Wednesday, 26 January 2011

I'm so outta here

A silent observer would have been confused by my behaviour this week.

On Tuesday I had my bikini-line waxed, today I shaved my legs. Tomorrow I might complete the lower body hat-trick with a toe-nail varnish.

It is winter, a time of year when thick black tights and cosy pyjamas do away with the need for any sub-eyebrow grooming.

In fact it has been noted by the husband that, in the dark, he can't tell where the brushed cotton jim-jams finish and down-covered limbs start. It isn't so much that romance is dead, more romance can count itself lucky and will overlook a little fur if it is going to get any.  Especially when I am perpetually on birth control.

I haven't been whisking off my whiskers for the benefit of the husband.  Usually the only thing that would prompt such assiduous hair removal would be a trip to the doctors for some dildo-cam action.  I am very keen to present a neatly trimmed front when visiting medical establishments.  I don't know why, possibly it is the only way I can cling on to a tiny shred of dignity during such invasive procedures.

But I have a good few weeks before my pre-IVF scans - so that wasn't the depilatory catalyst.

No, the reasons for this is I am off to a very posh spa this weekend.  Remember, back last February, when I won the spa trip for two?  Well the voucher expires next month so I decided to pull my finger out an book it.  The husband has refused to join me.  No matter how many times I explain that the facial that is part of the package isn't *that* kind of facial he still recoils at the idea of a spa break. 

So I will be going with my barren buddy, my sterile sis, the womb mate.

I think the pair of us deserve to indulge ourselves a little.  Even if it has prompted the largest de-fuzzing since Britney Spears got a tad over zealous with the clippers.


  1. Sounds fun!
    My husband often asks when my next appointment is... not because he needs to rearrange his day to come with me, but instead because he knows I will finally shave my legs!

  2. Have fun!

    It better be great for you to have to go through all that winter below-the-belt grooming. Makes me tired just thinking about it.

  3. Yay for spa weekends! Yay for womb mates! This is great news. Have a fantabulous time!

  4. Ouch! Ouch! I admire that you are strong enough for such waxing extravaganzas! The thought of it terrifies me and makes me grab myself in fear and protection! But hey, whatever works girl, whatever works! But seriously, how does it NOT rip parts of your vag skin off? I have been so scared of waxing after once a few years ago I had a huge layer of skin ripped off in between my brows b/c the wax had gotten too hot! I can only imagine if that happened in between my thighs! Okay...must stop discussing...I am hurting. <3

  5. Have fun! And, just think how efficient it is to have done this kind of grooming for two reasons - the spa and the IVF adventure. Enjoy...

  6. You crack me up. :)

    Enjoy your spa day, Liz!

  7. I thought waxing and pedicures were something you did AT the spa!

    Hope you two have a fantastic time - you do deserve it.

  8. should have held onto the fuzz and had them take care of it :D

    Have a great spa day :)

  9. Ooh lovely! Well-deserved.
    Enjoy thoroughly.

  10. Sounds wonderful. Enjoy it in the thought that this time next year when you are a Mummy it will be hard to get away for this sort of treat so you had better make the most of it now!

  11. You so deserve this! Have a blast!

  12. Hope you have a fantastic time, it sounds lovely.

  13. Depilation assists in sanity. I always prefer to face my doctor (and the dildo cam) well groomed. I think because it helps me feel more in control. And maybe even (she admits, sheepishly) because I think that my doctor will say to himself: "Why, such a well-groomed woman must be so very together...must stay on my toes around this one." (I'm fairly sure that doesn't actually happen.)

    Hope you and your wombmate have a wonderful time at the spa.

  14. I hope you are having a fantastic time at the spa. I really enjoy your blog and your style. I've been following for about a month since I just found this community. I wanted to let you know that I gave you an award. Stop by and check it out.


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