But if anyone can get this thing done right, it's you! Good luck!

  2. You do what you have to. Anyway they need a good firm kick up the arse given the missing notes on christmas eve.

  3. Sounds like a total PIA, I'm sorry. I've never had health insurance issues beyond having to file tons of paperwork and I've certainly never had a problem getting an appointment anywhere. It begs the question, why does the US want national health care modeled after systems that don't work?

  4. Sigh, no that's not a lot to ask for. The chasing, the explaining, the keeping track does get old after a while. Of course, your healthcare situation is different then mine, so I can imagine the added frustration of just wanted to START and waiting for someone to open the damn gate.

    Are you able to get the prescription refilled? Or do you have to wait until a physical appointment with a Dr. to write it for you?

    Oh yeah, and HAPPY new year!!!

  5. I don't mind that kind of stuff, as long as it can be done via email. I find it easier to get a quick and direct response that way. And I don't actually have to talk to anyone. I love the internet!

    Good luck - I hope you can get what you need promptly!

  6. Oh, why do they make it so difficult? WHY?

    You're right, Squeaky Wheel is the only way to play it. Go for it, WFI!

  7. It's not too much to ask for and I hope - wholeheartedly - that you get that opportunity. And I can't see why not. Except, oh, yes, the telephone runarounds and waiting lines for appointments. I like to think, though, that come Monday your telephone calling will work some similar wonders to the Christmas Eve Miracle and get 1-3 sorted in the blink of an eye. Though, it would be nice for everyone to be duly informed this time around.

  8. That's definitely not too much to ask for. I think that this exhausting business-end of IF is something nobody but the women dealing with it really understand. Even our husbands, no matter how awesome, don't really have a clue about all the work that goes into it. You're doing an amazing job. Good luck!

  9. What a pain in the arse! I'm really sorry. I have always envied countries with socialized medicine, as I have had nothing but misery dealing with US insurance companies, but now I'm starting to think that none of these systems actually work.
    Our problem - we can't get coverage for anything on our lousy but expensive plan, and I don't qualify for a better, private plan because of my pre-existing medical issues (mind you I'm actually very healthy and low risk so go figure!).
    Anyway, best of luck wandering through this maze.

  10. *Bangs head on desk. Repeatedly*

  11. That most definitely is not too much to ask for! Enjoy your last weekend before your part time job picks up again. It really sounds like you are going to need it!

  12. Sigh... Good luck...

  13. Just wanted to tell you that I had a dream last night that I checked your blog and you were PREGNANT! I was so excited for you! Really hoping it's a premonition. :)

  14. I thought I was the squeakiest (most annoying and determined) person ever, but you have endurance I truly admire. If anyone can conquer the NHS, it's you! Here's to making it happen in 2011!

  15. From what I can tell, you're organized - so squeaky and organized will conquer the NHS. In all of this TTC-ness, I'm lucky that DH has been our point of contact to insurance (both of them - 2 different companies since we started three years ago). 2011 *will* bring good things, 2011 *will* bring good things....


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